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Donna Taylor Speaks Out On The Columbine Conspiracy, and delivers information conclusively showing a

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posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 02:34 PM
interview with Eric Hufschmid. She believes Columbine was a covert operation. All of this audio can be found here:

interview with Eric Hufschmid. She believes Columbine was a covert operation. All of this audio can be found here:

-She says that Mark saw a sniper on the roof as he was lying on the ground. She states that there is video of this, but that it was destroyed. She also states that she had a copy of this video, but can't seem to find it, and suspects it was stolen.

-She said that police weren't interested in asking Mark about his testimony, because it was damaging to the official story, and all of what they had to say was extremely damaging to the government. No interviews were made with Taylor, and questions were never asked. It is the classic case of a conspiracy involving authorities, where someone has information about it, but the police and other authorities turn a blind eye. She also said that law enforcement, FBI, ATF, and many other government agencies told them to keep quiet. Taylor's testimony was deleted from the Columbine Report.

-She said that a police officer, Sherrif Sweiderman, told the Taylors that police were told to NOT save students who were bleeding to death with gunshot wounds. This Sheriff disobeyed these horrifying orders, and went to save people. Now that he exposed this fact, he left town and went to another town in Colorado, but now we know that police had been ordered to let dying students perish.

-She said that Mark reported half the school was strangely absent the day of the massacre. This indicates the foreknowledge of hundreds and hundreds of parents who were able to get their chidren out of school that day. Donna Taylor said this remark was confirmed by a girl she had met in the hospital who also noticed an unusually empty school.

-She said that at the hospital, government officials were threatening students to change their stories, basically saying "Yes, there may have been other shooters, and if you talk, they'll come after you". She says that the government directly told here "Do not talk to anyone about it or snipers will come after you".

-She, and this is confirmed by articles in American Freedom Network, said that a 911 call was made to a local hospital hours BEFORE the shooting on a special government line, warning that a shooting would happen at a Littleton high school. The AFN radio show had the hospital worker who received the call on the show.

-She said that while she was in the hospital, she met a girl who not only confirmed Mark's remark about half the school being absent, but also observed 3 people who were not Haris and Klebold with guns out in the parking lot who were part of the Trench Coat Mafia, and thought they were role playing. This confirms that at least 5 shooters were involved. E&D+These 3 guys=5. This report, not surprisingly, was never followed up by any news agency, especially since they can't dismiss this one as 'confusion' since it was BEFORE the shooting. She thought it was role playing because she accepted that role playing would involve real guns there, because in Sex Education, real dildos and condoms were handed out. More on how the school was strange later.

-She said that Mark wasn't able to get any mail that wasn't opened and checked first. None of the mail they received was sealed, and their explanation was that they needed to spy on their mail for their own protection. If the shooters were dead, why would they need protection? Nope, they were not being protected, but monitored.

-She said that the family of Isaiah Shoels had a friend who was a producer, and was going to make a movie about Columbine, exposing explosive information relating to Columbine, but he was mysteriously murdered. The Shoels left town after that, in fear of their own lives. The Shoels were also associated with former Secretary Of State Vikki Buckley, who was also mysteriously killed. Donna Taylor goes on to detail the many suspicious deaths of witnesses and people who may have known too much. She also notes that several other schools suffered mysterious losses after that, and after the massacre, the pregnancy rating went up in the city, possibly because the city used it as an excuse to put everyone on drugs.

-She said that Mark had sensed that something wasn't right at Columbine. Mark told her that people were throwing drugs around left and right, people were smoking pot in the bathrooms with no action being taken, and that all they did in class was watch MTV for the whole day. The school had been involved in a class called 'Death Education', where students touched corpses and were told death was better than life, and asked what morgue they would pick, and taught all about death. She says the textbooks were promoting 'witchcraft' and that teachers were getting sexual with students, and that the textbooks were horrifying. ABC's 20/20 did a presentation about this and exposed these horrifying facts. She says that textbooks contained private body parts in math equations, and Mark told her that a porno guy was brought in at Sex Education class. Students were also told not to tell their parents. One wonders if Columbine was selected to be a black ops target, or if it was completely run by the government. The principle did have connections to Clinton.

-She said that immediately after the massacre, a suspicious government-hired organization called Columbine Connections was set up to give psychiatric drugs to witnesses. Donna Taylor says that these drugs made their mind forget the details of what happened, so they would keep quiet. She also reports that Mark Taylor had to go to the psychiatric office just to pick up his mail, and they had to go past many desks justs to get to the mail. All mail went to this government-hired organization. It was just another way to monitor all of the mail of witnesses.

