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USA must go!

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posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:08 PM
You cleared it up then. Everyone hates us cause we are the fat kid.

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:10 PM

Originally posted by Marid Audran
When I first read this I figured it was just trolling for points. After rereading it, I am sure it is just trolling for points.

nope, i mean it.

But, hypothetically, and to donate points to the troll, I will say that you must be insanely naive and absolutely without perspective. First thing I would suggest you do is go read some real history on Adolf Hitler. If Hitler had developed the bomb first it is likely we would all be speaking German. Intrinsically there is nothing wrong with that, but I am not quite limber enough to do a proper goose-step.

Well Hitler was the first Frankensteins-Monster. Now it is Bush.. Both controlled by the same..

Next up, you think no one should have nuclear bombs and the alternate is for everyone to? Man, that is some messed up thinking. That is like saying, I think no one should kill anybody else, but since that isn't happening, everyone should just kill whoever they want to. Please get therapy. That is anti-social in the extreme.

Dont you have the right to bear arms? Awesome. Now as you as an indiviual can kill as you like if ot overcomes you, the atom bomb is the weapon for states.
Who now gives one Country more right that the other? If this sentence that everybody has the right to bear arms is a right everybody has - why not other countries as well? Are you above the others? Likely the chosen race. Arian or whatever?
So let Iran have THE BOMB as Chinese and Koreans do.
By the way: Iran has undersigned more treaties in this direction than the US. In fact, the US have not undersigned any of those essential treaties. Now do you think that this is one good point america makes?

Finally, please, for the love of God (Allah, Buddah, Britney Spears or whatever you hold dear), please try and get some perspective on the world. The US isn't perfect, but it we are going to condemn an entire nation for imperfection then there will be no one left but the cockroaches.

i am sorry, that is just your point of view. i might as well say america spread as much diseases (minddesease and brainwash-tools) in the world as all other countries in the world together.

why is USA spending so much money for arms and WOMD?
because they want to make a safer world?
if a friend of yours wants to buy a BB gun and you kill him for mentioning it (meanwhile you just bunkered the tenth abrahams in your bunker, trying to get more..) is this right?
well if you are the big guy, you are the law, so it is right, right?
well, you are not the big guy. your local dealer is....
think about it.
who has the money, who is selling the weapons.

and yes, who the USA think they are selling weapons to saudi arabia, spreading the word it is just to equal the strength of both sides - denying iran to give weapopns to other states?
iran isnt even doing that on big scale. USA IS.
why? to help those poor poor people?
what was happening in europe on balkan? in the night air-transport dropped weapons to support the enemy. why? well, just to last the war longer?
and thats what vietnam was for.
not the peaceful people who demonstrated achieved that - and not the many dead american soldiers. the killing went on and on.
now dont tell me to do your homework in researching this (well i can't say research when it is history).
how many americans do know something about european history? how many can speak more than one language?
now some of you might say "muhaha!! we will teach you some lessons when we lilberate you"
ahem, sorry for that.
but some ppl just can't even do the math and sum it up, saying "we rule, russia is nothing compared to us".
yeah, awesome statement. doesn't matter iof we all are shining radioactive.
and like i mentioned before.
USA not signing any treaty that could make the world better is showing what it is all about!
no kyoto, no ABM..
i hear bush saying: "We do it, because we can! Yeah, im Texan, heyho!"

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:13 PM
reply to post by wardk28

Lol, yes.

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:14 PM
reply to post by 4thDoctorWhoFan

Because the Iranian leaders are a bunch of crazy, deranged lunatics!!

And Bush is not i take it? The only person causing friction on this planet is your deranged leader. Who's are the Americans gunna test their new toys on next i wonder???

Wow, this just goes to show how totally faulty your logic is.

There has been many comparisons between bush and hitler! I won't go through them all i'll e here all day

I think you should mind your own euro business!

I think The USA should keep out of EVERYONE ELSES business! Acting like they are the world owners!

