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Bush Immigration Policy: What It's Really About

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posted on Jan, 21 2004 @ 08:51 AM
As I was listening to Shrub carefully give his list of sound-bites last night, something quite Orwellian occurred to me with regard to his immigration reform policy. Ya know what? Since when has BushCo. been benign? Since when have they not used the most heavy-handed tactics to press their will on America? This idea to allow illegal immigrants to stay in the country under this new registration/work program is pure evil. Why? This is a WOLF in sheep's clothes! It's just a nice-sounding front to get all these undocumented people to come out of the shadows, as they say, to let big brother know they're here and where they're at. Oh yeah, and let me not forget - to also allow big brother to recruit more CANNON FODDER for their never-ending war. I am as opposed to illegals getting away with breaking our laws as the next guy, but as a human being I cannot and will not support a plan that is pure fascist. This administration is not in any way benign, especially towards the poor, illegals and people of color. There are two reasons for this new policy:
1. To completely document these people so that one day they can round them up easily.
2. To tax them
3. To make cannon fodder out of them
4. Votes for Bush in '04

THis immigration policy is evil.


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