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Secret Coded Numbers Brand Millions of Americans

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 08:48 PM
Beginning in 1956, without Congressional Approval, nor approval of the American People, D.O.D. ordered the military to began placing a SECRET coded number on the main employment reference document of ALL 26 MILLION veterans. Millions with an HONORABLE Discharge have a BAD code, and BILLIONS of dollars are being ripped off from Vets Administration. U.S. Sen. Sam Ervin of the WATERGATE COMM. discovered these codes when investigating where the Republician Party was getting all those 10's of millins of dollars from, NEVER STOPPED ! Go to; scroll down, there are 9 - 10 min. segments from VETERANS FORUM show I did in Chicago in APRIL 2007. Branding human beings with a number sounds like Nazi Germany to me, and guess what PLAINTIFF'S EXHIBIT 19 is the infamous corporation questionaire in which they admit to having and using the coded #'s. TYPE into SEARCH AREA; SPN CODES & DD-214. I am the one who took lawsuit to US Sup. Ct. have all proof, however, newsmedia silent.

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posted on Sep, 22 2007 @ 04:23 PM
well...good for you for taking that onus to the light of legality.

i was seperated in 1968, way before the common soldier, let alone the public was aware of these (SPN & RE) Codes,,,

those 'codes/numbers' were intended to remain in the domain of investigative agencies...(rather than the general public)
but the 'insiders'; Police, mega corps. sensitive employers, that had this insider knowledge...used the codes/#s as a 1st level screeming device~

and a little known data point for employers or military ..for the purpose of characterizing the individual who produced a DD-214 as a reference of their service to the country.

It all sorta came to a head in the waning days of the VietNam war era...
it may well have been persons like myself (a veteran against the war activist) who told the public that this 'insider code' was a fact--and could very well be Abused !

a lot of potential employ(ees), veterans all, did not find any fault with the 'secret code' that stereotyped them....and possibly reflected on their earnings rate at any number of defense industry employ(ers) the veterans approached for a career position.

as far as i understand, the SPNs and RE numbers were
""discontinued"" in 1979....
But there is a caveat to that 'explaination' and/or 'rectification'
as a SPN/RE number is still put on your service record.....

BUT, the 'copy' you receive--copy #1-- wont have those coded numbers,
whereas "Copy #4" of that same DD-214 service record, will have those same SPN/RE codes made known to [the people needing that information] !!!

another level of 'insider information'sharing, data mining, profiling...etc

keep your heads above the water

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posted on Oct, 17 2007 @ 12:53 AM
reply to post by St Udio

The coded numbers were never stopped. According to regulation, 8 or more copies of DD-214 were to be made, and they went everywhere. DOD testified to Congress in 1974, that only a couple hundred thousand had a code, then via a miracle, the number jumped to 20 MILLION as of 1977. While it is true the American People do not know about this matter thanks to the corrupt newsmedia, they are now learning about this insidious system. There are those who claim this shall never happen again, wonder where they are ?


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