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Meditation.RV, and the Green Ring!

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posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 04:42 PM
When I explain it, its baiscly.. After I reach a point when Im in deep meditation.
What is RV? remote veiwing)
A green ring is manifested in the darkness..

this Green rings spins around very slowly and begins to get brighter..
Within the center of this Ring I sometimes see places, people and things... Such as hallways, inside houses, outside in forest.. And many mundane things going on in this present., not future or the past to my knoweldge.. But they last for maybe 5-10 seconds and then disapear..

I then see a new image within the center of this green ring...
and last for 5-10 seconds, the center goes black, then it repeats, until I either fall asleep or shift my eyes...

I try not to move my eyes at all, becasue thats what makes the image go away..

But its really hard not to move your eyes at all, once I think about not twichting my eye, it twitches.. and my imagery is lost within the center of this vision. The ring goes back to the green color, and slowly starts moving up out of my site, thats when I know Im losing control of what is happening.. I take some breaths and focus, and thats when the green ring will center itself, and at times the green ring is filled with all white!
And the light seems to Vignett into the darkness. Most of what I see is just bright colors and circles, shapes, and beams of light, fractals.. But when focus'ed I shared with you my artist recreation of what I see.. Sorry I cant do real photos as proof of what I see, but no tech can take mental images.. But I think that would be so kewl if you could!!

I sometimes pick up on sensations, when someone cuts themselfs with something sharp. My body will jerk.. soemtimes I feel car wrecks, and hear sounds.. And thats when my body will just suddenly Jerk for no reason.. I can be sitting here, and I dont know if this happnes to you.. but my body just feels like Ive been shocked.. Not hard, but enough to make my whole body move, and I get a feeling like either, someone just got into a car wreck. Fell off a bike, or some other kind of acciendent..

So here are the pics I made of the closest thing I could get too..

After a little while the green rings turns into this...

After a few seconds it goes away, then I see something like this..

So I am here to share with you something I have kept to myself for some time now.. I would be very happy to hear from anyone else who can either share with me what this is all about, and what I can do to control this. And use it for good.. As right now it just keeps me up and night, and feel a bit helpless to the fact that if I could do good with this, then thats why I can do this, but I dont know anyone to plug me in, and get me with the right people, so that if I can meet their standards, I can help someone somewhere.. I just feel it deep down..

I thought about emailing some of these places.. Anyone else out here tried to take any tests for RV, and who is trustworthy?

Remote viewing

What has kept me out of this for so long... Fear that I would end up with some cult really... I dont like the idea that some have out there of what I should do and how I should do it..

I hope this thread gets some good input, as I tired to explain what I am going threw, and also offered you all some pictures as to go with what I feel. Please feel free to share your own feelings and exp. in here, Ive come out, why dont you join me.

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posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 06:18 PM
I will try to add some more images when I have some time to do some good work on them. these are the simple photoshop ones I came up with.
Id love to do an oil canvas painting of some of these places and share with everyone here

This is something before everything is focus'ed, I will do some of the tunnle ones I get.. Its almost like I am travling threw a type of color'ed tube with many different textures..

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 07:34 PM
Here is an image of what some of the tunnles look like.. I always notice little blue specs of light that surround this tunnle.. In my mind they almost sparkle. And when I go threw this light there is almost no end to these tunnles. They take me threw space, and time. Yet I have no control over what I see, I just sit back and go with it, till I get to the green ring..

I do hope to hear atleast something!! I mean some of you even replied to the toothfairy thread... Throw me a bone here friends
I noticed a star and flag, dont be afraid to step forword here brothers and sisters, its safe here in my thread.. Its why I came out
And I would like some input on where I can go to safely practice this, without getting drawn into a cult.

I was hoping for some serious paranormal people to share, and come out with what they feel, or what they see while in meditation. And to see if it was anything like what I see, and feel..

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posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 10:53 PM
I know exactly what you are talking about. I really don't believe it to be anything but I can see it right away with this simple method. Close yours eyes and squint them, then gently push against them and focus on that glow and you will see it blurry at first but then the ring gets brighter as you keep focusing. I done this forever and have always tried passing the black center part inside the ring, bu to no avail. Just replying to something that I have experienced letting you know that your not crazy and I'm sure others know what your explaining.

