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Israel: Modern Babylon? Read on..

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posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 05:34 AM
The foundation of the current collection of existing ethnic semitic Jews in Israel came from the Babylonian exile of Nebuchadnezzar. Many of the stories of the Old Testament, which is the Jewish Tanakh and the first books thereof; the Torah (By Moses), are directly interwoven with Babylonian myth, numerology, and imagery.

It is noted by most researchers that the story of Noah, the Flood, a Cain & Abel story, a Prodigal son story, you name it, were all previously of Mesopotamian (Iraqi/Kuwaiti) origin. So clearly when the Jews were deported to Babylon, they picked up many traditions, stories, ways of thinking, even the concept of the attributes of "Satan".

The attributes of Satan are those that were used to depict the Babylonian Gods, or the High God. The only civilization, ethnic group or religion that practices anything remotely like Babylonian religion are the Orthodox Jews! Here is why.

1) They adopted their history (stories)
2) They adopted certain mathematics and values of characters
3) They adopted the sacred numbers and made them the most evil
4) They adopted the attributes/identity of the High God to depict YHWH's evil foe. Thus deifying him and idolizing him with a form which was never present before.

So when the Jews were allowed to return to Israel, when they arrived they had noticed that the population currently existing in Israel were Monotheists, and their ways of worship were strikingly similar to the Jews, yet different. So the Babylonian Jews took authority and said to them, these are errors in the true way of Judaism, let us show you. And the returners were angry in some cases at this as well. I believe this may have been the first use of the term Samaritans, though I may be wrong. But my point is, they took this and added it to their religion.

Now, what to modern Israelis do? They cannot pray in the "real" temple, and they also cannot offer classical sacrifice like they originally did. Essentially, they dont practice their original Judaism that much but in contrast still hold the Babylonian additions made during the exile as corner stones of the entire history and religion itself. So nowadays I think they're more Babylonian in nature of religion than they realize. Just a spin on it, instead of the usual 'USA or Iraq is Babylon'.

Off Topic: Damn, the CIA keeps setting off loud single "pop!" explosions, I can hear them off in the distance near their training camp.

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posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 04:48 PM

Originally posted by runetang
The foundation of the current collection of existing ethnic semitic Jews in Israel came from the Babylonian exile of Nebuchadnezzar. Many of the stories of the Old Testament, which is the Jewish Tanakh and the first books thereof; the Torah (By Moses), are directly interwoven with Babylonian myth, numerology, and imagery.
The Church that I go to says the Modern Babylon is the Catholic Church(or more precisely the Whore of Babylon who rides the Beast).

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posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 08:07 PM
Right, this is something alot of Christians believe in some form. Babylon could very well be symbolic of sheer overindulgence and all the oher sinful things. We all know that theres quite a few in the big city.

Theres 2 Babylons in the Apocalypse of John. Theres Babylon the City, and Babylon the Harlot who rides the beast from the sea. The reason I know there are 2 distinct ones is because the book talks about "Woe to the Inhabitants of Earth, Babylon has Fallen!" and all the people will be full of joy at the destruction of the place in question.

Where the modern day Babylon(City) sits nobody is certain unil the time comes. From its description of warfare, you'd think perhaps they mean the literal Babylon of the Ancient times, which are located 50 miles outside of Baghdad.

The description of the whore sits upon many waters, meaning many peoples, and controls them. It gives power to the leaders of the world's most powerful nations. Now, this could be the United States of America, specifically Washington DC or New York City (U.N. main HQ). It could also be just the United Nations, our non-functional sorry excuse for a world forum. There's also NATO, and juxtaposed from NATO is Russia. Russia sells state of the art equipment to rogue nations, empowering them. But USA has been doing the the same thing for a very long time.

Then we come to Israel. As I said the reason I even connected teh two is because all the priestly sects and all the middle-eastern semite Jews (not so much the Ashkenazi of europe) from which todays modern Jews come from are the group that was exiled to and eventually set free from Babylon in the ancient times, when it was a city near modern Baghdad.

There are surely enough people/countries/groups willing to go all out war on them, and I think they're waiitng for the USA/Israel to "start it", then Iran/Syria/Hamas/Hezbollah & Others will all go for the squeeze on Israel. Israel would eventually look like the frantic evacuation via the ocean that was performed off Belgium/Netherlands in WWII. There'd be too many people .. much like Chinese human wave tactics, it becomes only counterable with nuclear, biological, and chemical weaponry. Which Israel will not hesitate to use if it is absolutely vital to the existence of the Jewish state.

Or I could have it backwards and the population of Israel are elect and the Arabs are all descendants of Edom (Edomites), those who are prophecized to trap a remnant of the faithful somewhere until Messiah helps them free.


Some facts before I go:

1) 666 came from Babylon. the numbers 6, 60, and 600 were sacred in Babylonian religion.
2) The Jews became the Babylonian King's inner circle and guided him in matters of war, finance, management, and deciphering dreams and visions. One King was so grateful that he freed them to return to Jerusalem.

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posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 09:18 PM
That was very well written and informative. And just a little bit more information would make it complete. There is not one single Jewish religion, rather there are at least five.

By far the smallest Jewish religion is the Samaritans. Yes, they are still around but only a few thousand are left in the West Bank and Jaffa. Their religion is based on the first five books of the biblical old testament with one slight change. Their holiest site is not in Jerusalem. They have their temple, and they have their sacrifice.

Next up would be the Karaites. Their religion is based on the entire Biblical Old Testament, in the original launguage of course. They reject the Orthodox Dogma of the Talmud. Today they number less than a hundred thousand today and live mostly in Israel and America.

Jews for Jesus? Are they Jews? They claim to be so who is to deny it? Numbers are hard to get but it is a significant amount.

But those all together are not even 2%.

The other two Jewish religions include the entire OT and the Babylonian Talmud as holy books. This contains what the Pharisees brought back from Babylon and later commentaries before finally being cannonized around 400 AD. So really Christianity is older than mainstream Judaism.

This is from the Karaite perspective.

Then in the 8th century a last glimmer of hope appeared in the form of a shrewd leader named Anan ben David. Anan organized various non-Talmudic groups and lobbied the Caliphate to establish a second Exilarchate for those who refused to live according to the Talmud's man-made laws. The Muslims granted Anan and his followers the religious freedom to practice Judaism in the way of their anscestors. Anan himself was not a Karaite; although Anan rejected the Talmud he used similar irrational methods of interpreting Scripture as the Rabbis, such as intentionally taking words out of context. Anan's followers became known as Ananites and this group continued to exist down until the 10th century. On the other hand, those Jews who continued to practice the Tanach-based religion of their anscestors became known as Bnei Mikra ("Followers of Scripture") which was also abbreviated as Karaim ("Scripturalists"), in English "Karaites". This name derived from the old Hebrew word for the Hebrew Bible: Mikra, Kara. The name Karaim, meaning "Scripturalists", distinguished these Jews from the camp of the Rabbis who called themselves Rabaniyin ("Followers of the Rabbis") or Talmudiyin ("Followers of the Talmud").

The other Jewish religion, or which other, would be the Talmudiyin who also follow the Mystic Cabala. Or from another perspective it could be Talmudiyin who do not follow the Cabala.

Or is it Kabbalah? The Kabbalists practice some forms of mysticism that is rejected by more conservative Talmuiyin.

Some say there is another Jewish religion alive even today, the Sabbatians. Originally theirs was a sort of messianic cult following a rabbi who claimed to be The One.

In keeping with Good Taste I won't mention what some say about the last group....

posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 08:57 AM

This is the Zohar online! You too can be a Madonna! lol.

Informative reply, thank you much.

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