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posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:20 PM
I really agree with onethefence here, I really think there is no point to the war in iraq. Sure, it might stop terrorism, but for how long? It seems the only way the Americans see terrorism is a global threat (which it is) and the only way to get rid of it is to build a nuke and wipe out the countries that terrorists have been spotted. am I wrong?

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:23 PM

Originally posted by nyk537

Originally posted by paul76
An argument we have here in England is maybe we should focus on our own problems at home instead of gallivanting around the world helping other people, because most of the time it's not appreciated is it?

True. But if it wasn't done, some would complain about us not doing anything but worrying about ourselves. They would say, America, with it's infinite resources, is selfish and evil.

You just can't make everyone happy. Nor is that what you should be worried about.

Yes I agree but there are alot of double standards. Like nobody intervening in Darfur or Rwanda or other terrible genocides, The Western coalition only seem to invade when it suits them. If the USA army went to Darfur and saved hundreds of thousands of lives I'm sure people would be very appreciative for there intervention. But your right it's impossible to please everybody and I do appreciate what the USA has done for Britain in the past, I class NZ, Oz, Canada, USA as all my brothers.

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:24 PM

Originally posted by Vixion

The fact is there is some thign very wrong with the USA and its people, the ones that do not want war and want to help peopel are out numbered in such a massive ratio that they carnt do any thing.

Nope, the polls have shown Bush AND Congress to have the lowest approval ratings, EVER. This is despite watergate, travelgate, or any other gate.
We are ticked that Congress is doing Nothing.
Americans tend to work by voting.
I am telling you right now, this next election is probably going to be the messiest, ugliest, most unconventional and biggest upset on the books ever.

I understand why the American peopel have signed there soul to the devil, your scared. 9/11 has come and gone but it still effects you all in your every day life, Bush has made it so that for a long time you will go along with what he wants.

Again, no.
Other then the annoying security everywhere, my life has not be affected and I am still more worried about the safety of my car and the quality of my food then terrorists. Is it because of increased security? No, my 85 year old grandfather with parkinsons,and a volunteer the entire WWII got searched at an airport...twice. Doesn't make me feel safer.
I have quite a few muslim coworkers and friends and we hang out and have fun just the same. Our government does have the capability to enable whatever laws it wants. Again, the next election is going to prove very volatile because our president chose to wield such power. The campaigns have yet to begun. When super duper tuesday hits in February, it is going to fly. And Americans can't wait. There have been a recent cropping of bumper stickers that simply say 1.20.09. Which is the day Bush leaves office.
There is no point in doing an impeachment now because the republicans made a mockery of it trying to impeach Clinton, and the process is so long that it would take most of the remaining term of presidency anyways.

Iran is not a threat to you, you are a threat to you. Learn by Rome, once Rome had a great empire, then it got to far out and went down the drain, your heading for the same faite.

Infractions keep inhibiting the war with their upheavels, and are basically giving us hell, to find out that it is being funded by Iran, pisses people off a little.
I don't support invading Iran anymore then I supported invading Iraq. But I don't think Iran should be let off by screwing with our intents on getting Iraq on its own feet. We started it, we want to finish it, and Iran is not making it easy.

You (some of you) voted into power a man of such evil i truely belive he desearves death. But its too late now, he may go but his effects will live for a long time. US is now the worlds largest bully on the planet, it atatcks it allys. Sorry that is called friendly fire, maybe you should learn how to shoot instead of shooting us.

American politics are complicated at best, more then even a lot of Americans can grasp.
Bush has been accussed of stealing the first election. Though in a way, legally. He was voted in by the very outdated, electoral college that needs to be eradicated. He lost the popular vote.
The electoral college was a good thing created by our founding fathers to give the sparsely populated, southern farmers a voice. But it is no longer needed, but understandadly, people are nervous about changing a long standing system.
As for the second election, people don't understand that the Americans tried. One of the lesser known facts is that an incumbant war time president has never been voted out.
Bush won by a mere 2.4%. Which is literally by the skin of his teeth. One thing that I give the republic party credit for is their campaign abilities. They pursued the christian southern vote, that tend to stick with bush because of his claims of being religious. I still enounter people who support bush simply because he is christian and therefore, has to be a good guy.

