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Political Compass Quiz: What's your Real Position?

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posted on Oct, 9 2003 @ 09:05 AM
E,R/L -6.62
Lib/Auth -1.44
A title,classification,means squat.
And if you think it makes a difference anyway,read this.

I only pray that this article is inaccurate,but what if this is true?,it would all be meaningless!,like I didn't know that already.

posted on Oct, 9 2003 @ 09:07 AM
I think im the biggest neo-libertarian here!

[Edited on 9-10-2003 by BeingWatchedByThem]

posted on Oct, 9 2003 @ 09:21 AM
Interestingly I end up very close to where my political leader (Jean Chretien) falls on the chart. I guess I can't complain about him too much, seeing as I would likely do many of the same things.

posted on Oct, 9 2003 @ 10:40 AM
EE GAD MAN! The two prophetic items you bring up are enough to send me running for the hills!

The Cubs are in the Playoffs and YOU and I are near political twins...

Go figure. But when I think about it, I don't remember you and I quarreling about politics. I do remember differing opinions on the economic front which would explain the seperation (apparantly about three "squares") between our economic plots.

Seems to be a fairly accurate way to graph one's attitudes.

Additionally (this is getting more BIZARRE), I agree with your statements about the "Pope" questions and how they could potentially skew the reading.


posted on Oct, 9 2003 @ 11:02 AM
I too scored right about where I figured. Pretty much NUETRAL. LOL

Your political compass
Economic Left/Right: -3.62
Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.18

posted on Apr, 2 2004 @ 10:53 AM
Could I possibly be most centrist/neutral. GEEZ...

Economic Left/Right: -0.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.08

posted on Apr, 2 2004 @ 10:58 AM

Originally posted by mad scientist
Left/Right : -1.62
Authoritarian : 1.13

Looks like I'm a milder form of Stalin.LOL

Your political compass
Economic Left/Right: -1.62
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.18

thats me.

posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 02:35 PM
Wow, nowadays I'm centrist (used to be right wing on the same test):

Economic Left/Right: -0.88
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.26

Or maybe partially problem with:
-nuanced answers (I rarely gave "strongly")
-authoritarian mixes up here authoritarianism and religion/tradition (anyway Chinese politburo would presumably for had line anti-religious stances get less authoritarian)
-a few question where my views are outside the box were not raised

posted on Jun, 18 2014 @ 10:49 PM
a reply to: Bout Time

tried that rediiculusly stacked set of questions, obiously engineered to produce the "Right:" naswer to the designers intents...could not even answer 3 of the first questions. Rigged. Period.

posted on Jun, 18 2014 @ 11:31 PM
a reply to: Bout Time

If economic globalisation is inevitable, it should primarily serve humanity rather than the interests of trans-national corporations.

it's not . next.

I'd always support my country, whether it was right or wrong.

countries are neither right nor wrong, just the people in them. next.

No one chooses his or her country of birth, so it's foolish to be proud of it.

No one chooses their parents

Our race has many superior qualities, compared with other races. bait. next.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. we did use Stalin...yes, at times.

Military action that defies international law is sometimes justified.

Which law? The Hague of 1776, 1781, 1845, 1879 Genevia convention of 1910, 1923, 1936, 1946,1972 or 1993 ? it depends on which country signed which documents, or in the case of Militant Paramilitary grops NOT aligned with any country, local law enforcement regulations.. NEXT !!

There is now a worrying fusion of information and entertainment.
Good thing...that's why I'm here in the forum.. next!

....and so on.
Conservative. I want ALL the facts.

posted on Jun, 18 2014 @ 11:36 PM

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