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Shadow people, I really need help here

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 07:34 PM
I have seen the no face shadows before. I saw one once following around my geometry teacher. Comes to find out his mother was on the verge of passing away.

The shadow creature looked 7' tall and look to be wearing a huge coat that covered its head. When you looked into the hood it had no face. Could this be death?? Then why would it follow around the family members of the soon to be deceased? Is there someone in your family that is ill???

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 07:39 PM
Don't judge a shadow person by it's darkness just yet. What happens when someone becomes invible? They become a shadow, no light bouncing off of them. But why are these beings, who wish to be invisible? Maybe there murderes, maybe the greys, or someone who was raped? Someone who's angry. And maybe they could be demons, it's a smart idea not show yourself, then attack.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 08:07 PM
i myself have had a two encounters with shadow people.

My first experience was when i moved back into my childhood house. My best friend and i rented it from my parents. Well one night he left for the weekend and i was there alone. it was early in the am about 2-3am. I went to lay down and as i was getting comfortable(not falling asleep!) I felt a presence in the room like nothing before. I felt this thing or a person behind me and i was paralyzed with fear. SO i talked myself into turning around and at first i didn't see anything but as soon as my eyes came in to focus. THERE IT WAS about 7ft tall skiny no odd shaped very human like siloutte. I blinnked like 6or 7 times thinking it was my eyes but to no avail it was still the. It was bent or looking at me and when i turned around it stood straight up and about couple seconds later it was gone!

Second experience was at the same location but on the house behind me property. It was about midnight 1 o clock in the morning. This experience is amazing because i wasn't the only one who witnessed this event. My neighbor's house has been upfor sale about 5 months now and no one lives there. I always get this weird feeling like im going to see something in this particular window. Both me and my girlfriend feel this way. Well one night it finally comes true and for some strange reason me and my girlfriend are staring at the window and all of a sudden a black shadow figure almost floats passed the window!!!!!! I quickly say to my girl did u see that and she said yes what the fluck was that i was like what do u think it was. We burn rubber outta there and i call the cops. Cops come no one is home and the person who is watching the house is at there house and hasnt been there since the morning as wellas no potential breakins.

it's funny that somone a couple posts up mentioned indians because i live on long island and the town a live in flourished with indians not that evryone else town didn't but the name is indian for crying out loud!

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 08:17 PM
Im pretty sure that anyone who has ever seen a shadowman has a different opinion on the matter. It is an oddity that everyone who has ever seen searches for the answer to. As to if they are good or evil, I think that has been debated since the begining. Here is what i know about the shadow people.

They are more than one first of all. Just like us, each one looks a little bit different. Some hooded, wearing a hat, nothing at all. They are black, so much that you cant tell if they are solid or empty. Tall, thin, kind of lankey like you described. They typically try to stay more hidden than your experience.

Some people, feel they are evil because they bring them intense fear. Typically while they are sleeping, they will wake up with one ontop of them, making them feel like they are trying to strangle them or pull something out of their body. But it is difficult for someone to call that evil, when no harm was actually caused. In most if not all the cases where it is "attacking" someone, that person had been having personal difficulties in one way or another. Therefore it is possable that the shadow person could very well be helping that person, just in a way beyond our knowledge.

There have been quite a few people who have mentioned them showing up prior to a loved one passing.

I have found that they show up more around those who have opened minds..........who believe there is more to this world than meets the eye.

A lot of people also feel that they are protective.

Oh yea, and they dont talk, so you cant ask them anything. Kind of frustrating. Some may say that they communicate telepathicly, but if you are not a natural telepathic person, then you are not going to trust what you are thinking to be more than your own thoughts. Due to that frustrating little fact, we may never know for sure until after we die, but even then, we may never know.

What I can tell you, is that through out history, there have been many stories about these tall, thin, invisible to most, shadow people who seem to help us, scare us, who also seem to answer to one and only one...the creator what ever name you choose to give. Try researching the jin, jinn, jinnie, fae, sidhe, mound people, and the fallen (fallen angels). There is a remarkable resemblance between all of them.

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posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 12:08 AM
intrestedalways: I asked that only cause of an experience I had sleeping on my couch. I woke up, wide awake and I couldnt move! I tried lifting my neck but felt a pressure trying to pull me down. if i looked str8 ahead everything would be kinda blurry but everything was crystal clear out of the corner of my eyes. I fought this feeling for about two minutes before I forced myself out of it.

