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posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 12:29 PM

The Kristos

A poem I wrote and performed under my stage name Epilogue, instrumental from Cool Breeze entitled "Watch for the Hook"

The Kristos-

and all the mistral tulips were fools lips mimicking symmetry
my saviour laid in a silver chrysalis chamber, commonly referred to as manger
no stranger to danger this odd man with sandals
this man who spoke peace as his thesis
of mice and men, of meek and mild
after which a religion of our world has clearly been styled
but never perfected before infection
a superstitious inquisition, a heretic trial
an old-fashioned witch hunt pent up in denial
turn the other cheek and reap up the benefits
far stronger than steel, my sword is called penmanship
defeated by man, resurrected again
portent of lazarus lost in the sand
a self-imposed crucifixion as the theory of man
but i'll be damned if i understand it, or even a smidgen
saline tears from a statue bright as blood in the glisten
i want to be saved, but i dont need a saviour
i stand on my own, and thats why i fail here
sailed years without end, never spotted land
but then a man walked up, and offered his hand
a boy from galilee, a man from the stars
an unorthodox teacher, a prophet at large

length: 01:23
file: btsmpod_2582.mp3
size: 1309k
feed: btsm
status: hold (at time of posting)


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