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 11:07 PM
This was my experience with working in the light, I met a wise person afterwards that told me each country or region on the planet has a different color that resonates with it. I did not elaborate in this story about what I saw and where I went during my flights through the blue light. Also once through the blue light it became white and then I could be free to travel where my soul chose. Thankyou for the beautiful thread.

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posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 11:24 PM

Just made this in photoshop real quick. The center is not always that perfect of a circle, maybe more of how the first middle section of the pic you drew but somewhat similar. Like I said, I don't believe it has anything to do with meditation or RV but I know exactly what you are seeing. When I was younger I always thought that if I could get past the center dot that I saw something would happen but the more I focused on it the less the center would become hazy.

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posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 11:25 PM
Probably an effect from all the blood rushing to your head.

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 11:25 PM
reply to post by antar

Thankyou for the beautiful thread.

Your welcome, and thank you.

I did not elaborate in this story about what I saw and where I went during my flights through the blue light. Also once through the blue light it became white and then I could be free to travel where my soul chose.

There is a point for me, when I travle out to far, I hit something, and it wouldnt allow me to go any further a barrier.. There is one such bubble that surrounds earth. Ive hit it, and been nocked back into my body.

I thank you for comming in here, I atleast know what direction I should be heading with this. I feel with the right people, such as you Antar we can all find the answer we seek, in our own personal way.

The places I have been to in the world, I have met such wise souls, and people I respect very much.. Yet they never told me straight out what it was, and they really hinted to me, that it was up to me to understand and unlock for myself.
This is a great exercise for my Heart Chakra Radiance, and was told its very important for RV.

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 11:31 PM

Originally posted by Cside702
Just made this in photoshop real quick. The center is not always that perfect of a circle, maybe more of how the first middle section of the pic you drew but somewhat similar. Like I said, I don't believe it has anything to do with meditation or RV but I know exactly what you are seeing.

I have seen this all my life, since I was a young child.. I am 30 years old now.. From what I see on your photo shop you have exp the same thing I have.. I wouldnt be so quick to blow off RV.. As if you practice it more, and train your mind to let go of what you think is real.. Watch what you see. Its working with light, within our minds.. Our brains are telling us its real.. Yet its only fleeting images that dont mean much.. Nothing to exciting, trees, houses, people drinking coffe.. Sometimes on the low side, you can sense the darker side of things, but I tend to stay out of that light.
Thats where the cults like to play..

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posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 11:42 PM

Originally posted by Cside702

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It's gotta be normal, because I see that every time I focus behind closed eyelids.

when I meditate, I lose all sense of size. It feels and I "see" as if im changing heigth exponentially, expanding, then being contracted into nothing, then exploding forth. No thought, just a stream of universal "language" pouring over my head. Belly breathing pushes my sessions over the edge.

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 11:44 PM
Does it take you long to get to the point of the green light with the center focused? I'm around the same age and I have never seen any images at all, just the dark center getting more crisp looking but never any images. Like I said in my previous post, I can close my eyes and put my fingers against my eyelids, gently pressing them in and see the green light right away and then after about a solid minute the center forms and gets more detailed. Funny, I have never told one person about this and may have never told anyone, but after seeing the pics you had posted thats what got me to spill the beans. It's one thing that I will ask my maker when the time comes.....walking with with him I ask, "So what was that green thing that I was always seeing?" Hell probably reply with an inquisitive look," I don't know but I would see it too"

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 11:58 PM

Originally posted by Cside702
Does it take you long to get to the point of the green light with the center focused?

It takes me a good 5 to 10 mins to get to a very relaxed state.. Pressing on your eye lids very lightly will help you relax a bit, and will induce the green ring effect.
Aswell as the tunnles of light, orbs and beams of light you can see with your mind.

**But those who are reading, do not press into your eyeballs and hurt yourself okay!! If you have to get started, press very lightly on your eyelids, and then remove your finger, and sit back and focus. Dont force anything, just let it go on its own**

Funny, I have never told one person about this and may have never told anyone,

Thanks for comming forward, I know theres many others out here who are wanting to come out and talk.. Its very normal.. WE can all do this.
We are taught at a young age to not think for ourselfs, and not do silly things like meditate..