Hence is fake southern accent.
Americans tend to not vote out incumbent wartime presidents because they don't want to take the chance of a new president even doing worse. And people still speculate on whether Gore could of handled the job. We will never know. But like I said, the people tried, and much to the dismay of at least half of Americans, Bush won by a measly 3 million votes. The same southern group that our founding fathers gave a voice too, kept him in office.
Someone even devoted a website apologizing to the world with pictoral apologies from Americans about not being able to get GW out of office.

Iraq is now in a worse state than ever, you've destroyed them, they had NO weapons, none were found. this is the fate for Iran as well. To put it in a simple way, Iraq was better of with Saddam ruling it, and thats saying alot.

I agree.
But we didn't have the knowledge that we have no that Saddam didn't have weapons. And you didn't witness the patriotism fervor that gripped the country that those who didn't support the invasion of Iraq got a lot of lip service. People standing around saying that if you didn't support the president, you need to leave the country. Idiots.
But a country in change rarely has a smooth transition. Just as the russians and surrounding post cold war countries who are still trying to adjust from the fall of the iron curtain in the 80s. The American revolution really began in 1763,and independance wasn't declared till 13 years later. These things take time. During that time there was a lot of fighting and upheavels.
Adn the government had to fight to keep its foot hold.
What we are hoping for is Iraq to take the same initiative.
While yes, there have been many Iraqi lives lost, the intent is to try to keep casualties to a minimum. We have the military capability to just wipe the slate clean and start over, but we are trying to give Iraq the initiative to do themselves, but they are dragging their feet.

Now my friends you are screwed, you attack Iran and Russia will destroy you, and i will feel no empathy for those who wished war on Iran & Iraq. Although i must say i do have many American friends who are nice people, they just vastly out numbered by the not so nice people.

What a nice sentiment, wishing death on people. If we are as bad as you claim, your statement doesn't make you any better. And I doubt your few American friends are indicative of the entire population.

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:26 PM
reply to post by FaxMachine

We let you handle your revolution, now let us handle ours.

We've got one more year of this idiot we call a President and then it's open season for any and all inditement and criminal prosecution. Even in Europe I'm sure you're heard of "Executive Privileged"? Well, it would seem with this administration those words get thrown around a lot and abused to no end - especially when someone in the administration gets in trouble (Alberto Gonzalez). There's not much we could do right now. Even if 20,000 marched on Washington, a Police State Martial Law would be administered to "put down" the uprising.

Practically no one in this country is in support of this war or war with Iran. The only way we could gather 20,000 in a mass demonstration in Washington would be if American declared an Air War with Iran. I'd quit my job and camp on the damned White House lawn in that instance. We elected a new leader 8 years ago. His name was Al Gore. But, somehow our system here let us down. That's why we've got to elect someone who's going to restore America to what it once was. It's going to take a lot of time, work and effort from those who've had their eyes closed for so long.

As for 4thDoctorWhoFan:
You're the reason most countries dislike Americans. Ignorant and arrogant.

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posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:26 PM
reply to post by FaxMachine

Lol, even if it would go 100 times the speed of light it could not. Because there
is not good enough targeting systems that can do it.

Right, and you know about all of the technology that the US has huh?
Russia tends to show off their latest and greatest because they have an inferiority complex, where as the United States is confident enough that they dont have to run to the press with everything our military has.
The Military has things right now that we wont know about for another 20 years OR if the BIG war ever happens.
Do you really think that the US would show their entire hand in a minor war like Afghanistan and Iraq?
I know of at least two times that Putin has made the comment to the US, that they shouldnt disregard Russias military because we still have our Nuclear Missiles..
Yes Russia, we know you have nukes but thats all you got...Wait, i forgot about the ONE Su35 that you keep showing off because you cant afford to build even a squadron of them..
I dont like war and I DONT agree with the way the war in Iraq has been handled but if Russia started a war with us, for whatever reason I would fight against them and there are several million more people in my generation that feel the same way.