-She said that the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office was rewarded for covering the case up!

-She states that Dave Thomas, the district attorney, was a part of the Columbine coverup. Dave Thomas was a probable perpetrator.

-In an amazing 'coincidence', she said that President (at the time, of course) Clinton and the principle of Columbine, Frank DeAngelis, was a friend of Clinton's.

-She said that Janet Reno came to the massacre, but she did not ask any questions or interview anyone or conduct any kind of investigation of her own, while she was there.

-She reports that many local firefighters and police officers were resigning because of the corruption going on in the administration at that time. She said she personally knows 3 police officers who resigned because of the coverup and corruption surrounding the investigation of Columbine

-A strange government doctor, who was also present at the OKC bombing, named Deagle, was reported to have started going into the Taylors' home all the time. He was promoting drugs and RFID implantable microchips. He was the government doctor for insurance, and had been a witness to micro nuclear devices planted inside the Murrah building in OKC. The Taylors report that they went to church with him and went to his house, and her daughter babysitted at his house once. That time, he offered her money to feed the kids, which was in the top drawer. Her daughter reported there was at least 200,000 dollars in cash in that drawer. After this, he left town, and she reports that they were looking for him in the newspaper. Their dentist warned them to stay away from Deagle, saying that he was highly dangerous. She had a friend who was also feeling uncomfortable around Deagle, and called to warn her. She said that he performed mind control projects on her friend's son. In addition to this, this friend of hers gave her a number to another man who warned that Deagle was 'a bad character'. The pastor of the Church warned her away from Deagle, as well. She's afraid that Taylor was chipped by Deagle. As Hufschmid said, it's possible this government-linked doctor was setting a trap for their daughter. If she took some of the money, he could blackmail the Taylors.

-She reports that one of the students who tried to save Dave Sanders, who was a key eyewitness was found hung. Taylor says she thinks that the perps in the government killed this student.

-She talks about how a Columbine mother was found shot in front of a gun shop. Taylor says this was another planned execution of someone who knew too much.

-She talks about the suspicious shooting of the Subway Shooting. Two Columbine students who knew Dylan Klebold were shot by a mystery gunman. This shooting was the most suspicious one. I believe this was definitely witness execution. Not only did Rachel Scott, the first student who was killed, work at this very Subway, but the people who were killed knew Klebold, and the shop was close to BlackJack Pizza, the former employer of Harris and Klebold. J.J Hodack stated that the shop wasn`t worth robbing, and it has now come out that the money wasn`t taken from the teller. The shooting happened at a time when nobody was in the shop. When the shooting happened, the surveillance camera was, very suspiciously, turned off. It was an execution, and it purposefully targeted these people, as they knew too much.

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 01:04 AM
One of the origonal trenchcoat mafia founders--Joseph Stair, 27--was found hung in his garage on the 16nth of this month, allegedly a suicide. His funeral will be friday the 21st, the same day as the long-delayed Columbine memorial dedication in the park next to the school. Coincidence, or did the covert operators call for another blood sacrifice? Many surviving eyewitnesses indicate that Stair was a participant in the attacks.

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posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 08:51 PM
They do? I've heard many eyewitnesses say Robert Perry was a participant in the massacre, and I've heard a couple of people say Chris Morris was involved, but not Joseph Stair. Do you have the accounts? And, Stair killed himself? Just another death of someone who may have known too much. Another blood sacrifice.

Then we also have Carla Hochhalter. She allegedly shot herself with a .38 calibre handgun inside a pawn shop. She fired twice. The first shot hit her, and the second shot hit the wall. The strange thing is, she shot herself in the head, but was still somehow able to fire again, to fire the shot that hit the wall. I am not aware of any released autopsy, so the damage to her head I can't say, but I still find it kind of strange that someone could shoot themselves in the head and survive. Her daughter survived the massacre, but paralyzed. She allegedly left a suicide note, but the contents of this note have been withheld by the authorities. . Donna Taylor, mother of Mark Taylor, who was shot 7 times, but remarkably survived, says that she believes authorities killed Hochhalter. (

Greg Barnes, who was a basketball star at Columbine, allegedly hung himself. He never displayed any suicidal signs. He was excited about the upcoming basketball season, and was reportedly not depressed about the death of his friend Matthew Ketcher. (

