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Life in the Future - 2100

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posted on Oct, 5 2007 @ 01:07 AM
I want to know about the year 4000 now, Will I be able to crush people with my mind. I've been trying for a long time..

Well, 2100, I think that, that earth will be glowing and we'll all have wings and be able to levitate with the power of our minds (I know, it cancels each other out, you see, 50 years earlier, 2050 we all get wings from some genetic mutation between a man and a bird, and we were also just learning how to levitate with our minds, due to Nike, with a new slogan "Fly") We won't use cars any more, worlds glowing because someone forgot that water + 50 million tones of sodium doesn't mix.

Also, buildings will be made out of wood and smog for insulation, we've ran out of any materials to use apart from wood because everyone gave up the war against nature. (Trees attacked to fast)

And of course, all of the above predictions intertwine some how.. Like bread and butter.

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posted on Oct, 5 2007 @ 01:22 AM
wow, if people lived longer....i can see the welfare lines now. mommas with 35 kids. please lord no

posted on Oct, 5 2007 @ 11:19 AM
reply to post by lepracornman

You do not want to know about about 4000AD. But here is a pinch. Humans will very closely look and act like modernized Homo Sapiens and there will be few and widely dispersed in a world largely disassemblied by the space bearers that have left long before.

How did those lucky ones leave? Dimensional travel. Time/distance travel as we know it today is not viable. But are they really that "lucky"??

posted on Oct, 5 2007 @ 03:42 PM
Again, is anyone of the name Gorman famous or well known for anything in the future? He, erm, may or may not be me.

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posted on Oct, 6 2007 @ 08:45 PM
reply to post by Gorman91

please tell me

posted on Oct, 13 2007 @ 10:29 AM
reply to post by eagledriver

"Sex will be a sport ..............." awesome!, too bad I won't be around anymore... =(

posted on Oct, 16 2007 @ 10:41 AM

Sex will be a sport

And it'll become a Olympic sport, and of course I’ll win gold……

And there will be different events for sex sports….the most exotic positions, the most times you can make her cum, and so on….lol

Future predictions………

We will not age, and so average life expectancy is 500 years and if your body fails somehow or you’re in an accident, your consciousness will be uploaded into a new human body where you’ll be remember everything, so you’re still the same basic person… average hight is 7-8 feet.

Advanced surgery will be able to repair entire limbs through a painless procedure, as well as manipulation of DNA in such a way where you can select and change the colour of your eyes, hair, skin, or sex permanently so you can even have babies and so on if you were previously a guy. No more disease.

Babies will born the same way as now, only, you have the choice of altering its genetic make up and pregnancy is utterly painless. You can only have 2 children, male / female. Everyone is perfectly beautiful, no ugly people.

You can download your brain and dreams, as well as going into a on-line virtual reality, exactly like real life, where you can alter you appearance, eg sex. Taste, touch and all the senses will be the same, as well as pleasure. You can do stuff like fly and so on, as your not limited in a virtual world. Although violence is not tolerated.

In the real world, there is world piece anyway…no stress as there is today, trying to figure out a puzzle would be the most stressful thing….

Contact with aliens has happened, they walk amongst us, and are seen as normal everyday people, everyone has gotten used too. Greys and Reptilians also walk amongst us, as they apologized for the abductions. Earth is seen as a progressive planet, like we’d see china progressing, humans will soon join the alliance with many other races, there are many other human looking aliens in the galaxy, as well as the universe.

There are no countries, we just live as humans, no Chinese, Americans, French, just humans, so we are not defined by country of origin, but by planet. No borders, no poverty, the land mass recognized as Africa is just as wealthy as everywhere else. English is the only spoken language for humans.

The population of animals are reproduced back to there current state of which was before the human race was born Dolphins, apes and dogs are made smarter so we can talk to them. The true history of our race and planet is revealed. There is no religion, no one believes In god.

There is no government of today’s understanding, no leaders, you can do as you please, there is no jobs, no money, and everything is provided freely. All resources are recyclable, clean energy. Education will be downloaded through the brain, no more school. (yay)

Sports are still played, but alterations of what we know now of football, tennis and so on are changed due to advances in tech, so there is no argument in call judgements. Some alien races enjoy competing, and so there are galactic spot tournaments, like Olympics. Combat type sports are banned, like boxing and so forth because of violence.

Colonising of mars and the moon, and all the other planets in our solar system, in which have already have been teraformed. Underground cities are made on all planets in our solar system for the everyone including the ones already now made by the black projects on Earth.

Time travel is still not possible, population of humanity is about 20-25 billion, android robots will serve us, and will look just like us, only they will be recognised is through personality, as they will not have one, or emotions. Cloning is possible, you can clone yourself, but you do not have control over it, as it has as much freedom as you do.

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 05:40 PM
One thing for sure by 2300 man will create everything merely by his thought force called the magnetic energy i.e joining atoms to make what he wants just like how helium formed from two hydrogen atoms ,in the same manner he can make gold out of many hydrogen atoms,make a cola by combining the same hydrogen atoms. And in fact even the hydrogen can be produced by using space which is the true source of all.

For you all kind information space is the mother of all-the whole universe itself. Space has the qualities of consciousness and force which breaks to form the basic atoms. So as a cycle space is the first and space is the last.
This is the ultimate prediction which surpasses all your predictions where the stress is on the "others" controlling us rather than "we" creating our own destiny.

So gear up for the prospect of par excellence creators.

And for all you this is the greatest secret revealed.

Space bless us all.

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