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Weird dream of Bill Clinton trying to talk to me in my house

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posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 05:14 PM
Its just an amusing dream if nothing else and I'm bored so Im writing it....

This was years ago at my mothers old flat. I remember walking into the living room, my mum and Bill were there talking, apparently they know each other well and I know him etc.., he was saying to my mum what a difficult one I am. For some reason I didn't like him I don't know why now.. but I went storming off out of the house. I went walking along the balcony its pretty long, as I neared the end of the balcony I notice Bill is standing at the end as you turn to go down the stairs, (good trick Bill!?) he was leaning on the rail looking over, waiting for me... and wearing a typical USA Columbo style tan raincoat..

I got a bit worried.. walked past him, and right there in the hall before the stairs there is a red seated wooden dining chair... obviously Im supposed to sit in this chair and be spoken to... but sod that I just feel I have to get away from him and go to my friends. So as I'm walking down the stairs Bill starts whistling the '5 tones' from close encounters of the 3rd kind which scared the life out of me and I just ran off, all the while worrying 'I cant go this way or that way what if they are there!?'... etc etc.. and basically thats all I remember but there you go... just another thing thats stuck in my mind all these years.

Now I find out that Bill is interested in aliens and genetic engineering and the like.. and even done his own little search into area 51 and whats going on there, apparently finding out nothing heavy gos on there just boring stuff they don't want people knowing about.

link to his interview in SEPT 2005 here

I first came across a slightly cut version of that interview and made a post on it, somebody clarified its not the whole story and they left me that link to the proper one.. which was more enlightening cause he mentioned our Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Genome project.

In 2000, I was able to participate with Tony Blair and representatives of the French, German and Japanese and Canadian governments in announcing that we had succeeded in sequencing the human genome

Just to note my dream was before 2000.

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