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Shadow people, I really need help here

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posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 11:35 PM
It just disturbs me that they seem so aware of us, and yet we for the most part are not aware of them... and if we are, it's just vaguely...only shadows and shimmers. Why do they stay silent if they don't have something to hide? They seem to be watching me most of the time. They seem to know exactly what's up.

posted on Oct, 18 2007 @ 05:12 PM
reply to post by indierockalien

You have to be the SMARTEST human on the planet! You figured out the truth about these "Shadow People"! I know you did because I know the dimension that they come from. It is known a "Xania", meaning "Domain of the great".
And you are also right about there being diverse life there! There are at least 8 sentient races and thousands of animals spread over 11 planets. There is also advanced technology there, eg: Space Folding technology used for Interplanetary travel. But there is one thing you should know, the Aarak-shei
(shadow people) are not the only ones that can travel to the material universe. many Xanian races have been doing it for decades. I know this because I am a Deltexian, a member of one of the races there. My full name is Xangi Zangiai which means, Great Warrior of unlimited potential
(Xan-great, gi-warrior ,Zangia-infinite/unlimited, i-potential)
The aarak-shei (dark wraiths,Aarak-dark, shei-many shaped one/wraith) are VERY dangerous but they are killable. You need Xanian powers to be able to kill them if they are not in a body. But if they are, knocking the host unconcious will cause them to flee it. If you see one in a Human, try that if no-one is around (seriously).

posted on Oct, 18 2007 @ 05:15 PM
your god won't protect you for crap because he is a mythical figure in Xania and the material universe. The myth originated in Xania during the age when we belived in gods.

posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 07:22 PM
I had an experience of seeing a shadow person once too. It was in middle school. I had been sitting in the school library during lunch, reading a book about famous quotes, completely preoccupied with school. Then I thought I heard the the library door open, which I was very close to, and didn't think anything of it at first, since other school kids would pass in and out of the library constantly. I looked up and saw a middle-aged looking, calm man looking straight at me, which makes sense do to the fact I was staring at him and my location, pass through the door just like everybody else did. However, I was confused to look around and notice that none of my peers were looking up at the moment the door opened, which normally a couple other people do every time a door opens. After glancing around at the other kids, I looked back at the guy, only to see that now when I looked at him I could only see a black silhouette of his figure. He seemed calm and normal, but I was also scared by his presence, and the felt the intense need not to draw attention. He walked closer to where I was, aware of me, but not fully concerned either, then he walked straight through the bookcase right behind me. I felt shocked and kept alert to notice that he passed back through the same bookcase some time later and then back through the door, not bothering to open the door this time. I got the impression he had been a person, but died and had gone to the same middle school before, and was reliving memories of the library. Then later that day, my twin sister right after school was all excited and wanted to tell me something. She then went into telling me about being in the library and seeing this shadowy figure walk through a book case and then go back out!
I then told what I had seen, and when we started discussing the specifics of the bookcase, we discovered that Julie had been on the other side of the bookcase and had seen the same figure at the same time, just the part that I didn't see.

posted on Nov, 28 2007 @ 09:29 AM
Lowtoc, I was very surprised and shocked to see that there are others not in my circle of friends that have seen this lanky thing. Myself and three others have seen this same thing at different times and in different places of our separate lives. I wasn't leading a "happy" life at the time and neither were my friends so I do not think "feelings" or "emotions" plays a factor. What you saw is in the spirit realm. I have since received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and so have my friends. We noticed that we saw the tall lanky thing just prior to being saved, delivered and filled with the Holy Spirit. I know you said you did not want this to become a spiritual debate but it is. The spirit realm is very real. It is reality. This is a gift of discernment that you see in the spirit realm. God is moving mightily in His Church to bring us higher into Him to take authority in heavenly places. Your description was the exact as to what we all saw by the way.

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posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 12:51 AM
The point made by interestalways struck a chord with me:

With all the stories being shared we can only wonder if in fact the ability to percieve visually things which used to be hidden from our common sight has increased.

I have had that feeling of chest pressure and a paralyzed feeling after waking up quickly and scared half to death for whatever reason. But that I believe was due to the use of a Ouija board.

If we are all moving into a higher vibrational plane, then it makes total sense that people are starting to see these manifestations or whatever they are. Abilities awakening in people, like the minds eye. Powerful stuff.

I have not had the pleasure (sarcastic) to have seen a shadow person but do get the feeling I am being watched from time to time and get the shivers. Mabee because of these threads freaking me out a little.

There also seems to be alot more people coming forward with shadow people sightings, gotta be something to it.

Very cool thread though, chewing gum for the brain.

