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1 Question for Howard?

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 06:45 AM
My voting system,

I believe, for a man to earn my vote, he needs to answer MY QUESTION!, not the questions others put to him, and he should do likewise with every australian who votes.

So here I am, face to face with Howard.. in one hand ive got his ticket, in the other ive got the opposition, what one question do I want to hear his explanation on?, that will make my mind up?

What would I ask him............. Urrrm

When you turn on the TV Mr Howard, and see nurses screaming for wages... or hospitals over crowded with long waiting lists... do you not feel ashamed, knowing that the millions it would take to repair all those problems, are thrown away in wage increases? and super-annuation adjustments for you, and all your colleagues?

Why do the middle-class earners suffer the hardest of the tax/insurance/health policies and costs of fuel/food?
yet multi billionaires and millionares receive major tax decreases?

Why should I vote for you, when it seems your more content spending the money on your super-fund, instead of helping under-paid, over-worked nurses?
Fuel has shot up, housing cost upwards of $400,000 AVG, cost of food has sky rocketed, yet nurses wages have gone up the most minimum of dollars?

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 08:04 AM
I'd like to ask him why he feels its necessary to lie and deceive the Australian public to retain power and push through his policies that he didnt mention at the previous election?

Why does he feel he have a mandate for change on certain issue without a referendum?

why are we really kissing america's butt so hard? What do they have on us that we just cant say no?

What did Bush tell you at the APEC meeting?

Be a real patriot Howard and tell the world when and where the nuke will go off this friday? I know Bush told you it will happen, that why you are betting on the polls turning around in the event of a major security catastrophe to swing public opinion your way.

Going against Bush's policies doesn't mean going against America.

The alliance is about the people not about 2 leaders - Aussies love Yanks and yanks love Aussies, thou we both despise Bush!!!!

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