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To Be Or Not To Be Alone Is The Question :-)

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posted on Dec, 4 2002 @ 01:46 AM
After very much enjoying the "Taken" movie tonight it made me realize just how much imagination was team worked to create such a great movie. The movie seems to be based a bit on the well known myth/truth about Roswell teamed with some abduction cases. But yet the movie just skims the real stories and then Steven Spielbugh's and a few others "wild imaginations" take over in a remarkable way. I must admit that so far (day2) the movie seems to somehow make sense of things we all wonder. Like, mind control operated crafts and "grays" that use telepathic means to communicate. Also impregnating the human race as to somehow breed with our race. I do understand I am a bit crazy at times, but to me some of this makes perfect sense to questions a few of us have asked.

My point is this though, maybe using "wild imaginations" to try and gain ideas to be able to understand complex problems is also part of the solution in finding answers. In the last topic I participated in we hit on radio/micro/ EM waves as a way to search the heavens for intelligent life. SETI being our best bet at this time is still looking for the right signals that some of the top thinkers have suggested would be what to look for in that "type" of signal. Well, so far we seem to be coming up dry. (unless old uncle Sam is in on that one also) SETI does have some semi promising signals to recheck but out of billions of stars you would think the signal yield would be much greater. So, a few questions need answers I would think. Like, are we doing something wrong in the search? Could we be doing something better? or is there a better way to search the stars or maybe the signals are NOT radio/micro/Em's. You would think at least a percentage of the "missing signals" would be though.

So, I would like to open this topic to " Ideas or thoughts about looking for some type of signals " be it radio or telepathy or the unknown or whatever. "Wild Imagination" is welcome here but let's keep it in contrast with a working possibility. Why not challenge ourselves a bit :-)

If you think the reason for no signals is because "we are alone", then I would have to ask for your proof and research reports. After all, A few of us would like to be sure that you did your homework on your verdict. LOL.

posted on Dec, 17 2002 @ 02:27 AM
This is a very interesting read and could very well shed some light on the subject of "Lack of Signals". You have to read this:

posted on Dec, 17 2002 @ 10:24 AM
I'm I boring you guys with this stuff?.
Maybe we are alone, I sure the hell feel alone LOL

posted on Dec, 17 2002 @ 10:57 AM
ROFLMAO!!! Yes...your all alone

posted on Dec, 17 2002 @ 08:30 PM
I give up LOL, you guys want to talk about the Roman septic system? LOL
O-well, I going back to my cave now

Well, this link is worth reading

[Edited on 29-11-2002 by Skeptical Believer]

posted on Dec, 17 2002 @ 08:50 PM
Thnx for that link. I knew tesla did work on wireless transmission of energy, but never knew it was for communications also

Well...Since the government know's about this other form of communication, I wonder why they don't consider it another possiblity of ET communication. If the ancient egyptian 'pictures' that look like something similar to tesla's device were really just that, then this would mean that this form of communication was discovered first, right after electricity, which we all know they had... Maybe ET did the same, and discovered it first....

I alway's that we should have listened to tesla better

posted on Dec, 17 2002 @ 09:09 PM
I agree!!
Tesla was the guy who made a left when everybody else made a right. Not that a right was a bad thing but a left would have made a very different world as we know it. I thought the post was very interesting also. I have been trying to find more info on the images at Hathor Temple at Dendera, "Crookes Tubes"

Thanks James, glad you enjoyed the read.

posted on Dec, 18 2002 @ 11:14 AM
Ultimately this kind of research is useless because they are already here.

The scientific community will never accept it, for several reasons, some of which are:
- some fear for their carrier. Look at how scientists such as Mack or Jacobs are treated by their collegues.
- it would shake human self-esteem: "If they're here, Why don't they want to talk to us? Are we stupid?".
- science is based on Okam's razor principle: the simplest explanation is the most likely. But they fail to realize that there is too much unknown on this particular subject.
Many take the Drake's equation for granted and have stopped questionning its relevance. This is a big simplification of the problem.
- some think ETs would behave in such and such ways. They wouldn't do this, they wouldn't do that.. If the abduction phenomenon is real, it is obviously not what they would expect, therefore it is impossible.
What they fail to realize is that through this process of hybridization, the aliens may be increasing our chances of survival in the long term. If all emerging intelligent species are helped in such a way, there may be millions of species out there. In their own Drake's equation, the lifetime of a civilisation is the most unknown and has the greatest impact on the result.
- scientific journals are notoriously anti-UFOs. They spread false and distorted informations on the subject, and brainwash scientists into thinking it is all rubish. The information they receive on the subject usually come from the so-called "sceptics", like Klass, scicop, etc..
- some are waiting for a proof that space travel is possible. They can wait for long..
- they think they have a mission: to educate people and get them out of the Dark Ages.

For these reasons, it is very unlikely that scientists will ever accept the reality of UFOs and other paranormal phenomena.