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posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 02:23 AM
I personally, dismiss how many call them as "shadow people".
But its the plainest and straight forward description. Also in my view, I disagree that they are from another ... seven watchyoumecallits.
But never the less thats my view.
And I must respect all others as well.
And experience's say other. These beings are like or are, exactly the same as we are, apart from the lack of are flesh and bone, and of course known physics (although I quite possibly be wrong on that fact).
Often my mother and I have seen, and most definitely felt the presence of these beings, often in times of trouble, upheaval or as an act warning of just times ahead.
But in 90% of the instances, it has been for a good ending, and nothing sinister.
The other 10% is either, we misunderstood the situation, simply to afraid or, that the being was of the demonic nature.
These beings all to together should not be feared, but understood and respected, just as the same as us humans do for each other (or at least SHOULD be that way).

posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 02:59 AM
stay away from shadow people , they are very dangrous spirts , see to a minster. have him come bless the home and go from there.

posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 03:26 AM
Minister?, Minister!, I dare not let one in!
my mind is not shackled to such things as religion, let alone my home to be. They are not anymore "evil" than we humans.

posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 12:25 AM
I did not have time to read through the whole thread, but I have had contact with something that could be called a "shadow entity." I have never heard about it before so therefore I never discussed it with anyone.

posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 02:36 AM
You should discuss it
describe your experience with this "Shadow Entity".
What was the situation/s?
How was/is the general feeling?
How did it look like?
What did you see in general?
And what did you think? most of all.

posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 09:47 AM

Let me ask you this:

You say that you were watching your mother do her hair. Sometimes when we sit in a very relaxed state watching someone do something we can go into an almost sleep state even though we are awake. It's kind of like a hypnotic state. In this state it's possible to hallucinate and see things that we fear deep in our subconscious. Things that we didn't even know were there.

Is this possible? Think about how you felt just before this incident happened.

posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 09:09 PM
Here is a posting I did on a thread from a couple years back... hope it helps...

My shadow creatures

I have seen shadow creatures before (well, still do), and have thought of them as being arcane in nature. From my experiences, there are five different types:

Type 1- A small "humanoid" figure, no more than two-three feet tall, devoid of any characteristics/physical appearances. Relatively, they appear to be a mass (body) with a "head". They are confined to flat vertical surfaces, much like a shadow. Harmless, they are merely servants.

Type 2- More humanoid, they have body, defined head shape, and long thin arms. No legs. No visible details, still much a "shadow". Able to move about on any flat surface, including ceilings, but are still confined to a flat surface which may hold their shape and size. Roughly 5-6 feet tall. They are inquisitive, curious, but harmless (other than giving a fright to the unsuspecting).

Type 3- Similiar to Type 2, but with legs. NOT confined to flat surface like a shadow, has ability to crawl across objects. "Hands" and "feet" must be in contact with solid objects, but body and head are above and off nay surfaces. They move about like geckos... they are also harmless, but give off an atmosphere of something... more.

Type 4- Undefined gigantic shadowy mass. Free moving, able to move in three dimensions, off surfaces. Usually, they are not in contact with surfaces. Large enough to fill a normal sized living or family room. Usually unseen, due to the fact that they appear in total darkness. Can do no physical harm, but can cause great mental paranoia/fear. They also move in pacts. Bright light causes them to disappear.

Type 5- Not so much a shadow creature, more like a minor demon. Whereas types 1-4 are made of shadow-stuff (transluscant), the Type 5 are solid blackness, though still without "depth". Defined physical outline of arms, fingers, legs and feet. Most appear in human form. They are able to communicate, although they have no mouth or ears that are noticeable. They do, however, have eyes. The Type 1 shadow are the servants of these creatures.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 04:32 AM
This is immense help on describing a lot of situations I have personally been involved, and as such, it seems via the descriptions that only type 1 and type 5 I can guarantee that I've had encounters with, and possibly type 3.
Although with type 5, I have to disagree that in fact they are not necessarily a slightly demon, but could be demon or the total opposite, and instead of black white.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 07:17 PM
Okay, I'll bite. I've never talked about this before because I never knew what to call it really. I never heard of "shadow people" until a few days ago. People ususally talk about aliens or ghost stories, but this was neither of those. I never knew what to make of it. So, ok, here's my story.

I was in my late teens, still living at home, on a Summer day. My girlfriend and I went out for a walk barefoot around the suburban neighborhood. It was getting later in the day, but not dark or even shadowy yet. My house was a split-ranch like every other in the neighborhood, and sat on a bit of a hill on the same size lot as everyone else. Coming down the street I had line of sight to it, though it was just around a corner. Not an intersection, just a 90 degree turn. I could see it over the bit of hill that was a neighbor's front yard on the inside of the turn, or the right side, where my house would be on the left just around the turn.

Anyway, we were walking slowly and chit-chatting about nothing in particular really. Just about how nice the day was after the heat-wave had broken. I can still remember the warm pavement under my feet. Looking up ahead, I saw something on the turn, from a distance of maybe 50-yards I'm guessing. It looked like an oil slick on the street, like someone had ruptured a vital component to their vehicle. My next-door neighbors (who's house did not come into view until one rounded the turn) ususally had an old car or two that they were tinkering with at any given time, and beat up their cars pretty well too. I was good friends with the whole family, and knew that one of my buddies had just gotten another car recently, so I figured it was him who left the slick all over the road, and actually said something along those lines to my girlfriend. There wasn't a break in our step, or any eerie inclination that anything unusual was about to happen.