In reply to the poost about the shadow creatures, I've never heard of that. I have heard bout the shadow guy wth the hat and long jacket and the two I've seen. Just the regular form of a person with no features...

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 02:09 AM
I saw another one today, I was taking my dog to the bathroom and there were two of them, walking around in my back yard. I want you all to see these the way I see them, would it be wise to take a picture of them or would that upset them? help!

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 02:39 AM
Hello all long time lurker, recent member. Just thought I would share my own Shadow Person story.

When I was 18, I was living with a freind and his father. During that time of rebelion (Parents leave on vacation, Boy throws party, Boy gets kicked out of house, Boy decides "screw it" I will make it on my own) I was sleeping in the basement on a couch. My freind was about 10ft away from me in his bed.

One night, I was sleeping soundly, when all of a sudden I awoke in the most fear I had ever been in. I checked to make sure I was actually awake. And sure enough I was. As I seem to have this ability to know when a nightmare is gonna begin and can wake myself from it. I opened my eye, and man do I wish I had not.

Comeing toward me was a group of shadow people, arms outstretched. They were in a half circle and comeing toward me in that stop-motion, creepy as hell movement that they do. Pure black humanoid shapes. I closed my eyes as fast as I could and screamed my head off (Yes I was a little girly man and screamed) Sure enough my freind woke up as I had startled him. I opened my eyes and they were gone.

He asked me why I had screamed and looked scared as hell, in that half asleep. voice people have when you wake them up. I told him what had happened. And it was his response to this day that still creeps me out even more. "Just ignore them, It happens all the time."

Now this took place in a townhouse complex into the north end of Oshawa Ontario Canada. An attached 3 level place, basement, main floor with kitchen, and then 2 bedrooms upstairs with the bathroom being on the top floor. (Trust me a real pain in the a$$ when you need to take a leak at 3am.)

No other paranormal events ever happened there. It was just my freind, his little brother and his father. A nice Mormon family. And my freind had never mentioned any of this before.

Now when I asked him in the morning about what he had said. His response was I was probubly dreaming. I knew I was not, and to this day that is his explenation.

So if you have questions ask away, and thanks for letting me share.


posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 02:54 AM
Lets hope it happens again so that you can take a picture and post it here.

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 01:12 PM
Number one, these things are real. They are not just a fluctuation in electric fields of your brain, because how else could you explain two or more people seeing them at once? I'm not saying that electric fluctuation in the brain doesn't contribute to seeing them, but it definitely doesn't create them. This is not an illusion, so don't feel crazy. I felt crazy until some of my friends started pointing out that they'd been seeing shadow people, too. Mass hallucination? I'm a fan of Occum's Razor. The simplest explanation is often the best, and a mass hallucination expanation would be much more complicated an event than a mass sighting of a real event. More than two people in the same vicinity would have to simultaneously suffer from the same mental defect at the exact same time, and if that ain't a magic bullet explanation, I dunno what is.
Anyway, the question of whether they are real or not has been answered. Yes.
As to what they are? A lot of them are what we would call "ETs". They have some technology (and many many encounter stories would corroborate this statement) or advanced mental function that allows them to operate in a reality that is at a higher frequency than us, or a higher parallel dimension. It's nothing mystical. It's just a missing piece that scientists have left out. Everything's energy vibrates at certain frequencies on a spectrum. Radio, x-ray, gamma ray, infrared, sunlight, tv signals, sattelite signals, visible light... all occupy the same spectrum, along with our percieveable reality. Sight, taste, sound, touch, smell are all biological devices that are tuned to sense specific frequencies in the same spectrum, and to say that these are the only REAL senses is rediculous and contradictory even, because then you negate all those invisible forces that we've discovered means of detecting from our reality, and you'd have to call radio frequencies "paranormal" or people with means to sense them "delusional". I guess everyone with a radio can qualify as a mental defective, in that case.
So, this higher "dimension" isn't really even in a different reality, it's just operating on a higher bandwidth of frequencies within the same reality. On that bandwidth, there's probably all sorts of diverse life, just as there is on this bandwidth... So that accounts for the diversity of forms in which the shadow people take.... and it's my theory that several "alien" species are rom that higher bandwidth of life, as as I said earlier, either have the advanced technological or biological ability to manifest in this bandwidth. Some of them could be interplanetary and from this dimension (bandwidth), and some could be strictly interdimensional. Whether the Earth even exists in that higher bandwidth is a mystery. But since sightings of shadow people are getting more common, it's of my opinion that the Earth is heading that way somehow.