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:27 PM
Three letter acronym seem to rule the world. Those letters are tossed around like when IBM was thought of as being about International Business Machines -- or when the computer was thought about - as for the future -- and typing about the future -- all of these future tellers given his/her/spacealien's "How the Future Will Be!"

Do you know what that is? You, telling the rest of Us that you are Superior, and somehow how you got an "Inside View" of the Future. Frankly the USA had to make the A-Bomb first, and so the USA owns it, along with the technology because of WWII and Hilter. Now, again, you whimiscal people again want to "Rule" the day and the future.


Besides all the crap going on in this World, and people mis-behaving, yes, the USA will end it all, to teach Humans a Lesson - that Humans should be more Humble in this Universe, because the rest seems to be Stupidity.

Weasel talk does not achieve anything except more bent feelings. This Planet, Us Humans, are not here for anyone's Feelings to be Bent. Humans are here to be Intelligent, and when too many Humans think that they are Superior like Hilter did, then a lot of Humans better be praying to the correct Lord, the Lord of Creation, and not the Devil Lord, the Lord that according to some websites that is Running this World -- the Devil Lord.

Humans just seem to be too comfortable on this Planet and Do Not Really Fear, just want to Fight, all the Time.

I see no other Country backing down and changing how it all should be thought about. Instead what is Given is more Aggression, and More Hate, and More Anti-Socialness. Make no mistake, that according to your view of anything like a lot of other Humans, you must Wish To Rule over Others.

That is not going to Happen, and you have a narrow-view of the future and also about upcoming and continuing on Technologies, which will be Far Worst than N-Weapons. Far Worse, but yet to learn anything and reach out into this Universe, those Technologies also will be Done.

Change your Thinking, your Brain is Not Hardwired, but Softwired, and see the Errors of Your Ways. Do not Judge Others, when it is this type of thinking that makes the world the way that it is.

The kids hate you, because you preach it. The World hates, because it is Preached. If not, then it is weasel talk most of the time. It is Unethical, and yet, everyone else thinks no one else is Moral. Who in the Heck made anyone God?

Prove God does not Exist, because according to some websites, God let the Devil take over this Planet for a Very Brief History of Time, so God can prove that He does Exist. My, how the Human inventions of thinking go on, and on, on this Planet. Do Humans actually think that they are worthy to Travel out into SpaceTime, being the way that they are?

Let alone all the mishaps being done after WWII. It sure seems that Humans have not learnt anything, anything at all that will change their minds from being Destroyed. I just suggest that Humans actually Acknowledge God, for unfortunately for the rest of the world, the USA came up with the invention of the A-Bomb First. That does not make us Dictators, that makes us quite Aware of its Destructive Power. It seems the rest of the world needs an example, because of being Stupid. Iran is not going to give Orders to the rest of this World, just because Russia wants to make some money. China is not also going to Rule this World just because they want Taiwan.

Beat your own Heads against the Wall, it may be the best thing that you can do.

And yes, it does Hurt, but Humans will learn things despite being the way that they conceive theirselves to be nowadays. Fortune Tellers and Future Tellers need a Reference and a Standard. Anarchy is what it is, the breakdown of having a real Society. One that learns to live in Peace.

I think it has been on the News in the Past. The USA will do something about it, whether some Humans agree or not. The Ying and Yang has been traveling to the Extremes for many a Year and it has taken many Years to have this World the way that it is Nowadays. But following Germany?

Give this World a Break, Humans!
It will be for your Betterment, It will be for your Thinking better, and it will be for the Best if Humans actually start Thinking instead of dishing out emotional diatribes on this Planet.

It has been done to include Scholarly Pursuits because of the Past History of this Planet.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to crack my whip for I am Indiana Jones, and I was named after a Dog.

