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GOP Journalist Gunning For Bush in New Hampshire

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posted on Jan, 21 2004 @ 08:07 AM
Here's a story you're never gonna hear in the mainstream media: There's a Republican out there who is running against 'King' George in New Hampshire for the Republican nomination. He's a journalist and his name is John Buchanan. All he needs in that primary is 10 % of the vote to go to the convention. That is NOT impossible. What a monkey wrench that would be for Bush. There's no way they could NOT acknowledge Buchanan. And they would have to let him have his say. Boy, would that be sweet.

After researching Bush's family ties and discovering the treasonous behavior of this American 'dynasty,' he became committed to exposing it in print. He was then approached by John McConnell (the founder of Earth Day) to form a new political party "based on a policy of peace, justice and care." About a week later he was approached by a group of people including a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent and a Muslim - urging him to run against Bush as a Republican. As "the Truth Candidate." He has vowed to expose the myriad lies of this administration, their connection to the Bin Ladens, questions swirling around 9-11, war profiteering, cronyism, etc. etc. at the Republican National Convention. Ellen Mariani (the 9-11 widow who is suing Bush under the RICO statute) is now one of his supporters.

Buchanan is getting on ballots in states including Pennsylvania, New Mexico and TExas. Do I think this guy has a snowball's chance in hell at getting elected? Of course not! Do I think it's possible for him to win the necessary 10% that would take his candidacy to the convention? Yes I do. How important is this? This is huge - or has the potential to be. For a Republican to get up at the GOP convention - to challenge Bush and call attention to these untouchable issues? It would be heroic to the nth degree. I just hope the guy lives long enough to get through New Hampshire.

Here's a link to an article about him:
(It's got some pretty wicked info. in it concerning the Bush family's treasonous record.)

Hack Attack
The GOP journalist gunning for Bush in New Hampshire.

Although the facts of the Bush family/Nazi Germany connection have been whirling around in cyberspace for years, veteran journalist John Buchanan was among the first to confirm the story in print. Now he’s running against George W. in the New Hampshire Republican primary.

In January 2003, Buchanan got involved in the antiwar movement and began researching war profiteering in the Bush administration by way of such companies as the Carlyle Group, Engineered Support Systems, BioPort, Halliburton, Bechtel and Wackenhut. His investigation ultimately led to a screenplay called Project Clear-Vision, taken from the name of an actual CIA anthrax-biowarfare project that may have violated the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention


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