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Minot Air Force Base Airman Dies on Leave

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posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 11:02 PM
It could be possible that this airman was just simply....Human and gave into the strains of life. You know, military people are Humans right? Dont be so quick to jump to some flimsy conclusion about it. Could their be something amiss, yeah, hes dead, of course theirs something amiss. Conspiracy, maybe. But probably just a victim of being human with emotions.

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 11:06 PM
Whos the others????

"Mysterious deaths are on the rise. Remember the nuclear- tipped cruise missiles which were illegally flown across the US from Minot AFB on August 30th 2007? Turns out 4-6 young airmen from the base have died, separately, under mysterious circumstances while on leave, all since July 1st, 2007. One, pilot, Todd Blue, has died since August 30th. These are healthy young men in their 20's."


I found this posted:

#3 Apparently, yes.
I've updated the post with a couple of links that report that as fact.
In one of the links is this comment:
Sarah in Wytheville VA
Troy, VA
no it was not an accident. he was my friend and my sisters ex boyfriend. he took his life at home. his viewing is this Monday. his pic is on my myspace page which is below.

See #3

Need to find the original link and if this is true. Suicide is still suspect and if others died..

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posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 11:48 PM
funny,i just finished a few Documentaries dealing with stuff like this.. you guy's/gal's should check them out.

In February, 1950, a U.S. Air Force bomber carrying a nuclear bomb went missing off the coast of British Columbia. More than half a century later, a Canadian expedition team travels to the remote mountain crash site in the hope of solving the mystery of the world's first lost nuclear weapon.


National Geographic Television and Film provides an unsettling insight into the possibility of no-warning nuclear terrorism in our post September 11th modern world...

Nuclear Terrorism

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 01:12 AM
Suicide is very common (sadly) among military men and woman. The stress and lack of advancement can make people loose it. In a way he still died for his country, and he remains a PATRIOT in my book.

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 02:28 AM
reply to post by Meatclown

Let's not jump to conclusions on the poor Airman.... IMHO the military is under a great deal of stress recently and this young man is just 20 yo. The military will handle this issue under the UCMJ... It has been extremely tough for the military since 9-11. I know, i just retired from the AF in a civilian capacity.

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 02:46 AM
reply to post by arcnaver

YES... we are all human... things happen.... next time hold accountable someone who is much more experiencd .... I performed quality assurance for the Air Force in a civilian capacity at Vandenberg AFB, CA for about 20 years. We had at least two and sometimes more quality control and then assurance people on jobs which normally are not as seriously as handling nukes. The AF to me is the best service of the bunch here ... I have served active duty in the army and worked for NASA and the Navy. The AF should be head and shoulders above the other services just mentioned. The AF specializes and boasts that they are the 'Guardian of the High Frontier". Gen. Lord, Space Connand CG in Denver would not let something like this happen in SC. Heads will roll but not heads of those poor young kids who have no experience. the heads that should roll are those COMMANDERS who have the ultimate responsibility for what their troops do in the field. Lately i feel that the top brass is more interested in furthering their own careers, being pliticians and thinking 'inside the box'. Diversity training and hiring and promoting minorities has become the order of the day......... Now you are seeing what happens when incompetence and unqualified screws up. It will happen at places like VAFB and CCAFS too because of Diversity and political correctness.... Not competence and intelligence. We were really lucky that nothing terrible happened and the terrorists did not get their hands on '5' or '6' nukes! HEADS SHOULD ROLL. and those heads should be the BRASS! are you listening DOD, Pres. Bush and Sec of AF and Sec of Def??????????? let's hope so.. the country deserves much better..... especially when it deals with weapons of mass destruction!!!!

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 04:04 AM
are you saying he was killed because he left? why would they do that?

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 04:52 AM
I noticed three deaths around Nuke/b52 thing, I think somebody stopped 9/11 part 2, The Road To Iran, and there is a clean up going on.

here are the other ones. All from Aug 30 give or take a day.

Fort Bliss Weapon Specialist (Bliss was about to take a rotation for AA protection in DC)

Air Force Captain rented car in Portland found dead in cascades.

Then there was the Billionair guy in the plane, I figure he was NWO.

