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Gifted Parrot Alex Passes Away

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posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 05:33 AM

Alex, a parrot that could count to six, identify colors and even express frustration with repetitive scientific trials, has died after 30 years of helping researchers better understand the avian brain.

The cause of Alex's death was unknown. The African grey parrot's average life span is 50 years, Brandeis University scientist Irene Pepperberg said. Alex was discovered dead in his cage Friday, she said, but she waited to release the news until this week so grieving researchers could get over the shock and talk about it.

"It's devastating to lose an individual you've worked with pretty much every day for 30 years," Pepperberg told The Boston Globe. "Someone was working with him eight to 12 hours every day of his life."

Alex's advanced language and recognition skills revolutionized the understanding of the avian brain. After Pepperberg bought Alex from an animal shop in 1973, the parrot learned enough English to identify 50 objects, seven colors and five shapes. He could count up to six, including zero, was able to express desires, including his frustration with the repetitive research.

He also occasionally instructed two other parrots at the lab to "talk better" if they mumbled, though it wasn't clear whether he was simply mimicking researchers...........

...............The last time Pepperberg saw Alex was Thursday, she said. They went through their back-and-forth goodnight routine, which always varied slightly and in which she told him it was time to go in the cage.

She recalls the bird said: "You be good. I love you." She responded, "I love you, too." The bird said, "You'll be in tomorrow," and she responded, "Yes, I'll be in tomorrow."

Here's another story on him understanding the concept of zero back in 2005.


I find it amazing that you can have a back and forth conversation with another animal using our native tongue, English. Just absolutely amazing!


posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 06:00 AM
Wow !

I remember reading as a kid, large parrots like macaws and so on had the "intelligence" of a young child...

Seems Alex was a bit more advanced than that even..

Yes, RIP Alex, you've taught us humans a whole lot about animals than we ever expected...And with that should come a greater respect for the feelings and emotions and so on of many animals we once thought devoid of intelligence



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