Kunselman and Hart, two Columbine students, who were killed in a Subway Shop near the former employer of Harris and Klebold, Blackjack Pizza, and the same Subway shop that Rachel Scott, who was killed in the massacre, worked at. The shop was close to Columbine High School. It is not too far from Trinity Christian Center, where many of the funerals were conducted. One of the victims of this shooting was an employee of the shop. These connections seem very suspicious, but it gets even more strange. The money was not taken from the cashier, so it was not a robbery. The surveillance camera was turned off as well. There was no real investigation. There was no mention of this in the papers, and sources indicated the holes were quickly covered up, but sources indicate that bullet holes were in the windows. This, including the fact that police had checked the roof of a building across the street, indicates the possibility that a trained sniper had killed the couple. Another possible perpetrator was Nathan Grill, a friend of Kunselman's who matched the description of the suspect, and was allegedly in the store that night. He denies any involvement. I doubt that Nathan Grill was the perpetrator because I have seen no reason why the police suspected a man of that description other than that someone like that was 'near the shopping center' at the time the bodies were found. So? That doesn't mean he did it! Someone could have been near Blackjack Pizza or hanging out in a park nearby that night. It doesn't make them the prime suspect. I suspect that Nathan Grill was used as a scapegoat suspect, while really, the suspect was a trained government assassin. A professional sniper who was on the roof of a nearby building. Why would authorities check a building's roof? I suspect they may have been thoroughly removing any traces that the assassin left behind. After all, bullet holes were in the windows, and Grill was supposed to be inside the shop with them, but not at the time of the shooting. (

Antonio Davalos, an 11 year old student at Centennial Elementary School, was found dead in a garbage can and no arrests were made. (

An unidentified producer associated with the Shoels, who was going to make a movie about Columbine, exposing some key evidence, was killed. (Eric Hufshmid interview with Donna Taylor)

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 09:42 PM
Eye- and ear- witnesses:

Leiha Murphy(3828 )
In the cafeteria, notices commotion outside north-west door. "I saw a guy I recognized as (Redacted). He was running... Stair had his blond hair down. It's past his shoulders. He's about 6', tall, skinny, he was wearing a long black trench coat.... I saw nothing in his hands. He was observed a short distance from whatever was going on at the door. My thought was that (Redacted) was involved if there was a fight."

Stair named in the cafeteria map(see page 3830). Leiha also immediately picked him out of a photo lineup.

"I ask Leiha if she was certain that this individual was (Redacted). Leiha said "Oh yeah, I'm certain.... I saw his face full on. I remember seeing his face completely....(she said he stood in place for about 15 seconds)....I remember him graduating last year." She rmembers him wearing 'makeup on his face and hand' and that because of that, he stood out from other students." (3836)

[Leiha recants in a 3rd interview in October, 1999.]

Christine Mikesell(5748 )
"Mrs. Mikesell said that after the shooting several students reported to her that they had seen Joe Stair in the building. She said that someone said that they had seen Stair in the science area or by the library." [Note: According to Stair's alibi, he was not on the grounds of CHS that day]

Elisha Encinas(1984)
Saw Joe Stair in the cafeteria prior to the shooting, according to Megan Kelly.

Elisha Encinas(2943)
Heard "Joe, where are you, I got 3 of them."(they may have been down in the cafeteria when Elisha heard this)

Elisha Encinas(2939)
"She saw three people with guns coming into the cafeteria(one of them had graduated last year)." [Note: Stair was in the class of '98]

Courtney Herivel(1927)
While in the green room in the science hall, heard "Joe, I have 3 of them in here."

Ashley McKenna(3525)
Heard "Come on, Joey" from the science hallway.

Dorian Salazar(EP21-224)
"He did hear one suspect call the other one "Joe" ", while Dorian was hiding in a science classroom.

Erin Krysti Dehoff(17445)
Heard "Hey (Redacted-3 letters)"--says he is the third suspect.

Pat McDuffee(10786)
Says Stair was at school with a gun by the library outside by the stairs. Helped plan the attack. Says Stair has many different types of guns--sweep guns, shotguns, etc. (A hidden gun rack was found at Stair's home, which "must have been built by the previous homeowners.")


Cindy Barker(5220)
At Clement Park Library after shooting and "allegedly saw one of the subjects who advised he had graduated from CHS last year and that he was coming back on 4-20-99 to intitiate the incident."

Bobby Strobel(1198 )
"......remembers that plain clothes police office detained Stair in the library. ....Finally, Bobby stated that shortly after the shootings occurred, (Redacted) was the first person that he suspected to be involved

X-CHS student on hit list(the "should have died" list): "He did have information that Joe Stair had said last year he wanted to blow up Columbine High School."