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 08:00 AM
reply to post by diedagaincraftsmen

Did you even bother to read and compare the versions of what was said. the link you posted as number one said Blue was a pilot

Mysterious deaths are on the rise. Remember the nuclear- tipped cruise missiles which were illegally flown across the US from Minot AFB on August 30th 2007? Turns out 4-6 young airmen from the base have died, separately, under mysterious circumstances while on leave, all since July 1st, 2007. One, pilot, Todd Blue, has died since August 30th. These are healthy young men in their 20's.

I posted the links earlier regarding each of the alleged suspicious deaths and they all seemed to have a very reasonable explanations which throws that theory out the window real fast.

1. Two Airmen were working on what is known as South hill putting high performance parts on a car took it out for a test drive doing 70 in a 25 mph zone and hit a tree the driver has since been charged. Both were off duty airman from Minot. What is suspicious about that?

2. One husband wife returning from leave on Hwy 2 had a head on crash near Stanley with another vehicle. Nothing suspicious there either.

3. Another husband and wife drove up to New Town to gamble for the day and crashed while returning to the base on Hwy 52 near Berthold. Apparent lose of control while driving so what is suspicious about that?

4. One Pilot riding a motorcycle on leave crashed and died. Happens regularly they are very dangerous if you do not drive carefully.

5. Then you have Todd Blues death which some claim was suicide one member of ATS even claimed they had a memorial service for him either (he also claimed he knew him) yesterday or the day before but get this no death notice in his home town newspaper which leaves the statements as very suspect.

6. Now number 6 Allegedly named Capt. Feugh or something like that who was not even stationed at Minot but in Florida. Not related so cannot be considered suspicious with regards to what happened in Minot.

You will find the links on page 2 if I recall correctly that contain links to confirm most of the incidents. I did not save the links to all since I felt they were not needed but one can veriify by using google real easy.

here to save time is the link to the thread with explanations of the deaths

You can see the link on page two of this thread to the newpaper then do a search in the obits using the past 60 days and you will get zip results for anthing confirming Todd Blues Services or burial.

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posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 10:07 AM
Hi Guys, let me say that I just read 3 pages of messages on this subject so if I repeat something someone else said, forgive me.

On the subject of the nuclear weapons, I’d like to point out that the AF has a strict 2-man policy on anything that has to do with nuclear ordinance and I believe its related equipment. Not to mention the paperwork. So while 5 or 6 weapons may have gone somewhere they shouldn’t have, there were a lot of people somewhere who knew about it. The problem arises when the ‘right’ people aren’t in the loop. And while I’ve been out of the AF for about 13 years, I doubt procedures have changed much. When I was stationed overseas at a base where the presence of nuclear weapons couldn’t be confirmed or denied, there were times when a munitions convoy was moving and all vehicle and pedestrian traffic was halted. So I doubt that the weapons got from the bunkers to the aircraft without some kind of show of force. I don’t know about bomber bases, but I know fighter bases had a specific area of the base was set aside strictly for nuclear loaded aircraft. If the aircrew claims that they didn’t know their aircraft was loaded with ‘armed’ weapons, it may me possible if the arming isn’t ready apparent, but they should have known they were hauling nuclear capable weapons.

Enough on that, back to the real reason for this thread. Suicide in the military is a part of life. Today, supervisors are trained to get an individual help should they indicate their thoughts on the subject. But the airmen (or young people) know that too and they also know that it will become a permanent part of their military records, therefore affecting future assignments. So many hide there feelings, often with alcohol which is the easiest drug to get on base. Seriously, in the clubs, you can get a 12 beer for about the same price as a 6 oz cup of coke that’s filled with ice. Do the math. Many times, during the holidays, the only places open during the holidays where there’s any real action are the clubs. Overseas, the military supervisors with families pretty good about having young people over to there homes for the holidays, but not so evident in the states.

During my first assignment at Beale AFB (home of the SR-71) I went to a Supervisior/drinking buddy one night with my thoughts on suicide. There were no procedures in those days to turn me in for my thoughts, so he did what a friend should do, he talked to me. Now 31 years later, I’m still here to tell the story. My depression was the same old story, no real friends my age, no girlfriend, weight problem, away from home, etc… Had it not been for my serious self imposed religious background in high school, I may have never gotten to the point where I sought out help. I always remembered that and throughout my career, I always tried to keep a line of open communication with the members of my team.

