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Mr.Marrs, the new world order

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posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 08:38 AM
Firstly, May I say it's a honour to get the chance to ask you questions on a subject matter that I am very interested in (I am ATS FSME on the NWO). I've watched many documentaries regarding the Illuminati, secret societies and the new world order, in which you have appeared on.

My first question is this; how do you feel people are selected to join the Illuminati? Alex Jones believes its a simple application process, which is highly secret, and David Icke believes it's based on bloodlines.

Secondly, the clamp down on civil liberties, which is being justified by the war on terrorism, is increasing throughout many countries. Especially the United Kingdom and the United States. Is this "war on terror" a pretext to implement the new world order and to get civil acceptance of such a force?

And finally, have you ever been in contact with anyone who is a member of the Illuminati? If so, what did they revel about the organisation and it's structure.

Thank you very much

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posted on Oct, 24 2007 @ 07:17 PM
Howdy Infinite,

First, while I may have met some people who adhere to Illuminati theology, I have never discussed this with them. They are, after all, sworn to secrecy. I do know one person who is intimate with some of these folks and he believes they are just the people to rule the world. I don't think this person has any concept of their true intentions which are, in the words of Nick Rockefeller, "to chip the population and run the world."

The term New World Order is really a misnomer. It is actually the Old World Order since the same people who funded and founded commuism, then National Socialism, are now trying to export corporatism worldwide. This will be a socialist system but tailored to fit specific areas of the world, i.e. Asia, Europe and North America.

Read George Orwell's "1984" to get a picture of the future they have in store for us.

The so-called "War on Terrorism" is nothing more than an up-dated version of the old protection racket. In the old days, the mob would come to your business and warn you that evil men were about. They said if you paid them protection money, they would see that your business was protected. If you refused to pay them, your business would indeed burn down. Today, the gangsters have gone worldwide but it's the same old story --- faceless and nameless but terrible people are out there wish to do you harm but if you will let us squander your tax money, hike government budgets and allow us to decrease your civil liberties, we will protect you. If anyone begins to doubt the reality of all this, then there indeed will be a terrorist strike to convince them.

Jim Marrs


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