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Clinton Calls for Universal Health Care

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posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 04:47 PM

Clinton Calls for Universal Health Care

The New York senator said her plan would require every American to purchase insurance, either through their jobs or through a program modeled on Medicare or the federal employee health plan. Businesses would be required to offer insurance or contribute to a pool that would expand coverage. Individuals and small businesses would be offered tax credits to make insurance more affordable.

(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 04:47 PM
The key word here is require.

Her plan will require every American to purchase health care insurance. What about the poor who don't have a dime to spare?

It also requires businesses to "offer insurance or contribute to a pool that would expand coverage". Well, I am an owner of a small business and right now we are barely keeping our heads above water. If we were required to do this right now, we would probably be out of business along with a lot of other small and large businesses.

The only plan she figured out is how to get more money out of the pockets of Americans.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 05:59 PM
Hmmm, does everyone else smell what I smell? It smells real bad. I heard Mrs. Clinton promise healthcare for every single American, BS! How is she going to provide for healthcare for every single person in the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America only then would every single American have healthcare.

Remember when Mrs. Clinton talks about Americans know that American does not mean one North of the border it simply means someone who currently resides on an American continent.

First the bleeding hearts (and the bush adminstration) gave our jobs to illegals in this country next it will be our healthcare! If you can cross an imaginary line on the "Southern Border" of the US, congratulations you have just been excepted into Hillarycare.


posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 07:01 PM
The poor will be covered... by hard working people like me. And like me, many of us would much rather keep what we've earned, what we've worked for, than hand it out to people who did nothing but beg long enough.

I despise these "requirements" and "mandates" these socialist scumbags wish to impose on everyone.

What if I want to self insure? What if I don't want to deal with the bureaucratic BS, largely a product of Hillary's cronies, of an insurance agency and would rather just write a check when the bills come in. Massachusetts is at least sane enough to permit people to opt-out.

Alas I don't know why one could expect anything else from her. After all, her words, "... time to reject the idea of an on your own society and to replace it with shared responsibility for shared prosperity. I prefer a we're all in it together society."

Screw personal responsibility. We'll force your neighbor to take care of you

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 09:16 PM
I don't like the idea at all of requiring everyone to have health care. I really don't like the idea of yet another government intrusion.

What about those who don't want it?
What about those who already have it? So, now I get to pay for mine and everyone else's, too?
What about those you will be driven out of business or who make to much to get on the dole, but will have their lifestyle curtailed because of this "plan"?

Hilary hasn't learned her lesson.

One of the talk show this evening made mention that a majority of those who are uninsured are also here illegally.

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 11:06 PM
Do you treat the symptom or the disease ?
Hillary plan will drive up the cost of health care . Every cost that a company incurs is passed onto the consumer . If Hillary plan is implemented she will hurt the very people she is trying to help and more Americans will end up on the bread line. Hillary plan wont do anything to fight poverty. In fact after such a plan went ahead Hillary would look to have other government programs set up to fight the increased levels of Americans on the bread line.

Education needs to be more affordable/accessible in the US this can be done be having a more competitive market place. University's need to face more competition from other Education institutes in order to keep costs of education down.

posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 03:51 PM
Found a pretty interesting article about socialized/nationalized health care.

Socialized Medicine Is Broken and Can't Be Fixed

One basic problem with nationalized health care is that it makes medical services seem free. That pushes demand beyond supply. Governments deal with that by limiting what's available.

That's why the British National Health Service recently made the pathetic promise to reduce wait times for hospital care to four months.

The wait to see dentists is so long that some Brits pull their own teeth.
Dental tools: pliers and vodka.

One hospital tried to save money by not changing bed sheets every day. British papers report that instead of washing them, nurses were encouraged to just turn them over.

Government rationing of health care in Canada is why when Karen Jepp was about to give birth to quadruplets last month, she was told that all the neonatal units she could go to in Canada were too crowded. She flew to Montana to have the babies.

"People line up for care; some of them die. That's what happens," Canadian doctor David Gratzer, author of The Cure, told "20/20". Gratzer thought the Canadian system was great until he started treating patients. "The more time I spent in the Canadian system, the more I came across people waiting. … You want to see your neurologist because of your stress headache? No problem! You just have to wait six months. You want an MRI? No problem! Free as the air! You just gotta wait six months."

So, to say the least, I'm not for the government being in charge of health care in any way.

[edit on 19/9/07 by Keyhole]


posted on Sep, 19 2007 @ 05:19 PM

Originally posted by xpert11
If Hillary plan is implemented she will hurt the very people she is trying to help and more Americans will end up on the bread line.

This is entirely what they (Hillary and her socialist scumbuddies) want. The more people there are in poverty, the more people there are on welfare. The more people there are on welfare, the more control government has over their lives. The march towards 1984, and she already has a head start on the whole no-orgasm thing.

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