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So many questions...

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posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 03:33 PM
9/11 could be the most sick and twisted coverup in modern day history, so here are a few questions I need to ask:

1.) Some people believe that there was either no Flight 93 or that the passengers were murdered or taken somewhere. My girlfriend's mother lived next door to one of the Flight 93 passengers. Where is he? Did he die in the "crash" or was it something different?

2.) The Dollar Bill trick with the sequence of 9/11 events is almost too coincidental. Is there something more to this coincidence?

3.) Can anyone pick out how the mystical number 23 may play a role in this?

4.) What in blue hell hit the Pentagon?

5.) Is Bin Laden on our side in secret? (Keep in mind, the Bush family has been doing business with the Bin Laden family for years.)

6.) Who really hijacked those planes?

7.) How could Bush say he saw the 1st plane hit on t.v. when footage of the first plane was not shown until 9/12?

8.) Do you think that some of these so called foiled attack plans are actually staged to boost Republican popularity or even government support?

9.) Did the United States stage 9/11?

10.) What is next for our country?


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