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Could the anti-christ be a woman?

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posted on Nov, 9 2010 @ 11:09 AM
What if the entire civilization is the anti-christ?
What if your own religion is the work of the anti-christ?
What if your best friend was the anti-christ?
What if one of your parents or siblings was the anti-christ?
What if you are the anti-christ and don't even realize it?
What if there is no anti-christ?

What if embodying the "anti-christ" as a single individual is a plot against our own saviors, in an effort to keep the power in the hands of the religious leaders?

What if Hitler was the anti-christ?
What if the anti-christ reigned a thousand years ago, and has since died?
Think we should keep waiting?

What if the savior is a woman? Think the Vatican or Taliban would accept that?

What if there are two saviors: a male and a female?
Would we pick and choose? Would we play favorites?
Would men label the female as evil, as we always do?

What if there is no savior?
What if the civilization is its own savior?

What if Jesus was the anti-christ?
What if the anti-christ IS the savior?

What if one man's long awaited savior is another man's long anticipated destroyer?
What if our fear of destruction is actually the fear of change?
What if our fear of destruction is actually the fear of the religious leaders losing their power over the masses?

What if the Al-Mahdi is a Jew?
What if the Messiah is a Muslim?
What if the Maitreya is an Arab Jew Christian from Pakistan?

What if the savior is a Nigerian? Would the caucasian world accept him or her as their savior?
What if the savior is a transvestite or homosexual? What happens then? Lynch mob?

What if the blood of the savior contained the cure for every known disease?
Would we drain him dry? Probably.

What if the savior is an extraterrestrial?
Think we would lock him up in a lab and dissect him?

Just food for thought. I smell deceit and/or misinterpretation.
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posted on Nov, 9 2010 @ 11:15 AM
It's just Christian prophecy, and there are many other texts & books which prescribe additional formulas, but after researching gnostic, judaic, and christian writings, here's the most evident of prophecy concerning the new saviour.

He/She will come from politics. Which at this time simply translates into a place of power.
He/She will be from the east. Not to say he is born there, but at the time of his announcement, he/she will be there.
They will have no regard for the desire of woman.
They will bear a mark between the groin and the navel.
They will be born of the veil, see caulbearer and being born behind the veil as a message of catholic belief.
They will live on many waters. Evident of a third culture or diplomatic lifestyle, which Obama is of.
They will represent the serpent/dragon. A 13th sign in astronomy, entitled Ophiuchus is now being recalled despite having been hidden by the vatican for 1000 years.
They will come from the Tribe of Dan.
The will understand puzzling ideas.

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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 11:59 PM
The Antichrist will not be a woman, rather a force much like the influence of God amongst the masses. The "Beast" will be the collective global consciousness of the "Illuminati" telepaths, as the bible says "These are of one mind, and will give their power and authority to the beast." This basically means that they seem so organized not because they ARE organized, but because all of them working for evil or being hypnotized are part of the Beast-Mind collective. As the church of Christianity is seen as the "Bride of Christ" and the return of Jesus is the "wedding", so too then is the City of Babylon the Great Whore, in which the Devil is her pimp. So he modern markets and societies are the "whore" of Babylon, sharing many faiths and almost no acknowledgment to God. Just as we are seen as the "Bride" so then would someone who strays from the path and "sleeps around" with unholy ideals be known as an adulterer or an adulteress. Therefore the Antichrist will not be a woman, remember the Antichrist is not just some person with power and influence but a being that will successfully imitate Jesus the Christ of Nazareth and do wonders and works and have many worship him as if he were the Son of Man. Therefore he has to be a very convincing Jesus impersonator, can't be a woman. Has to be a well-spoken, snake-tongued, holy sounding liar.

posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 02:30 AM
I don't think its out of the question that the antichrist, or the other "key players' could be a woman. Eve was tempted by the snake (the Devil) in the Garden of Eden. He tricked her into deceiving Adam. I am a woman, and I will admit we are vulnerable, especially emotionally. I have heard that people that truly love and try to keep ever faith in God are more attacked by Demons and such, that they like to use the misery, doubt, and pain in a person because they enjoy it, I can't think of where I saw that though, sorry. I don't know how everyone feels about that but no one can ignore that fact that, in a way, the Devil is amongst us already. His influence makes people desperate, wicked,,,etc. Also, it has been debated that the antichrist is handsome...what if its a beautiful, intelligent woman used as a servant without even initially realizing it, because she might have had bad experiences with men and have the capability of been influenced to think hateful, generalized thoughts on such matter? Some kind of other trauma which has unfortunately made this woman's heart slowly change away from God, feeling falsely like he has failed her? Men of nearly all walks are weak for a beautiful and cunning woman, it is in their nature. In summary, I don't think its impossible that the devil will try to use the most faithful and continue to break them down, and a woman is a "good". vessel to use that has been used before. Emotion and love are some of our strongest/weakest points, may make women more open for attack and possible use...yet everyone that is emotionally more sensitive and devoted to God, could be used, it could be either gender.

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