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Did i make something mad?

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posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 06:09 AM
Ok this may sound a bit crazy but i think i made something angry when i was very young.

I started seeing "visions" you could call them... when i was very young(about 4 or 5). i've seen stuff from floating orbs in my bedroom at night to feeling things that aren't visible to me at all. I know i have some kind of connection to the "other side" but what i want to know is why...

My own mother has seen a ghost walk away from my bedroom and down the hall... the ghost was of what seemed to be an elderly fisherman.

ya ok not so weird... i mean there are reports of ghosts all over the place so who cares about a fisherman. not me.

the reason i think i pissed something off is that when i was in 6th grade i was completely alone in my house when i started walking down the hall to my bedroom. as i was getting ready to turn into my room i had a split second to dodge a thick Math textbook as it came flying at my head. I ran freaked out of my house and waited 20 mins for my mom to get home and i told her what happened but she couldnt explain it.

Now the same thing happened when i moved to Queen Creek, AZ from Paradise valley in 7th grade. i was again alone in the hose when i heard a dresser move against the wall and a book came flying at my head.

I cant say that anything like that has happened recently but i still feel something with me on some occasions and i dont think it likes me a whole lot.. Im now 18 years old and just graduated high school. Im curious to her your thoughts on what might be doing these acts against me.



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