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:27 PM

Originally posted by rxnnxs
i would like to kill bush and all those who tell him what to say to stop the killing in the world.

ROFL , you actually believe you can "stop the killing in the world" by Killing more people? thats gotta be one of the dumbest attempts at solution to the problem ive ever seen, in FACT, thats what everyones BEEN doing for 10,000years

How about we not kill anyone else from now on?? Wouldnt that be the best way to "stop the killing"?

And you think because your nation is 900years old , that you are "wise in the ways of statemanship"

Keep in mind, my ignorant friend from across the lake, that WE THE AMERICANS are the PPL of the WORLD! we are of ALL nations!
whiteblackyellowbrowngreenpurple, we are the combined force of all races/cultures that is why we are ultimately powerful.

We are not youngsters, in fact, we draw on the knowledge of ALL Man's history. We have the biggest collection of books on earth. We have free speech to protect those books and enable anyone to write anything they want.

Europe was the land where the Medieval ages got their name "The Dark ages"

Europes history over 900years is nothing but WAR WAR WAR WAR

Do not come tell me to stop war. This crap started in your backyard. 1000s of years ago. As if any of us were alive back then anyway. (Another bad form of thinking that we all suffer from - connecting distant past events to our present self by saying "We , I" in referance to it)

Anyhow. Think about this for awhile. Europe has been the MOST warlike place on EARTH for Thousand of years. Nonstop-murder and war.

Dont make me break out the history book on you! Shall i start with Alexander the macedonian?

Look, any of us with a Brain know that killing represents a "FAILURE of maturity, intelligence, diplomacy, rationality, soul." No one with a brain would dare argue with such plain sense. All killing is bad. That doesnt mean you should stop from PROTECTING yourself!

This worlds BEEN a madhouse since mankind learned how to hit 2 rocks togaether to make an axe. Thats reality. History is a endless list of conflict and body-bags.

Look at things from a Educated perspective for one, my allegedly wise and omnipitent European.

If the Iraq war is the worst we have, we are very lucky.
Every war in our past was 1000000x worse, by all means.

We are IMPROVING as a Human Race, becoming less violent overall.
Cant you see that? Look at the big picture for once.

Bush is "super evil"? Have we as a ppl become such little girls, that we think this panzy is evil? BWHAHAHA!

Hitler was evil, Stalin was Evil, Mao was evil, Nero of rome , was evil.
the Pharohs of egypt , were evil.
They killed with impunity, without even needing a reason.

Bush is just an idiot. Get your facts straight. Hes not "Evil" the way these figures of the Past were. Hes a friggin Idiot.
He does things that "look evil" but in the grand scale of things. Bush is a 3 on the scale of 10 "Evil" where Hitler and Mao or stalin would get a 9-10
and Ghandi or martinluther king jr would get a 1.

You definatly posted this thread so an AMERICAN, from TEXAS ; could come school your "old wise european" butt in some freakin historical facts.

It was your and my destiny, to meet in this discussion.
Now, since i KNOW your a Reasonable person, we can agree

The only way to stop killing is for us all humans to ADMIT we are ALL GUILTY of letting this go on too long. (our entire history)
And every nation is guilty of this crime, not just mine.

So think before you spew ignorance in my face. Thanks.

I may believe your blind and brainwashed ; but i support your right to be brainwashed. If thats what you really want to believe in. LOL

Just like my brilliant fellow american pointed out so gracefully ;

Go to your own gov't and start the good fight right there.
As we are fighting our own govt here in the States.

Mind you, we could be allies in peace agianst this system of killing , as opposed to arguing like schoolkids about whos got the bigger ego.

But destorying america? will only result in the biggest mass of DEATH humanity has EVER seen.

50million died in ww2, the biggest bloodbath ever.

to "destroy america" would require you to watch 300million die.

