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Looks Like No Free Solar Energy

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posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 04:05 PM
So I am going through my yahoo homepage, looking at the news, and I run across this Yahoo Article and can't help but think that there will never be free energy as long as the governments are still in power.

"I truly believe that space based solar power will become the first sellable, tradable commodity that's delivered by space that everybody on the planet can have part of," said Colonel (Select) Michael Smith, Chief, Future Concepts in the National Security Space Office and director of the SBSP study. To bolster such a vision, establishing a partnership of government, commercial and international entities is under discussion, he added, to work on infrastructure development that, ultimately, culminates in the fielding of space based solar power.

Notice the first sentence? Guess the first thing that comes to these guys mind is "When the oil runs out, we can sell them this!" It's really a shame.

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