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Valleyville... the town that doesn't exist?

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posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 07:47 AM
Valleyville - fact or fiction? Who knows? Chances are no one will.

Truly secret or hidden places are talked about online all the time. The agencies that maintain these bases spend as much resources debunking their existance on sites like this one as people spend hypothecisizing and day dreaming.

I have a relative that used to work for an agency at a campus that looked like something else. As you drove up to it you saw a sign that designated that it belonged to the US Army, but it did not.

I know for a fact that that place is still an active site, though many reports on the internet lead curious netizens to believe that it's closed, inactive.

Just remember, some of us aren't who we claim to be, and some of us will debunk to truth to protect the lies.

posted on May, 7 2010 @ 11:43 PM
Ok so Valleyville or whatever it was called... This just became my new Area 51. Screw infiltrating Area 51, its near impossible, but can be done. This place though. From the Kuppopwhatchamacallit site, this place seems like it would be one hella place to visit, and no im not being sarcastic. Navy Seal was sent in and radio contact was lost, thats interesting considering their whole training is recon, infiltration, and covert operations. If a Navy Seal was lost, then whoever or whatever is there is pretty good at what they do. If this "evil" city full of insane lunatics and political misfits is really there, then yea they are probably pretty pissed and if allowed to run around at random would probably kill each other off or know exactly who is there and would kill anyone they didnt know. So here is what I say, we locate this place and break in.

Now, the first problem, we gotta locate this place. Then we have to recon and formulate a plan. If a Navy Seal was lost, he either went in blind, or they knew he was coming before he even got there. So RECON RECON RECON is the first and biggest key to success. Then once the recon is over with we can formulate a plan and gear list so we can successfully infiltrate and find out what this place is.

What is kinda irky about this place, from the description, is the fact that the village seems to be sealed, no one in, no one out. Except for the one door that is a heavy door and wouldnt be easily taken out by vehicles. So either they are keeping something inside which they do not want to escape, or they are gearing up to keep something out in future times.

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 12:06 AM
I think the story of "Mags" was far more interesting. Goes to show lower animals enter and leave the body from the solar chakra. A human could not live decapitated unless it was of a much lower nature.

There are probably countless small installations around the country. I used to live near the Atomic Energy plants near Richland Washington. On the road from Benton City to Richland there is an innocuous off limits area there too.

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 06:29 AM
What if it's some sort of witness protection program controlled town? I mean for all that security it must be some pretty important witnesses.

Maybe the people on board the planes that 'supposedly' crashed into the towers on 9/11.

Isn't that one of the big questions? "well what happened to the people on board? how could it be a hoax when they made calls home?" ...

Theres your answer, lock them all away in a town in the middle of nowhere.

posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 11:13 PM

Originally posted by speed_demon
Ok so Valleyville or whatever it was called... This just became my new Area 51. Screw infiltrating Area 51, its near impossible, but can be done. This place though. From the Kuppopwhatchamacallit site, this place seems like it would be one

Ummm... do you guys research this stuff at all???? It says all over that page that it is a spoof. Valleyview is a imitation of THE PRISONER's Island where he lived. The guy who does that whole page is a BIG Prisoner fan. If you know anything about that show you would see the correlation.

Besides that, it is repeated many times that it is a hoax page. Just read all the emails at the bottom and how the guy pokes fun at them. "I went to Lynchburg and I couldn't find Valleyview!" You got as much chance of finding Valleyview as you do 'Spock's Church'. LOL

I'll admit, I was interested for about two minutes... then I had to laugh because it was so funny. No wonder conspiracy theory people have such a bad wrap... because we are SO GULLABLE. Well, have fun looking guys. I'll just sit back and laugh.

posted on Sep, 26 2014 @ 09:30 PM
My spouse wanted this posted

I found the suspected site using Google earth at N 37 53.114' W 79 11.622'.

It is just south of Vesuvious, VA. Google Earth shows a small unnamed road that goes up near the point that I found first using google maps and studying the terrain where I picked up what look like trail roads big enough for 4x4 trucks and the like.

I grew up in the area and have hiked around many places in the national forest. When I was still in high school there was a large Air Force Radar installation on the highest mountain in the area,. kind of hard to hide 70-80 foot diameter golf ball style radomes. In the early 1970's the Air Force deactivated their station and moved out. There is still a FFA radar up there.

Another point is Google Earth shows some type of above ground line running to the coordinates and disappears. It could be power or data comms. You can see something beneath the trees in the dark shadows, it hard to make could be a portal to an underground facility. Also suspicious is a few cleared areas lower down the mountain on a couple different sides.

I also use this mapping application called Acme mapper (link,-77.67984&z=15&t=T&marker0=37.28944%2C-110.87222%2CLake%20Powell&marker1=41.21786%2C-77.72226%2Cn%20%2041%25C2%25B 0%2013.072'%20w%20%2077%25C2%25B0%2043.335' ) to study maps because it allows me to see the satellite view, regular road map view and the topo map view just be switching back and forth. The satellite and maps view allows zooming down to see individual people resolution of about 3 feet or one meter. Google Earth give the satellite view 3-D and fly around a point such as a mountain top.

The center of Acme Maps is a crosshairs which also indicated the Lat/Long the lower right hand box.

The picture they showed me was definitely a farm and other buildings a short distance away. However, there is a suspicious area near there that you just cannot see clearly.

The story of a Navy Seal sounds suspicious to me. Was he retired? What was his name for verification. And No one ever saw this guy again? Hard to believe that is.

If it where and what I think they are talking about. they did not lose contact, he just turned his radio off if he was really a seal. If not, I reserve comment.

It is all underground anyway all three sites. What is above ground looks like any other small farm or small town. Security If you did drive through or get close unless you knew what to look for you would not see anything.

How can this country keep secrets and defend itself from whom or whatever if people try and uncover secret places and make them known.

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