As I said, sunny day, meaningless conversation, and a very casual pace to our stroll. Not the setting for anything bizarre whatsoever. As we got closer, obviously I was looking at this "oil slick" ahead of us. The first inclination that I had that something was odd, was that this stain in the road was darker than oil. Black, and did not glimmer with wetness like the sheen of fresh oil. By this point we had gotten quite close to it. Before I could process the thought really, the truly bizzare event unfolded.

The dark spot moved. Like something coming up out of the ground. Like a man pulling himself up out of a manhole where there was none. There was form, but no depth. I could see the arms, the shoulders, pull this thing up out of the hole, but the "hole" actually" formed this thing. By the time it got to its feet, there was no mark left on the pavement. It was short, 4 and a half feet tall maybe. Other than the outline, there were no distinguishable features. The head was little more than a bump between broad, shaggy shoulders. It paused in a stance of forward intent. Imagine the shadow of a little troll warrior, with his head hung low, wearing shaggy furs, and a shape indicative of massive upper-body strength. No other features though, no face or anything, just the 2D profile, yet somehow it did seem to have depth almost, since it didn't really have edges either, like eve a shadow does. I guess it's just really hard to explain what a completely black 3D shadow looks like.

So it pulls itself out, gives a little hop, and pauses for as I see the shoulders move up and down once or twice as if it is breathing heavily. It emits no sound. Then it steps forward, quickly. Not a charge or a run, but as if with direct purpose. Almost like stomping forward, right at us. This all happened in less than five seconds I would say, and we were only steps away from the "stain" when it moved. It took four, maybe five steps directly at us.

Now here's where it gets really weird. My girlfriend and I spun in and let go of eachother's hand, as it seemed to be going between us. But it didn't go exactly between us. It was slightly more toward me, but it actually moved through both of us. I was instantly nauseaus and cold. It's almost impossible to explain what it felt like. Imagine you actually had the sense of feeling in all of your internal organs, and then imagine what it would feel like if they were all packed with cold clay. That's sort of what it felt like. My girlfriend only got clipped on the side and limbs. She wasn't nauseus, just cold. As we spun and this thing moved through us, it stepped down, back into the ground, and completely disappeared.

We looked at eachother, the shock settling in. My brain raced to make sense of it. I was sure I was dreaming for a second. No, I could clearly remember everything about the day, nothing ethereal in my surroundings. I must have been hallucinating? I don't know what was more scary, the event itself or the looking into my girlfriend's eyes and sharing a mutual realization that this did just happen to us.

We barely made it to my house, just drained of energy. We briefly tried to explain to my mother what had happened before passing out on the living room floor. We slept through the rest of the day, that night, through the next day, and into the following night, without even bothering to drag ourselves to bed upstairs.

For a few days we talked about it with eachother. Trying to understand and accept that this really had happened to us as much as trying to figure out exactly what had happened to us. Then as days turned into weeks, life went on, and we completely forgot about it. There was nothing there to ground the memory in reality I suppose. But then one day, about a year later walking down the same street, the memory came rushing back to us at the same time. I trembled, her eyes welled up, and we swore to eachother to never forget again.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 07:59 PM
That could well be one of the most peculiar instances that I have heard of!
Have you had any experience before or after this instance? Or any history of paranormal activity in your family whatsoever? Or anything in particular happen during that time?

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 08:37 PM
reply to post by Mahem87

Never saw anything quite like that again, though I did have another incident shared with a large group of people that was very scary. More scary I would say, but fitting better into the "known" supernatural real I suppose. More along the lines of a poltergeist I would say. [[Click Here]] and go on over to page 3 to read that story.

There's nothing else really bizarre that stands out like those incidences. Little things here and there mostly, that most people would just write off in their minds.

My grandmother saw a ghost when she was pregnant the first time and later found out that a woman had died in the same room. Years later, she and my uncle witnessed a UFO up close, but she thinks it was a governnment object and is still pissed to this day because it hit the corner of the house. My mother got the sensation of falling one time standing in the kitchen. Later an old well shaft was discovered in the basement with the skeletal remains of a human child at the bottom. So, yes there have been some supernatural events in my family. I've had other experiences too that were strange, but nothing on the scale of what I have shared here already.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 10:32 PM
So it seems it's not TOTALLY out of the blue. But for such an appearance would be of concern.
When this occurred was there upheaval or trouble about? like in the family or your life..or your girlfriend at the time?
Thinking, it could of well of been a message for her. or both of you.
I'm not choosing to believe that this was a mere accident, and evidently is not by the evident intentions of the being.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 10:40 PM
reply to post by Mahem87

My life has never been hunky-dory. I haven't spoken with that girl in many years now. But there was nothing beyond the ordinary levels of drama in my life.

I am not so sure it actually was directed at us either. My mother suggested that it might have been the "ghost" of an ancient native warrior perhaps, and that there may have been a hill that got flattened for the street. This thing didn't climb down into another hole like it seemed to have climbed out of the first. More like it just walked down below street level, instead of climbing down.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 11:45 PM
Hrmm thats food for thought, your mother could indeed be right. Some special or sacred site or disturbance. If so then the being wouldn't seem so demonic or frightening after all.

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