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Canadian Policemen disciplined for drunken attacks

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posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 11:12 AM

Cops Lose pay for Drunken Attacks

Two RCMP officers docked 10 days' salary for beating innocent people after bar outing.
As they drove downtown around 3 a.m., the two off-duty officers spotted a man, Colin Frederick, walking down the street -- who, for some reason, they wrongly believed had a warrant out for his arrest.
"Hughson and Frazer stepped out of the pickup truck and started fighting with Mr. Frederick," the decision states. "Const. Hughson punched Mr. Frederick in the face once causing him to fall on the ground. When Frederick got up ... Hughson and Frazer grabbed him and threw him up against a sliding glass door."

Link to full article here

These belligerent, drunk policemen abuse the authority of their badges, beat the daylights out of innocent civilians and willingly misrepresent themselves ... and are docked 10 days pay!
I really hope there are civilian lawsuits in the works. I know if I was one of the victims, I would not rest until they were fully accountable to their actions.


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