I hope you can take some time now, and prehaps let go a little bit more, and see what you can see.. If you are looking for an image to pop into your head, it takes work, and dedication.
It takes alot to do this, or even talk about this..
Ive been in some fearful places, where when I sit here, I think I can handle it.. But no man can look into the eyes of the dragon!
A little term from Excaliber, and the secerts of this world..
What we see here is only a small scale of the whole dragon.

And shed your fears of what others will think.. We all have this inside of us, we can all see these same things.. Some just are to busy, or have better things to think about.. Personally its my passion, and I plan To make this a big part of my life

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posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 12:01 AM
It starts as a dark violet haze, that coalesces into this ring. About 20 seconds, and it's there.

I once figured it was light passing through the eyelids, affecting cones of the eye, a certain type that responds to a certain wavelength, but it appears in my zazen sessions, no lights on.. so... I really do not know what it is. It startled me when I saw the pictures posted, because... that's it!

posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 12:07 AM
So what is your posting of this about;are you looking for others that can do this or finding out what this is? I have always thought that it is the retina of the eye, just like when you see the sun or a bright lite, it kind of leaves a black mark in your vision for some time. If I close my eyes and then open them without seeing this light I can see just fine, but when focusing and zeroing in on the center for a time, when I open my eyes, it takes a minute for my eyes to calibrate the light in the room or I still see a tad bit of green hue.

PS. Sometimes before the green light shows up, I see what seems to be distant stars flying by all over and then I end up coming to the green light and then the process of focusing on the center occurs.

posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 12:09 AM

Originally posted by depth om
It starts as a dark violet haze, that coalesces into this ring. About 20 seconds, and it's there.

I really do not know what it is. It startled me when I saw the pictures posted, because... that's it!

I dont think anyone really knows what it is.. But many people out here have been seeing it for a very long time. And most are either afraid to talk about it, and dont want to be seen as a crazie.

But I can say, the longer you are there, and the more times you exp this, the more it becomes clear of what is going on. Our minds are so much more than we give it due credit for..

I hope this green rings, unlocks a pathway for us to find answers from within.. I can only show you the light, you must understand it for yourself.
And work with it, and take time not to try to force it. It comes with time.. IM only 30.. So I hope by the time I am 60 I can control it.

posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 12:09 AM
depth om
I just talked about the passing of the stars before I get to the green light, but what you said is something that is there as well, that purple violet haze and then the green lite....weird.

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posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 12:13 AM
reply to post by Cside702

So what is your posting of this about;are you looking for others that can do this or finding out what this is?

Im just looking to light one candle in the dark.. Maybe others can light a candle and we can all see what is going on..

And in other hopes others like you can come and freely express what you see, and how you feel about this. In a manner that only ATS can offer!!!

Most forums would have already had 20 posts of people trolling me for comming out with this.. Not here, so thats why this thread is here

posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 12:22 AM

I realized years ago that meditation, done humbly and with patience, provides a communion with the source. Tapping into the old fountain. Anytime, anywhere, you can turn the faucet on, and... let it flow.

It pulls the worldly veil away, everything bare, everything is, nothing isn't.

posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 12:07 PM
Thank you so much Paul_Richard!! That post was very helpful!!

And threw out my time here, I think more people should be open to listening to what this man has to say

For one, I can tell you are well versed in what you say.. You are a child of the light much like me, and am honored to have you here in my thread!

When I first came here, I wasnt about to talk about any of this.. Nor would I allow my mind to think such crazy things... ARe they crazy?
Heck no!! its the programming of our minds that will put the crazy lable on it..

I will take your advice and begin my studies.. And learn as much as I can about this!! You are right, as its dangerous to listen to all the voices and take everything I see at face value.. Many dark energies that love to trick and fool young minds like myself!!

Agin thank you Paul_Richard!! For taking not only the time to come in here and give me some thoughts, but for your path in this life!!
Truely rare indeed!

Anyone else that would like to come forward, please feel free.. Like I said before, we are safe here.. And have protection from Mods

Like I always thought.. When God Said.. "Let us pray".. Maybe we misunderstood God.. as I think he said... "Let us play!!!"

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posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 12:08 PM
Hi Zysin5,

From what you describe, it sounds like you have the potential to become a full-trance medium, if you so desire.

