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Johnson Space Center Attack Was A Possible Covert Op

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posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 11:05 AM
-Why is so little known about the mysterious William Phillips? Why did Jacobs Engineering Inc. refuse to give out any information about him?

-Why was the memorial for victim David Beverly not open to the public? Was the senior avionics engineer targeted?

-Is it just a coincidence that Building 44 is used for tracking space aircraft, which would make it involved with the UFO cover up? Any coincidence that it was conveniently the building furthest away from the complex?

-Why did Beverly's wife refuse to give out the details of Beverly's comments to her about Phillips prior to the shooting? She says it would be 'unfair' to Phillips. Why would she care about being fair to the person who killed her husband?

-Is there a corporate connection? The perpetrator worked for Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., and the other hostage worked for MRI Technologies.

-Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., the firm that the perpetrator worked for, and the firm that refused to give out any information relating to Phillips, is involved in classified defense research and the war in Afghanistan.

-Was Phillips under mind control? He had been a good employee, and presumably had no psychological problems, since they would have checked him for that if he was part of a NASA contractor. NASA has long been suspected of other types of advanced research, including mind control. It showed some strange links to the Virginia Tech Massacre, and Jacobs Engineering Inc. conducts classified defense research. It is reportedly very hard to get a gun through the NASA gates, so how did Phillips do it? Also, Michael Coats, director of the JSC, said Phillips was, "until recently, a good employee.". He turned the gun on himself afterwards. He was living in poverty and had no children. MKULTRA?



Many researchers of the secret government believe that this faction times it's attacks for occult dates so that it will be of ritualistic significance.

The shooting happened on the 20th day of the 3rd month. 20+3=23. Add 10 and you get 33. 33 is a Masonic code for operations. In Virginia Tech, exactly 33 people died.

The amount of people who died, excluding the perpetrator, is 1. The attack happened in Building 44. 33 is a masonic number. 33+1=34. Add 10 and you get 44.

The attack happened in Building 44. 11 is an important number in Freemasonry. 11+33=44.

Also, consider that the incident began at 1:00 and ended at 5:00. 1:00+5:00=6:00. 6 is an occult number.

William Philips was exactly 60 years old when he committed the shooting. Once again, 6 is an occult number.

William Phillips had worked in NASA for 13 years. 13 is a very important number in freemasonry and occult circles.

It happened at the JOHNSON space center. Johnson was responsible for the JFK assassination, USS liberty attack, and the Gulf Of Tonkin, as well as the Vietnam War.

The attack happened on 4/20/07. The anniversary of Columbine. It happened a day after the anniversary of OKC and Waco, and 4 days after the Virginia Tech Massacre. It happened on Hitler's birthday.


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