Joe Stair told Paul Maten(CHS, class of '98 and an athelete) that he was on the "list".

posted on Feb, 20 2008 @ 10:26 AM
For anyone researching the April 20, 1999 attack on Columbine High School:

Links to most of the 30,000+ pages of written documents and several dozen hours of audio related to the 4/20 attack on Columbine (up to a dozen attackers reported by witnesses, one reported to have been over the age of 30) released into the public domain by government agencies have been posted to

posted on Feb, 20 2008 @ 11:40 AM
This is in incredible find. Stars and flag to both of you. I am still absorbing everything I am reading. Columbine affected my area, although I did not know anyone directly involved. This is just... astounding. I have met Sherriff Stone and did not even realize all of this at the time.

posted on Feb, 20 2008 @ 12:06 PM
The reason half the school was gone was because it was 4/20

When I was in school- everyone took that day off to...well if you know what 4/20 is then you'll know...but I am not disagreeing with you. It is a day that in every school alot of kids miss. Ask any teenager.

posted on Feb, 21 2008 @ 01:13 PM
Links to 30K+ pages of government documents related to the April 20, 1999 attack on Columbine High School have been posted to the internet.

I've also created a video on the documents called "The Columbine Cause".

Evan Long

posted on Sep, 20 2008 @ 06:12 PM
reply to post by PimpyMcgibbins

this is actually a good point, and if there are people in your school associated with the trench coat mafia, i wouldnt want to go to school on hitlers birthday either

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 02:38 PM
Also, isnt another suspicious thing the bowling class?

several students in the bowling class said that they specifically saw eric and dylan at bowling class that day, but in the records, the investigation says that they werent there. This is suspect b/c it also says Chris Morris wasnt there but he says he was, so somethings got to give and somebody is lying

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 03:48 PM
Sorry, but I haven't heard of a conspiracy theory behind Columbine before. Several interesting pints were raised by the OP, but the thing I'm not sure about is, what was the purpose of the cover up? Why would they do this?

Also, and I may have got it plain wrong, but PimpyMcgibbins, are you seriously telling me kids take 4/20 off because 420 is slang for dope? They all take the day off to go smoke some weed? I've never heard of that, or did that.

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 04:09 PM
4/20 is quite a popular skip day for certain students in my area. It is a pass time that has been going on for a long time now. I think mostly it depends on the community. I would say it is surprising half the school didn't show up because of it though.

posted on Dec, 21 2008 @ 04:24 AM
I had to respond to this as I myself and many of my friends were students at Columbine during this time. There was no death education class! This is absurd. The part that makes me laugh the hardest is "touching the corpses and taught that death is better than life". Textbooks teaching witchcraft? I only wish I could have watched MTV all day during class. I can count five people without even thinking very hard about it who were expelled for drug use in the smokers pit let alone in the bathroom in the school! God what a horrible way to make a bad situation worse! What a disgrace you are to my community. Get your head out of the damn sand and wakeup! Get outside and get some sun, you pathetic worthless pieces of trash! I am not even sure how I stumbled upon this page this late at night! But I will go back to being productive and leave you pathetic bitches to roll around in the mud together. Go back to blowing each other you mindless nutjobs. The only thing this suggest that is credible is an additional shooter.

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 05:12 AM
Just wondering, what would the point be, in the government being behind this? Why? What would they gain from this?

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 05:35 AM

Originally posted by evanlong

I'm 20 minutes into the video, and it's very interesting so far...

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 08:22 AM
Interesting thread.

I read alot about Columbine a few years back. What stood out for me the most if I remember correctly was the picture of Eric and Dylan after they commited suicide.

Dylan can be seen lying on the ground in the library with a massive headwound near his right temple. Futhermore the Tec-9 semi auto was in his right hand.

Now during the video footage of the cafeteria you can see Dylan walking around with the Tec-9 in his left hand. That seemed logical as he was left handed.

Why did Dylan commit suicide with his wrong hand???

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posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 10:18 AM

Originally posted by Alethia
Sorry, but I haven't heard of a conspiracy theory behind Columbine before. Several interesting pints were raised by the OP, but the thing I'm not sure about is, what was the purpose of the cover up? Why would they do this?

Also, and I may have got it plain wrong, but PimpyMcgibbins, are you seriously telling me kids take 4/20 off because 420 is slang for dope? They all take the day off to go smoke some weed? I've never heard of that, or did that.

Haha yes... this is quite popular pretty much anywhere i knew growing up while going to highschool.

Some of the stuff OP posted was interesting but i've seen THIS point of 'foreknowledge' to be not true because of the reason of herb smokers.

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