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Siberia: is there a Reptilian connection?

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posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 05:35 AM
In south-western area of Russia lies Siberia. I've stumbled upon
some interesting things about it - things that smell...Reptilian.

Just take a look:

- 65 million years ago, a severe chain of earthquakes and volcano
eruptions in Siberia has destroyed 95% of all biololgic life on
Earth and caused the extinction of all dinosaurs.

(Thought #1: Most dinosaurs are reptilian.)

(Thought #2: Reptilian bases are under the Earth's surface, causing
earthquakes, tsunami, volcano eruptions.)

- Tungiska meteorite. The Tunguska event was a explosion that
occurred near the Podkamennaya (Stony) Tunguska
River in what is now Evenkia, Siberia, at 7:17 a.m. on June 30,
1908. The explosion was caused most probably by the airburst of a
meteorite or comet 6 to 10 kilometers above the Earth's surface. The
energy of the blast was later estimated to be between 10 and 15
megaton TNT. It felled an estimated 60 million trees over 2,150
square kilometers.

(Thought #1: No remains/parts/ets of the meteorite were ever found -
so it was most probably not a meteorite at all, but a global cover-
up for something else.)

(Thought #2: Let's assume there was a large Reptilian base in
Tunguska, Siberia that was attacked.)

- During the Joseph Stalin (most probably a Reptilian/Reptilian
controlled) reign in Russia (term of office 1924 - 1953) a lot of
innocent Russian people were sent to labor camps in Siberia. A labor
camp is a simplified detention facility where inmates are engaged in
penal labor, much like the Nazi concentration camps during World War
II. Labour camps have many common aspects with slavery and with
prisons. During Stalinism, labor camps in the Soviet Union were
officially called "Corrective labor camps." Many millions of
Russians were sent to those labor camps in Siberia and none of them
returned back.

(Thought #1: Those camps were much like the Nazi concentration camps
during World War II, used humans as test subjects. As we know, the
Nazi were operated by Reptilians.)

(Thought #2: If we assume, from the history of Siberia, that there
was/is a large Reptilian base in Siberia, it would seem very natural
that they used humans in those "Corrective labor camps" for
experiments/cloning/hybrid proposals.)


I think that there is a large Reptilian base in Siberia.
But it wasn't always Reptilian. I think that 65 million years ago it
was operated by some other kind of aliens. But Reptilians have taken
over the base, and during the resistance, that other kind of aliens
was trying to destroy all Reptilians and Reptilian species on the
planet. That's why the Ice Age started, it was kick-started by
something controlled from that base. A weapon, perhaps. A long time
after that, the Reptilians have re-emerged and took over the
abandoned base.

Then, June 30, 1908, they started running tests. The Tunguska
Meteorite was probably a test. Unless that other kind of aliens were
trying to sabotage the base and take it back.

Then, during the Stalinism, the base used millions of humans for
experiments - probably for human/alien hybrids.

There is something in Siberia. I think I'm onto something. The truth is out there.

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 05:39 AM
Some research on the topic:


To me, this is clear evidence that "someone" out there cares about us and is helping us in a time when we desperately need it. Yet more evidence of aliens helping us comes in the form of an amazing revelation from Russia.

A few years ago, the Russians discovered evidence of what they think is an alien installation in Siberia. This installation, or device, is centered in a hundred-thousand-square-mile area of Siberia with only a handful of human inhabitants. Because of the evidence, Russian researchers and scientists have come to the conclusion that long ago "someone" put the installation there to protect the Earth.

For example, the Tunguska explosion in 1917, which flattened hundreds of square miles of mature Siberian pine forest, was caused by a meteor that exploded many miles up in the atomosphere. This is now a standard scientific conclusion. If I remember correctly the Tunguska explosion was equal to a four-megaton nuclear blast. Scientists have theorized that if the Tunguska meter had hit the Earth, it would have done enormous damage to the Asian countries, if not to the entire planet.

What stopped the meteor from hitting the earth? The Russians learned fifty years or so ago that something really strange was going on in Siberia. Nomadic hunters and trappers reported seeing balls of light shooting up from the ground. It seems that it was these balls of light that caused the explosion of the Tunguska meteor many miles above the Earth, thereby preventing a disaster. And, according to the Russians, as recently as last September the alien installation was seen shooting at something out into space.

The Russians are dead serious about this last development and are planning another expedition to try to pinpoint the exact location of the device. From drawings by people who had been there, they know what the device looks like."

More research on the topic:

Another interesting fact about Siberia. They have found some interesting sounds in Siberia, coming from the underground:

More research on the topic:

And yet another underground Siberian fact.

There is an Udachnaya pipe - a large diamond deposit in Siberia. It is 530 meters deep.

More research on the topic:

Oooh we are getting closer....!


"These reports are very similar to other reports that made the rounds within 'fringe' research groups during the early 1980's concerning the reported 'assimilation' of high-ranking Communist officials and scientists by serpent-like humanoids, reptilian beings that were reputedly revived out of suspended animation from a frozen city that was discovered under the northern Siberian ice fields."

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 05:53 AM

Originally posted by Star Angel

- 65 million years ago, a severe chain of earthquakes and volcano
eruptions in Siberia has destroyed 95% of all biololgic life on
Earth and caused the extinction of all dinosaurs.

The flood basalt eruptions that formed the Siberian Traps occurred 250 million years ago, long before dinosaurs appeared on the scene. They have however been implicated in the P/T Extinction event which was one of the largest known mass extinction events.

Another interesting fact about Siberia. They have found some interesting sounds in Siberia, coming from the underground:

One of my favourite hoaxes

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 11:32 AM

By Omar Fowler

- In the summer issue of Flying Saucer Review, the article by Philip Creighton 'More On The Siberian Meteorite of September 2002', referred to an amazing statement made by a highly placed Russian source. The source, namely Valery Uvarov of Russia's National Security Academy had stated that on September 24/25,2002, a meteorite was shot down over Siberia by an "unknown installation".
In the report of the' Siberian Meteorite' FSR reader Mr A. Calvert referred to the in depth interview that took place between the late Graham W .Birdsall, Editor of 'UFO Magazine' and Valery Uvarov (Apri1 2003 issue). During the interview Mr Uvarov stated "I am answerable to two people above me. They are answerable to the next person above them, who is our president. " Obviously the Russians are treating this matter extremely seriously and are appealing for international participation in an expedition to the area planned for later this year.

This is not the first time that the centre of Siberia has been the source of' Alien Base' rumours. In a FSR article (Spring 1997 issue) reference was made to strange domed structures that had been seen in north-eastern Siberia in the area of Verkhniy Vilyuisk, Yakutia by nomads passing through the region. Drawings of dome shaped structures were included in the article. Their origin was unknown and there was some speculation that these were the source of strange lights that had been reported in the area. -

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