The men and women who guards our bases, planes, and weapons, often times do not have the network that many of us take for granted. They are required to stand a post alone. Many times it’s for 12 hour shifts. They check badges and such, but there’s no one for them to speak to. In the course of my day, I have many opportunities to vent about the way things are done, but they can’t do that. It’s also a fact that many of them did not want to be a Security Policeman. Anyone entering the Air Force is tested to see what career they might be suitable for. Those that don’t meet minimum testing or physical standards for the much sought after fields that is always at the front of the commercials, end up as a Security Policeman or a Cook. I have a brother whose AF career was a cook because of their minimal standards. He couldn’t be a Security Policeman because of an ear problem and if he hadn’t met the standards for food services, he’d have been discharged. Can you imagine how that must make those young people feel? I’m not trying to put these brave young men and women down, after all, the Air Force is an all volunteer force and these kids have chosen to give their lives to serve us as a nation. But remember that when you see these young people talking brave and tough on the news, that many of them are seriously frightened or hurt on the inside. I know from experience because I was one of those whose job didn’t have me on the front line, but the fear was still there whenever I was involved in situations such as going off to far away countries where we weren’t always welcomed. And I wasn’t standing there as the first line of defense. I really respect these men and women.

I doubt that Amn Blue’s suicide was due to a conspiracy and the report that he was going to be buried at Arlington is most likely false, since it almost takes an act of congress to get anyone buried there. It’s reserved for those whose service and heroic feats have earned them a place. And while the service will most likely foot the burial expenses for this young man and would even bury him in a national cemetery, due to the method of his death, they’re not going to put him in a cemetery designated for Hero’s. If he does end up in Arlington, then I’d seriously believe that there’s more to his death and or service than we’re being told.

I apologize for going on so long.


posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 10:52 AM

Originally posted by paraclete1
I doubt that Amn Blue’s suicide was due to a conspiracy and the report that he was going to be buried at Arlington is most likely false, since it almost takes an act of congress to get anyone buried there.

You can check Arlingtons Burial schedule here

you will see he is not listed so far. Also no one knows for certain if his death was in fact a suicide yet. all we have is hearsay made by individuals alleging they knew him or the family. He is however eligable for burial there and I will follow the schedule for a week or so and my guess is his name will never show up on the schedule.

The paper for his home town is still not showing his obit either which backs up my suspicions it is all hearsay and as you stated in error.

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 01:42 PM
reply to post by Now_Then

just wanted to say your avitar is the best

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 01:56 PM
If I was in the military and someone ordered me to get involved in something, the first question I would ask would be "Is there a chance I'm gonna get whacked out because of this?" or "Really, I'd rather peel potatoes than be whacked out!".


posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 05:36 PM
As a member of the USAF (and a low member much like A1c Blue) i can say that his death is just horrible and unfortunate. I would say that as an Airman First Class he was not put in a position to have sole knowledge of the warheads being transported to implicate a government cover-up. in fact, it would be the ammo troops and the loadmasters who are more direct in the load of the aircraft. the security forces merely stand off to the side and secure the perimeter.

I am sure the facts of this story are known to the people that matter to it(family and close friends), and we should be careful about how we approach stories like this. death happens in all societies. next to car accidents suicide is one of the leading causes of death to air force servicemen.

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 05:52 PM
reply to post by DINSTAAR

he could not have been an airman first class he only was in the AF for roughly a year at best he might have been a airman 2nd class and frankly I doubt he even had that with roughly one year service.

I wish people would stop jumping too or making conlusions without researching the facts, many have him committing suicde, with claims he was goong to be buried in Arlington yet there is no Obit in his town paper let alone listed on Arlingtons burial schedule. another site had him as a captain and pilot no less. Yet the facts state he was only an Air Policeman, this whole thing has gotten so far out of hand it is down right stupid.

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 06:49 PM
reply to post by shots

