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my theory about the myan callender reset pt#1

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posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 01:20 AM
I am sure there is alot of speculation about 2014 but i have a phew theorys
on of them haveing to do with a phantom army and i am not realy useing any set refferance......but every one knows about atlantis but there are many other civilizations that were so called smited by god or completely desemated along with the land mass that the civilization resided on

but when i say phantom army i will compare it to the mongolian hoards
but add steroids
i beleive that every so often there will be a fall of an empire......and i am not talking about any specific country but when it happens who would it be....and why.....and what would be considered an empire now adays,

than there is another theory where there will br an epic war religiously based where paganism and occult followers battle the christians.....and i am baseing this theory partly on the crusades and lord of the rings type scenarios..........where a second inquisition is started by the ever riseing evangelists....

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 01:53 AM
It's quite easy to speculate on any number of cataclysmic ends for the world. In fact, I believe it's very easy for humans to come up with any number of terrifying, worst-case scenarios for any reason.

More often than not, History has immortalized dates on which horrible events occurred. Naturally, when another ambiguous global event is prophesied, minds gravitate towards disaster. It's not that anyone actually likes fear, disaster, and chaos -- although I sometimes wonder, when I view the commercial success of horror movies.

To be frank, I haven't completely understood your post -- but the general gist of it seems to follow the standard frightening guidelines. In turn, I will present two new theories for you to speculate on. I'm sure you may have come across one of them before. Neither of them should be as frightening as most of the ones out there.

On the pre-specified date in 2012, nothing happens. Some of the most outspoken supporters of the 2012 Global Cataclysm Event will either fall completely silent, or sheepishly proffer another date for the world to look forward to. Others may yet suggest that something happened "in another dimension", and only "those in tune" would have been aware of it. Still others may claim that they have been "transformed", and since Cosmic plans had changed (thanks to willing humans), they will help their brothers and sisters to transform as well -- perhaps for a fee. This paragraph classifies as my "worst case scenario".

The second theory is this: on that date, a transformation does occur. World leaders suddenly announce that they will stop producing arms and work together as a global group. Inspired by the sudden (and not at all sinister) announcement, humans decide to be a little nicer to each other. Thus, the world enters a Golden Age of peace, prosperity, and healthy organic refreshments.

Make of these what you will. In the mean time, I heartily recommend that we humans let go of our epic war expectations. It's far cooler to talk about such things than to be involved in them; if we are to concern ourselves with war cries, let us focus on silencing them permanently. 6.5 billion people don't have to be completely susceptible to the 100,000 (if that) people that rule them. It has taken less people and less rulers to start revolutions in the past.

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 02:01 AM
I subscribe to the theory that 2012 is just the end of the Age, before the Age of Aquarius kicks in, or is Pisces up next? I forget...but the theory is a lot better than any Mayan end of the world one - and it actually has tangible evidence to back it up.

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 02:40 AM
i enjoyed both of your replys to my thread post .......

Mr Jackdaw.... i believe that the human mind creates fantastic cataclysmic ends of this world because we want or yearn for that last adrenaline rush..........and the theory about every thing ending in piece and prosperity is a great theory....and i will not disproove it but how long in our past has peace acctually lasted ...if you think about it with your theory sooner or later some tyrannical ruler and or president is gonna get his or her feelings hurt and get a wild hair and push that big red button and start a is human nature to br violent and show off whos guns and planes are better.......superority complexes and little man syndrom comes a dime a dozen ...regardless...we are humans and some of us...not all gets there kicks offa starting a fight

3_Libras......your reply was interesting...the only reply that i have for you is this

if merry shelly did not have an imagination or fantastical thoughts.....and based everything on prooven fact........there would be no frankenstine........fantasical theorys and ideas keep imagination flowing and keeps life alot more interesting

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 01:41 PM
2012 is another year. There is no mention of the end of the world in any Mayan texts including the Mayan Long Count Calendar. The Mayans based their calendar on the moon cycle, which has in common the same mathematics that can be applied to a multitude of motions in space. Our solar system will essentially be in line with the center of the milky way at this point, but it means nothing given the fact that the orbit of our solar system has much in common with the moon cycle, mathematically speaking. The Mayans were smart for their time, but they weren't special. They looked to the stars every night and noticed the smallest changes in the night sky. This is how they came up with the calculations.

Humanity has been built on war and struggle, as tribes slowly group together over the course of history. Despite the struggles many nations face today, the world is at relative peace. It will pick up again where countries attack other countries, nations disappear and new nations begin. A global government is inevitable, it is the natural evolution of the social part of humanity. We've been grouping together for ages, the only way to continue to progress as a people is to continue to group together.

It's possible that war will destroy earth by 2012, but not probable. Big destruction is brought about by big decisions, and those are never made lightly, no matter who is pressing the button. It will take a very long time for humanity to destroy itself.

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