Whos the bloodthirsty nazi here? Americas "horrific war of evil blood thirst" caused no more than 200,000 deaths (counting killings from ALL sides of conflict)

In vietnam over 2million died. Cant you see we are learning how horrific murder is slowly but surely? Cant you see we as a human race are actually EVOLVING AWAY FROM WAR?

Cant you see??? The outcry agianst this war in the states alone shows we are evolving for the better.

So shut the hell up, Please. And go read a book, for once.

***Steps off soapbox***

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:30 PM
Okay... America, America, America...

First of all let me start by saying - I'm not going to be as insolent to group every American into the same box, that is the way of the fool.

But... For all you people who voted for Bush and now complain that America is going down the pan because a huge amount of the global population is against your 'shoot to kill' politics.
You have some bloody nerve!
You ruin the middle east in the name of 'Democracy' and have the audacity to get on your high horses when other countries (foreigners) start to react against you.

What posessed you people to vote for a blood sucking ape man anyway?


Anyway, for those of you who didn't vote for Bush, why didn't you do something about it when he rigged the votes and teamed up with his buddies in the media to announce him as the (illegal) President of the United states...

More to the point, why are you guys all standing back and letting him drag your country through hell and back (more importantly how can any of you stand and call yourself Americans when your unholy Government is responsible for the thousands of deaths taking place, right now - all over the planet!).

Is this not the 21st century?

Are you civilised people?

For Gods sake, when are you guys going to change it? When the bombs start dropping and our oceans become toxic ?

Anyway, for those of you who consider me 'anti-american', pleeeeaaase don't, besides it being a laughable quote in the first place, I really, really am not anti-american.

Although I have never visited the States, I have friends and family who have...
I have never met a bad American, in fact the Americans I have met have been lovely, polite and honest people... Well mannered, well educated and are not the stereotypes that our newspapers paint you as...

Some of my favourite musicians and artists are American, I like American food and drink, I Love American films...


Please, please realise it is clearly not possible for a world to appreciate your country when you have a blood thirsty, corrupt and greedy Government ruling the roost (with an ape as the front man).

P.s - also Mcdonalds has started making our kids fat over here in the UK. That I don't agree with...

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posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:34 PM

Originally posted by Copernicus
There is no real evil in the world, only different opinions of what is evil.

This is exactly the kind of attitude that empowered the Nazis to murder 6 million Jews. This is exactly the kind of psycho attitude that is leading to the downfall of Western civilization.

Is sawing someone's head off with a rusty combat knife, while they scream for mercy on camera, evil.....or is that just MY opinion of what is evil?

You're nuts.

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:36 PM

Originally posted by Vanguard223

Originally posted by Copernicus
There is no real evil in the world, only different opinions of what is evil.

Is sawing someone's head off with a rusty combat knife, while they scream for mercy on camera, evil.....or is that just MY opinion of what is evil?

Is dropping napalm on a village of innocents an evil act while the rest of the world begged you to stop? Or is that just my opinion?

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:36 PM
Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't the USA HAVE nuclear weapons, and have had them for the last 50 years? yes we did use them, twice, in the same war, and have not used them since then, if "shubby" was as crazy as Hitler, well you would all be radio active by now don't you think?

Funny how your logic works in circles

If the USA was going to use Nukes it would have happened within a week of 9-11-01 don't you think? or maybe you don't ( God help me you have pushed me so far as to be defending the shrub, a person whom I feel is morally corrupt)

I have said in other threads the the USA should go back to the Monroe Doctrine, I would embrace it whole heartedly, we produce what we need and keep it to ourself and let the rest of you Rot. Just imagine a world where the only the USA had PC's TV's Ipods Cell phones Etc, then of course you would all hate us for having cool stuff you do not, but at least we would know it for what is really is, petty Jealousy.

I also started a grass roots campaign to "vote the blank" vote for No one in the race for ANY office, because they are all corrupt, because only corrupt people run for public office in the modern era.

I also think there are to many humans on the planet, and thinning the heard wouldn't be such a bad thing, the weak will die, the strong survive, just like nature intended.................