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 01:22 PM
As for the guy crying out for evidence, it's out there. It's just that A) guys like you come in and debunk it as fakery, or B) guys with nothing better to do other than mess with people use their photoshop and whatnot to make fakes and get jollies out of decieving people with it.
So you have to be discerning, but don't go shouting in people's faces for evidence. It's obvious that this stuff is real. We're not all liars and lunatics.
Accept witness testimony, for crying out loud. People are seeing an actual occurence. Occum's razor, for the skeptics. Occum's razor.

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 01:26 PM
I didn't mean "guys like you" in a bad way, I'm sorry. It's human nature to want proof... but seriously, the proof is in the pudding. The pudding being thousands of people's testimony. I just wish people weren't so brainwashed into thinking that witness testimony has no relevance in these types of cases.

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 04:10 PM
I posted earlyer about seeing one following my teacher.

Now I am not for certin that this was a shadow person. I posted on my posts about a certin inciadent that had happened to me while with friends.
Just click on my Screen name (Sinfull) and it will link you there.

Well after that happened I kept it a secret for a long time. I one day ended up getting a new room mate. I felt like something was following me. So I started putting holy water around my room one day for protection. The new room mate walked in while I was doing this.

She was so confused to what I was doing. She asked me what I was doing I acted like there was nothing going on. I didn't want to look crazy even though I already did. So i quickly grabed my perce and went outside for a smoke. As I was walking out the door my room mate started screaming. I turned around and she looked shocked. "What the HELL was that!!" She started screaming it at me and started grabbing me. I didn't answere and I ran out the door. She freaked me out. She ended up moving to a new room.

posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 10:38 AM
Anyone had an experience with a "shadow" that looks like a puma/lion running on its back legs in high speed ?. It sound wicked but that´s the best way i can describe it. (Iv´e seen it twice), but it was so fast that im not even sure i saw it.

First time i saw it, it was when i was 14 years old. Me and my two friends used to go down into an air raid shelter located in a 3 floored buildning from the 40´s. I´ve been there many times before and i always got this strange feeling, like i was trapped or something and the air was very dry.
But one day we were about to enter the air raid shelter and we opened the huge heavy doors, it was dark inside, my friend went in and turned on the lights. The button is located far back in there because the button closest the entrance was not working.
Meanwhile he was in there somewhere in the darkness and me and my other friend was waiting outside, then i see this black huge shadow moving inside just by the open door very quickly, i could not see what it was. I was about 10feet away from the door.... I never went back in there again.

Second time i saw it in the open, it was dark outside. We played around this house which had spotlights close to the walls and it lit up the walls pretty good. At the moment i was standing about 100 feet away from the house, no light where i stod. And then i see this shadow again, it´s puma shaped, it was running about 150feet in less than a second on it´s back legs, and i was about 100feet away. I saw it clearly because of the light reflection on the walls, it was running infront/between the house and me.

My reaction was ...what the f***, it went so fast i don´t even know if i really saw it.

Excuse me for my english...

posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 01:57 PM
WoW puma shaped on its hind legs. If I ever saw something like that I don't think I would be a very happy camper. I wonder what those kinds of shadow people are. You are the first person That has said anything about those. very very interesting.....

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posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 05:25 PM
I have had a few encounters with these entities.

A few years back I was napping in the early evening. I remember waking up feeling heavy, the same feeling you have when you wear clothing in water and the weight drags you down. There was no fear, but a calm awareness that I was not alone. It was surreal, I turned my head and the figure that was sitting at my computer desk turned to look at me. Sounds horribly freaky, but I felt no panic or intense uncomfort. I blinked twice and the entity was gone. I felt disoriented for a long time and tried to rationally explain what I saw and tried to talk myself out of believing in what I had seen, but of course I could not deny my own experience.

As with the shadow men many see it was dark, no distinctive face and was hunched over a little.

On a side note, I remember thinking " Why the hell is it sitting at my desk looking at my computer? " And of course I wondered which game or wesbite it was browsing or playing

Since then I have been aware of them, sometimes I see them in the corner of my eye and I chose not to acknowledge them. Some of them make me feel nothing but curiousity, and some give me distinct chills. On some rare occasions I actually feel threatened and I tell them to leave.

Another story I can share is one my mother experienced. My mother is not a tweaker or a weirdo or one to believe in any of this paranormal stuff. In fact she is the last person I can discuss anything with out of the mainstream.