This reminds me of a program I saw recently on TV. Several police officers chased UFOs for hours. One of the cop drove right below it. The car stopped by itself. He got out of the car and saw the UFO very clearly. A sceptic said it was Mars.. The policeman replied very clearly: it could not have been Mars. And the sceptic smiled and said: 'it was Mars'.

And while sceptics and scientists refuse to face the facts, the aliens are breeding millions of hybrids for who knows why..

posted on Dec, 18 2002 @ 11:46 AM

Originally posted by Fearofthedark

For these reasons, it is very unlikely that scientists will ever accept the reality of UFOs and other paranormal phenomena.


And while sceptics and scientists refuse to face the facts, the aliens are breeding millions of hybrids for who knows why..

Perhaps the oft used "lumping" of "UFO" and "Paranormal" into one master paranormal category is the reason you find many learned science professionals doubting the viability of alien visitors.

Perhaps you might help to clarify why the unlikely prospect of aliens visiting this planet are considered in the same category as ghosts and other apparitions. The concept of "educating people to get them out of the dark ages" includes the process of letting go of irrational mystical beliefs.

You seem very adamant about your assertions that aliens are already here among us. Indeed, somehow they have engaged in the production of alien/human hybrids. Your assumptions that we humans and non-earth life forms would have enough biologic material in common to form some kind of hybrid is based on a limited "earth-only" understanding of life forms. While today, we can certainly assume that DNA is the logical structure to define the attributes of life, we may discover it is a rate evolutionary oddity built on this planet alone... and life elsewhere is very different.

Please... help us understand your point of view.

posted on Dec, 18 2002 @ 03:14 PM
Instead of paranormal I should have said psychic phenomena. A lot of research have shown their reality.

Science, hopefully, is based on data, not theories. If some data don't fit, it is the theory that must be rejected, not the data. It is the classical mistake done by so-called "sceptics". All the research that point to the existence of psy will be rejected out of hand, because they don't fit the theory.

They forget too fast that science is full of surprise. Countless times in the past has the scientific community been wrong and new theories had to be found as new data that resisted explaination.

Now one has to wonder why those so-called "sceptics" have spent most of their lives defending their theories. Isn't it because they are so convinced they are true? Would you devote your life to something if you're not 100% convinced you're right? Can these sceptics be considered objective? Probably not. They will give any explanation, whatever it takes, because, in their world, it CANNOT be true, so it isn't true.

Another important thing to take into account is that the potential consequences if UFOs trully exist is enormous. On other subject with potential disastrous consequences, the scientific community at least tries to understand the phenomenon more in detail. I will give the example of global warming. Until relatively recently, it was considered by the majority of scientists as difficult to assess. But since the consequences could be enormous, extensive research has been done in the past decade. We now know a lot more. Abrupt climate changes are something accepted by the majority of climate experts. Ice cores have shown the strong correlation between CO2 and temperature. Alghough there is a great deal to learn, the fact is that the research was conducted because there was a potential risk.

It is exactly the same with UFOs. A lot of research is needed, but scientists are brainwashed by the so-called sceptics. THAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM.

posted on Dec, 18 2002 @ 10:56 PM
" To Fearofthedark"
I don't think this type of research is useless at all. Even "If" they are already here. The research could lead to valuable information for many reasons. The first reason would be if we were able to find signals of some type we might be able to figure out a "meaning" of sorts. Next, the universe should be somewhat loaded with signals of many different kinds, however what Nikola Tesla so pointed out is that the reception or transmitting of Hertzian radio waves would require vast amounts of energy and also would incur enormous signal loss to be of use in searching for or sending signals to other worlds. He pointed out a better way and this guy was also the" TRUE" inventor of radio.

Next, if we look at all the "circumstantial" evidence because we the "common people" do not have at hand "physical" evidence of Intelligent Aliens being on, in, or around our planet, we would find that " if this was a murder trial the man would be sucking on electricity". It looks like we are being visited by about 4 "different" types of Aliens. And a few seem to be much more advanced then the others in technology. As a matter of fact, one particular type alien of sorts seems to put the rest to shame.

Let's just say for sake of argument that they are all real and are here on earth, What if say "one" is very unfriendly and does not have our best interests at heart. The signals we may find by doing the research may also hold answers to why they are here or hell, why we are also, or even how to stop them if needed. What if we found a "SOS" type signal that said "look out for these guys" :-(

The facts are, we are being told we have found "NO" signals. Could it be a cover up? Maybe!!!. Could it be that searching for Hertzian type signals is the reason for no signals and could it be that is also the part of the "conditioning" being used to cover up. Nikola Tesla pointed out facts and left us "Common People" with some good info that screams for a second look. But we have been conditioned to look the other way. The things we have been told as facts in science may very well be to keep us from finding out something.

A True Skeptic = One who practices the method of suspended judgment, engages in rational and dispassionate reasoning as exemplified by the scientific method, shows willingness to consider alternative explanations without prejudice based on prior beliefs, and who seeks out evidence and carefully scrutinizes its validity.

