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The End of the USA

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posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 12:46 PM
The despots who run America those who should and must be tried for crimes against humanity are now lining up to nuke Iran. This will be the final chapter on the book of the USA, bogged down in 2 wars that it has no hope of wining the despots are now going to lead the bankrupt and corrupt nation into a conflict that will spell its doom.

War is the only business that is keeping the US going but to attack Iran will not just lead to many deaths on the field of battle but would plunge the country into its own destruction. The suicidal action that is now being contemplated that is the Mighty United States attacking yet another 3rd World country that poses no threat to it. But in this conflict there will be no coalition of the willing no this will be a war where America loses what friends she has left.

This will be a conflict where major players such as Russia and China will face off the US, where investors will cut the purse strings, where it will be the US is attacked and faces sanctions from every country on the planet. The world will not stand idly by as untold innocents are fried all in the name of corporate greed and corruption. America is now a full blown dictatorship where democracy is now a dirty word, where those who speak out are tasered, labelled as terrorists, unpatriotic etc. Kangaroo courts, the FBI and other agencies able to do what they like, basic rights and freedoms denied, the constitution being pissed on from a great height.

To those who run America even its own citizens are seen as terrorists and a threat. Draconian measures have now been introduced that can turn the country into a police state at the whim of the greatest fool who ever walked this Earth. Patriots so blinded by the lies and smoke screens wont believe it till they are in one of the many camps being built, but then it will be too late wont it.

Whilst soldiers are dying for the alleged spreading of democracy it is being denied to the people of the US. Trillions of dollars in debt, billions spent on wars, falling health standards and education, all the signs of a country going down the pan.

Corrupt America will not last much longer, are its people ready to loose everything, are they ready to die for corporate greed, are they aware and do they even care. America and its people have never had to endure war on their own turf but the World is a much smaller place now and its size and position will not protect it any more. Perhaps this is what it needs, maybe if the US and its people suffer the ravages of war then maybe they will understand what it is like to have your country invaved and occupied by a foreign power, maybe it will teach humility and understanding maybe it wont.

America's master Israel is ready to let Americans die for its own safety and preservation. Israel is ready and happy to see a nuke war in the ME. A nation born out of terrorism that commits acts of terrorism every day of its existence, terrorism that is paid for by the American tax payer and many kind hearted terrrorist supporters. America and its people sow the seeds of war, it must be ready to reap the worldwind.

posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 12:56 PM
Good post, but I only feel sadness when I think of all the parents that will lose their children, or the children who will lose their parents, in another meaningless war. USA may deserve what is coming, but I only feel sadness.

We have this beautiful planet to live on, but all we do is hate eachother and try to kill each other. It breaks my heart. We dont appreciate what has been given to us.

And I dont expect USA to go down quietly. It will take the rest of the world with it if it can.

Human kind have lost its way so completely that its pure sadness. We could have been great, but we choose this path to destruction instead.

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posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 04:25 PM
I hear you loud and clear. It sounds like you are from another country...could be wrong... but either way, I think many many Americans, such as myself are slowly starting to wake up, to start the process of shedding the mind controlling guise of patriotism. It's a slow process, and I am very worried because it's too slow. We're just moments away from WWIII, and the main thing on most Americans' minds is either OJ or Iphones.... Sadly, Americans will probably watch Armageddon unfold from the suicidal mind prison called convenience. We will be sitting in our armchairs, eating the last Doritos we will ever taste, watching the bombs falling around us... and when the atomic shockwave is finally visible as it rushes towards us, we will then and only then finally have the senses to curse our name. The last words out of many Americans' mouths will be "God damned Americza."
Unless we as a majority change our attitudes rapidly, the is no hope for us. I feel horrible that we have to take the rest of the world dfown with us.

posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 05:46 AM
The only American people lining up to attack Iran are some idiot pundits trying to be more extreme than the next guy, but I don't expect there to be any attack on Iran from the current administration or the next one..The US military does not like a war that is so unpredictable as the one that an attack on Iran would create.

posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 09:00 AM
There is ALWAYS hope...

As a United States citizen looking out at the vast array of tyranny that has usurped our own government, and indeed our very minds, one can ask what hope do we have of ever getting Her back - our Constitutional United States of America? One can ask hopelessly, "But what can I do as I am just one?"

Those despots who currently run the US government - they are not afraid of the many... they are afraid of the one!
ONE voice
ONE purpose
ONE heart
ONE mind

They have divided us through petty self-interests, through distraction and entertainment, and through illusions of separation from our fellow human beings.

There is a revolution - and it is NOW.

This is not a revolution of bloodshed and violence.
It is a revolution of information and an evolution in our minds.

The question is not, "What separates me from my fellow human beings?"
Rather, ask the question, "What COMMON GROUND do I share with my fellow human beings?"

Democrats vs. Republicans
Christians vs. Muslims
Atheists vs. Religion
Us vs. Them


Those in power would have you believe that it is human nature to be divided, that it is normal and even righteous to be isolated from the rest of humanity. Those in power would have you believe our natural state is one of pain and misery, that we are an inconsolable lot that needs the protection they offer.

And amidst all the fighting between brother and brother, amongst all the bloodshed, tears shed, and violence endured by us all... there are those infinitely small few who revel in it: they bathe in our blood, drink up our tears, and dine in our hearts... all the while feeding our minds fear, mistrust, hostility, and prejudice.

A conventional confrontation with these infinitely small few is out of the question. Even if they were overthrown and exposed, it is very likely the rest who escaped would hide amongst the masses and take a new guise in which to continue their rape and plunder. There is only one path that will lead to the world we all crave and know is our birthright...

We ignore them:
Their authority, their commands, their bribes, and their threats.

Any authority they have possessed has been given to them by us.
Any commands we have followed have been carried out by us willingly.
Any bribes we have taken have been at our loss and in our destruction.
Any threats they have made are powerless, only made real by our fear.

We are their servants:
Garbage men, teachers, police officers, waiters, secretaries, scientists, businessmen, sales clerks, interns, taxi drivers, ambulance drivers, doctors, nurses, cooks, gardeners, farmers, repairmen, bartenders, dancers, singers, musicians, factory workers, mill workers, lumberjacks, artisans, potters, mechanics, engineers, pilots, stewards, writers, reporters, butlers, advisors... and gravediggers.

You know, as I know, the list goes on ad infinitum. We provide all the services of the world and they provide nothing but authority, commands, bribes, and threats. They are only parasites, and we give them our power by yielding to them.

As we, the servants of the world, free our minds from the bonds and lies they have placed there, their power declines. Each moment someone realizes the power of ONE, they lose yet another pawn in their game of worldly chess and we as a people grow stronger.

We, the ordinary, are truly extraordinary. The power we have available to us is vast and limitless when we are united. Their only chance to seize that power from us is by attempting to make us afraid of them, each other, and ourselves. Their only chance to undermine our efforts is by attempting to make us hate them, each other, and ourselves.

And that is they word: ATTEMPT

They can do nothing but TRY to make us fear and hate ourselves. In the past, we were all too willing to listen to them... But as times change, so do our minds.

Stand calm in the coming times.
Peaceful disobedience is a soldier's best friend, for...

There is ALWAYS hope...

posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 11:55 AM
True, very good comments, alas so many are deaf to what is happening and it will be too late for many.

posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 02:40 PM

I am truly honored that someone in particular thought my post worthy of silent praise. I thank you, my kind beneficiary, for exalting me with your quiet agreement.

It has certainly gone noticed!

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