He could have very easily been an A1C in the AF. I knew plenty of kids that come in, baited with a $20,000 signing bonus, to come in as a six year troop. On top of signing for six years here we go we will give you TWO nice stripes (A1C) when you complete security forces training. From the time you go to basic and go through tech school for being a cop you are looking at like six months. He went in march and got to his first base in August. Give the kid some credit.
Oh yeah there is no such thing as Airman second class. Not trying to be a punk but man if you gotta continue to drag this on about him at least let him have what he earned. Airman First Class is what he was reported being, not impossible especially when they hand stripes out to new kids like it is nothing, hell he may have even been in ROTC in high school. That will give you two stripes without even signing up for six.
If he did happen to be involved with this operation, which is very possible, he would have just been doing what he was told and to him it would have been just a movement. I was a freakin no striper (Airman Basic) doing things like this. As a one striper (airman) I was handling ECP at a protection level one resource location and close in security. Anytime you do this its not like you need a TS clearance, all you need is competence and someone else around with you. If I was able to do this, he was very well able to accomplish these duties as long as he passed his QC.
But back on subject, maybe he didnt like being a cop. Some of these kids see this money being waved in there face to join and be a cop, and it sounds like fun. Then they go to places like Minot, which some people like, but let me tell you most people just wanna get the hell out of there! They will go to Korea for a two year tour to get away from Minot, and not too many people like Korea either.
All this kid probably had was his family and his fiancee. If the stories are true that he was in an argument with them before he committed suicide, if he did, that explains a lot. He had to go back to this base that a lot of people dislike, alone. I loved being an SP and I joined with the full intention on becoming an SP. There were only THREE jobs I did not qualify for in the AF and they were vision related jobs. However despite me liking it, there were A LOT of kids there that got kicked out for a lot of reasons, and it was all based on the fact that they HATED being an SP. That is the problem with the force is that there are too many kids with rosy red glasses on and when they get there they see the reality. Maybe that was what happened but lets wait for a little more of an explaination of what really happened to this poor kid.
At least let him keep what he had though.

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posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 06:55 PM
I concur; I was an Airman First Class upon graduation from BMTS because I had a few years of university under my belt.

I didn't have a $20,000 signing bonus though, damnit.


posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 08:33 AM

Originally posted by hybridx

He could have very easily been an A1C in the AF. I knew plenty of kids that come in, baited with a $20,000 signing bonus, to come in as a six year troop. On top of signing for six years here we go we will give you TWO nice stripes (A1C) when you complete security forces training. From the time you go to basic and go through tech school for being a cop you are looking at like six months. He went in march and got to his first base in August.

Those are not hard glad gurantees that he will in fact be promoted to A1C. More then likely they use some lame wording like you will be eleigable for promotion because rapid promotion is limited to 15% of one particular unit and then you have to meet the requirements.

Senior Airman (E-4) Below-the-Zone

The Air Force has a special program where commanders can promote a limited number of outstanding Airman First Class (E-3) to Senior Airman (E-4) six months before they would otherwise be eligible. This program is known as the Senior Airman Below-the-Zone Promotion Program.

Only 15 percent of eligible Airman First Class (E-3) can be promoted under this program. Primarily, commanders decide who will be promoted under the program by means of a promotion board. Large units (those with 7 or more eligible for promotion) can conduct the promotion boards "in-house" and select up to 15 percent for early promotion. Small units (6 or less eligible) are combined into one pool of eligible to form a central base board (CBB).

Now explain how a recruiter could know which percentge he would have fallen into. You can't no one knows upon enlistment if he will in fact be Outstanding.

I can well see where he may have been promoted now. I was not aware of the new system but as it indicates according to this source the final choice would be up to the promotion board of his unit and his unit commander which recruoters have no control over.

posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by shots

Good post. I am 5 years active duty, Army, and even I would never be allowed to see a nuclear missle, I might guard a facility that housed one, and even know that they are in there, but still never see one.
Anyone stop to think maybe this airman WAS depressed because of something that happened at work, and he was facing UCMJ action? Nukes aside, anyone that has ever faced UCMJ action realizes that it can ruin your whole life, even enough to feel that there is no recovery from it.
Unless there is something else that breaks on this story, leave it alone, and take a minute to think of the burden placed on todays military... its a rough life, and he's not the first or last soldier that will take their own life.

posted on Sep, 18 2007 @ 06:07 PM
reply to post by shots

Dude, really, he could have been an A1C. Below the zone (below the bone is what we called it) has no affect on him being an A1C in such a short time. Below the zone is only to promote him from A1C to SrA (senior airman) six months faster than the norm for troops who deserve it. I know that recruiters have no idea who will be the troops to get this. As a matter of fact they dont care. They get people in and if they get them in for four years fine. If it is for six even better. On the other hand, people get recruited all the time as a six year commitment in SF and get TWO STRIPES, A1C, Airman first class, E-3, whatever you want to call it as long as they graduated from said tech school. Im not trying to be rude but you quoting that source was pointless, below the zone had nothing to do with him being an A1C (Airamn First Class).
Bottom line the guy is dead and we dont know how officially. Let us stop beating it to death.

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