I agree totally that "the potential consequences if UFOs truly exist is enormous". This would no doubt throw a monkey wrench into the engine of earth as we know it. And most likely "they" are also aware of that in there own little way. I would summit that the consequences are so vast in the world of science technology that we could invariantly be thrown back to the proverbial drawing board. However, they way things are going now on this planet I would say we have nothing to loose and everything to gain by knowing the truth.

Our Milky Way galaxy alone is home to millions (could be more like billions) of stars and the universe has millions of galaxies. Guys, these are big numbers!!!. You would think we could find 30 or 40 signals LOL. I would have to say we most likely have and our not being told because if you do the math, no signals just does not add up. And I like to think I am special but if we are alone in all that vastness then we are not just special but Gods per say. Fact is, the numbers don't add up. Many of the vast number of stars are a billion years older then our sun. For us to be alone is "incomprehensible". And I will say this with all confidence that it is the truth "Anybody who thinks we are all alone is "insanely shallow" :-) And any force powerful enough to make the masses believe we are all alone is very dangerous and very powerful.

The answers may have to come from us "common people". I think we need to arm ourselves with as much science as need to find the answers we seek.

"Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers."... Bernard Haisch

[Edited on 29-11-2002 by Skeptical Believer]

posted on Dec, 19 2002 @ 07:41 AM
Whatever the number of advanced species in the universe is, what are the chances that it is exactly 1? Isn't it much more logical to think it is either several orders of magnitude higher (1000, 10E6, 10E9..), or lower (10E-3, 10E-6..). The fact that we are here, in itself, is a very strong argument that there are a lot of intelligent species out there.

This argument just says that there are very probably many species, but there is no way to evaluate with any level of accuracy the number. Intelligent life may spread in the universe. For instance, it can be argued that those who survive are the less agressive, so tend to help the others more. If species help each other, it can change everything.

One of the common arguments of sceptics is: why would they put so much energy coming here, so many times, why wouldn't they just send a few drones. It makes no sense for them. I think they come here physically and so many times, because they need to, in order to fulfill a purpose. They are not here for a scientific study of our planet or our civilization. There is little evidence for that. Instead, they come here for a goal that is work-intensive and needs their direct intervention, that is the abduction phenomenon.

About a possible cover-up done by the SETI program, I don't know. We have to be carefull not to see conspiracies everywhere. Nevertheless, the US gevernment knows very probably that UFOs are real, so why would they put money in SETI? Concerning Philip Klass, I read at several places that he receives money from the government. Since there is very probably a cover-up about UFOs in the US at least, it is a legitimate question to wonder if SETI is not part of it. Whether the scientists who work for SETI know they are part of the cover-up or not, that is another thing. In France, there was a study group called SEPRA. If you wanted to enter it, you had to certify that you didn't beleive in UFOs.

You say that there are 4 species involved in the UFO phenomenon, and that one is much more advanced. I'm not sure what you're referring to. From what we know about the abduction phenomenon, there are 4 times of aliens: small grey, tall grey, reptilian, and insectoid (prying mantis). These species all take part in the abductions, each given a very specific task. There is a strict hierarchy among these species. There is no "all species are equal" nice thing. If they come here in the future, will we be part of that hierarchy, at the lowest level probably? All of these 4 species appear to be much more advanced than we are. The so-called "blond" or "nordics" are most probably adult hybrids.

posted on May, 6 2009 @ 10:23 AM
we are not alone that is fact in my minds eye

posted on May, 6 2009 @ 10:25 AM
We may not be alone, that is true. But we may be alone, that is true also.

posted on May, 6 2009 @ 10:29 AM
You are always alone.

Why the thread Necromancy for that?


posted on May, 6 2009 @ 10:31 AM
I think it's about time someone post something relevant to what the OP is asking.

SETI fires out signals into space at the speed of light, then waits for answers to return at the speed of light.

With that said you should immediately see the problem.

If we are looking for an alien race that is even 50 light years away, then it would take half a century for our signal to get there, and then another half a century for them to fire theirs back.

Imagine if they are 100 light years away or further?

See a problem?

I think that is the primary reason SETI has found nothing.

posted on May, 6 2009 @ 10:50 AM
I really hope that we are not alone. but I still cannot believe that the Earth is the center of the universe.

Come on. there has to be other. better , vacation spots or place to sight see than Earth.

Why do some people seem to think that we matter the most in the overall scheme.

I do believe they are out there observing or just curious. But I'm not arrogant enough to suggest that we hold all of the keys to the universe.

If I was an ET looking for a vacation spot, I don't think Earth would rank as a 5-star resort. more like a greasy spoon with a broken down ice machine.

As far as communicating, maybe its more visual than audio. Seems like the craft that claimed as ET, even communicate with lights.

posted on May, 6 2009 @ 11:02 AM
reply to post by DaMod

SETI does not send messages and wait for answers. They listen for signals which may be coming from other planetary systems. The Arecibo message was aimed at M13 which is 21,000 light years away. They do not expect a reply, any more than they do to the handful of other symbolic demonstration transmissions they have made.

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