There is a lot of talk these days about Technical Remote Viewing and the more generic term of Remote Viewing (distant seeing). Although these terms tend to make one think that these solely involve clairvoyant visions, they also entail getting impressions or feelings (clairsentience), and hearing telepathic messages (clairaudience). So one should not limit one's TRV with only the visual aspects of intuitive investigation.

But there are big problems with pursuing these avenues of psychic development and reconnaissance. Mainly within the area of being unwittingly deceived and/or manipulated by those in the Spirit who are not devoted to The Light and who have an agenda to further.

By being corked up on a three-dimensional body, we all exist on the lowest plane of vibration. Which is not to imply that this is the most hellish of places, which it is not. Only that the discarnate dimensions that exist just above the physical plane - The Lower Realms - are where the morally corrupt in the Spirit reside. For this same reason, I advise people not to pursue astral projection. Unless one is totally free of the body and can ascend in vibration to at least the Mid Realms, then one is trying to find accurate information essentially in Hell (the first and second planes). Not a good place to look for truth, to say the least.

A much smarter and wiser approach is to instead align oneself with discarnate energies that are of the highest source currently available; these are in the Higher Realms of Spirit - where the discarnate Saints reside.

Which leads us to the importance of using Heart Chakra Radiance on a daily basis.

In order to attune oneself to the Higher Realms and to have those energies work through and around oneself, it is vital that HCR be used. Over a period of time (depending on the individual and the extent it is used), this raises one's inner light or ability to love genuinely and deeply, up to a point whereby discarnate Saints feel comfortable channeling into you and through you in service to others.

Courtney Brown. Here's a guy and author who is a well-known remote viewer but who opened himself up to whatever would come through, without aligning himself first to those on the Other Side who do not have an agenda to promote. Unfortunately, most of what comes through for ALL remote viewers is not devoted to The Light and the vast majority of the material that Brown received - when compared to the higher awareness given by discarnate Saints - is the worst kind of propaganda and distorted awareness about aliens and other civilizations.

There are some things to remember with TRV/RV and intuitive investigations in general:

1. Auric discernment behind the messages is very important. If the energy color or colors behind any intuitive feeling, vision, etc., is not of the sky blue or white spectrum of energies, then they should be REJECTED.

2. Always sincerely pray to be correctly guided before pursuing it. A Radiant prayer does more than just a traditional prayer.

3. If a vision or message is overwhelming, it is most likely an intended deception by a Group Entity. The energies of discarnate Saints is subtle and pure, like a whisper on the wind, not a tidal wave of energy.

4. Radiating gratitude in response to what is given and even in general for higher awareness is very smart, as it ingratiates those who would provide it to help you more.

TRV doesn't have any parameters to ensure accuracy from the onset. What we prefer to call our approach is Spiritual Correspondence (SC).

SC has provided me some intriguing insights over the years.

For example, on the morning of the US Presidential election in November of 2000, it was given to me that George W. Bush would become President and that he would see a second term in the White House unless he was assassinated. These prophecies proved correct.

Another example...

In Yahoo! Answers in July, 2006, in response to a question in a thread, I stated that the Tarot Cards can predict death. (I've used the Tarot privately and professionally since the late 1970s.) Someone then decided to challenge me by posting a question as to where Jimmy Hoffa's body is buried.

At first I didn't want to address the question but then awareness about it was provided, but not immediately: Jimmy Hoffa was never buried, he was shot, his body was cremated, and his ashes were then scattered.

The person who posed the question then contacted me privately through e-mail and stated that he edited the autobiography of the man who actually shot and killed Jimmy Hoffa; that anyone could have guessed that Hoffa was shot and that the rest of my appraisal was wrong. He also stated that Hoffa's body was put into an automobile and then smashed in a car crusher, and that the remains was then put into a blast furnace.

Obviously not wanting to acknowledge it, the awareness that I received through Spiritual Correspondence proved to be correct (if only through his indirect admission):

1. Jimmy Hoffa was never buried.

2. Jimmy Hoffa was shot to death.

3. Jimmy Hoffa's body was cremated, as a blast furnace equates to cremation.

So don't believe anything you get through RV or TRV unless you know it comes from a credible source.

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