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:39 PM

Originally posted by AllSeeingI
My open letter to the rest of the world:
Our government has been taken-over by a super oppressive regime. They rigged the elections, and rampant cronyism has left us with ignorant people in top offices!
If we gather to speak out we are jailed!
True American patriots want an end to the corruption and injustice. We want revolution. Send in your forces to remove this violent dictator.
We removed Saddam. PLEASE.... Some outside force removed Bush!

[edit on (9/19/07) by AllSeeingI]

Exactly spot on and totally relative to my first post (above).

This is a very interesting thread and I think everybody on this forum should read it...

Although I think the title should be changed to: USA Dystopia/Utopia?

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:40 PM
reply to post by mr-lizard

I'll be so crass as to disagree with you, sir.

Would you be so kind as to provide the proof that the elections of Mr. Bush were fraudulent? Good luck with that, no one else has either.

We've destroyed the Middle East? Sorry, they've been doing that for most of recorded history, we're just the latest. Nothing to be proud of, I admit, but true never the less.

Just over 50% of registered voters voted for Mr. Bush both times. Not that it matters, but I voted for him the first time, but not the second. Yet surprisingly enough, I'm not foaming at the mouth screaming fraud. It was by all investigations, a fair election, both times. Mr. Gore is a sore loser who got beaten at his own game. So don't go there. Mr. Kerry at least had the grace to bow out when he lost.

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:43 PM

Originally posted by thedigirati

I also think there are to many humans on the planet, and thinning the heard wouldn't be such a bad thing, the weak will die, the strong survive, just like nature intended.................

So you are saying you would let your Grandfather/Father/Son/Daughter die without a hospital (for the weak), as this would enable the stronger (i.e the humans who didn't catch a disease/fight in a war/ etc...) to survive?

Because that would mean the gene pool would level out into super tough humans who couldn't catch diseases and all at the sake of just one or two family members....

We could also abolish the Red Cross and Charities whilst we are at it... because after all they are only for weak people... People who have nothing and have to rely on us to survive.

(sarcasm over)... but that comment wasn't too cool.

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:44 PM
reply to post by muzzleflash

calm down, I DIDN'T :-)
killing is not the answer.
but as we speak someone is...

If the Iraq war is the worst we have, we are very lucky.
Every war in our past was 1000000x worse, by all means.

ho, brr, times 60 and we got it.
times 100 and we are at the indian almost extinction. is not that far ago..
and if you come up with this old old warlords.. they were all the way down to egypt ruled by those man behind the curtain.
many of your relatives living in the US fled because someone was after them. for religious reasons or because wantefd for murder (dont forget that also)..
anyway, there is no more place left in the world. and after some time, those evil powers made it also above the ocean.
now they came to you again... what do you do now?
you cant run, cant hide...

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posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 12:47 PM
Who remembers the 90's, after Desert Storm, when everybody and their mothers condemned the US for not going all the way to Baghdad and "finishing the job"
Every single time that Saddam caused any trouble at all, especially after we didnt help the Shiites when they rebelled in Basra, the US was criticized for not taking him down while we were there.
I dont really have a point in that statement, I just find the hypocrisy amusing.

In no way am I condoning our invasion of Iraq and you wont find a single post on this forum that says otherwise.
However, invading the country that gave Bin Laden a home was then and still is justified but we didnt invade them to occupy them. We went there to take out the government that gave him and his orginization a home and gave him protection and to break up any terror camps that were there as well.

There had to come a time when the world stopped acting like a child shaking in the corner when it came to dealing with these terrorists.
Remember some of the other countries that were with us in the beginning?
Now remember what happened when some of those countries were hit by terrorists in their own homes, as punishment by Al Queda.
How did these countries react? Exactly how Bin Laden wanted them to, they pulled their troops out and started denouncing America.
You people keep calling the US evil but say nothing about the man and orginization that holds this world hostage..
Jeez, more hypocrisy

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