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posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 12:40 AM
Once within a carnal dream
the reaper spoke to me
in whispers
of the feral hunt
under the midnight moon
the power of lunacy
driveing the blackend heart,
The emperial flame
calls to me from the loins of infinity
the throne of cogliostro
brands the blackend heart
The reaper spoke to me
only in whispers
of the sweet sins of flesh
babylon with her gates open to all
weary of the dreams message
paranoid to walk the path through the trinity fields
fearing of swaying from the path of left to right
the loss of streangth
the embrace of libralism
to dabble in weakness
to stray right to the straight laced
the reaper spoke these things
only in whispers
of the bloody fields of war
that sits upon the border
between tartarus and vallhala
the warning not to stray
from the supremacy of viking heratage
of pagan rituals and the gallons of heathen mead
where blood spilt on the battle field
brings me closer to bezerker enlightenment
these things the reaper spoke
only in whispers
only in whispers
the sight of cerebus
eating and purging the souls of the unworthy
destroying anything with signs of weakness
so streangth may endure
within the utopia of alysium
were women are sacraficed
to the worrior thrones
so that the brides of christ shall feel fleshfull pleasures
without the pains of abstinance
so lillith may smile upon them once more
these things the reaper spoke only in whispers
fore comedy to become tragedy
to fall from grace
to embrace pain
to embrace the divine path of suffering
to find enlightenment through pain
the lonely path of the blackend heart
the only and true last rebellion
where the seeds of darkness were planted
now sits the icy citadel
with the hearth of hatred
that never dies
but is reborn over and over
like the riseing pheonix
the reaper whispers
that today is not the end,
but it is the begining of ecstacy
and the replenished streangth
he whispers
it is not my time
the reaper only whispers
in solitude
he whispers


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