One night she was reading her bible quietly in bed when she looked out her door and saw a man turn the corner of her hallway and then look directly at her. The figure began to run down the hallway toward my mother at an abnormal speed. Before she could cry out it had jumped on top of her chest and began to strangle her, there was no real feeling of fingers or pressure on her skin, but a distinct feeling of choking. My mother began to pray and beg in her mind for the entity to leave. And then as suddenly as it appeared it disappeared.

A few nights later the entity came back and this time it came down the hallway and at my mother even angrier and faster. My mother felt a very real threat for her life and literally began to chant religiously in her head. My little sister shared the room with my mother at the time and remembers waking up to my mother trying to scream and looking scared. The entity left abruptly as it had the previous time.

My mother had her religious leaders come and "cleanse" her apartment.

She described the man as being dark, willowy and having no distinct expressions. Although she has shared this experience with me I have not shared my experience with her, because she is of a different opinion why they come into our lives, based on morality and religious ideas that are prejudiced and in my opinion incorrect.

I have to wonder, as others have mentioned, if we in fact somehow have a magnetic "energy" around each of us that literally opens the veil to the other dimensions these creatures reside in. What energies we have attract certain entities.

Remember though that you have power inside you, sounds fruity I know, but be aware of your ability to tell them to leave and make them obey.

posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 07:13 PM

Originally posted by Ellipsis

I have to wonder, as others have mentioned, if we in fact somehow have a magnetic "energy" around each of us that literally opens the veil to the other dimensions these creatures reside in. What energies we have attract certain entities.

Remember though that you have power inside you, sounds fruity I know, but be aware of your ability to tell them to leave and make them obey.

This seems to be a good guess as to what causes the ability to percieve these dark life forms. Something seems to open within one's perception that enables the manifestation. It seems to incur fear is a big motivation of the "things" and in some cases it sounds as if death were the goal of the thing. Then again to fear for your life brings huge fear energies and maybe they feed on them, or weaken your mind by the fear.

I think you said the best thing with your last sentence. The power they hold is only through your fear, we must know that we hold the power not them or it. Whether that power comes thru a belief in a God to protect you or just to know that you have the authority over them. It seems they can only manifest for short bits of time from the stories that go round.

There are several threads on this subject, it does seem to be more common with people recently.

A shadow could be a mirror of something inside us that is destructive to our being.

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 01:08 AM
Good point IA, and I agree that there is fine line between what is real and what is in the mind only. I saw a spirit for the first time in my whole life a month ago, and it looked very much like the human boy that many witnesses saw in this house. I never knew it was haunted. So it wasn't the placebo effect. It wasnt untill I had gotten home and did research on a particular landmarked district in my area and found out that there were many witnesses who saw the same apparition.

The next day, I went back there and didn't see anything, perhaps because I was looking to hard. I took photos and nothing came up, but the vividness of this little boy, I will never forget. It was only for a split second. Sort of like a camera flash going off and seeing the image of a frightened boy. 2 boys were said to have died in the upper floors of that house.

As far as the dark entity that held me down in my bed as a child, I could only attribute that to sleep paralysis from either my dark self, or another trans dimensional being.

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 07:28 AM
With all the stories being shared we can only wonder if in fact the ability to percieve visually things which used to be hidden from our common sight has increased.

Call it a lifting of the veil, or the dimensions are beginning to overlap a bit, or something in our optical system has accelerated beyond the norm.

I think as awareness increases of paranormal events in general we are willing to explore these unusual occurances without worrying too much about people thinking we are delusional.

Who really knows how many beings or lifeforms may share our space on a regular basis and we are limited as to what we are able to *see* or *feel*

Could the shadow things be an internal fear or something within one's own mind that has taken a life of it's own and has separated from the unconcious mind and is forcing you to take a look at it? Like maybe some of you could even have some kind of dark spiritual energy hanging around you based on your own thoughts of hatred or need for revenge or even wanting to cause harm to another person?

If this is the case you could surely rid yourself of it by doing some internal work and such.

I am sure there are several phenomenea at work here and I do hope light shines on the dark places and reveals the truth to each one who asks.

Or on the other hand it could be legions of evil minions trying to disempower the light bearers by being around and watching. Who knows maybe we are about to have a spiritual battle right here on earth and we are being shown bits and pieces.

I will go with the opinion that our minds and eyes are opening and our bodies are accelerating as well. Those who know this simply know this.

posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 07:12 PM
Does anyone on this thread put emphasis on the effect these beings had on their lives? Does anyone feel that the only way to grow strong spiritually is to confront these dark entities and shun them away? I believe so. In order to know what to stay away and refrain from, we must witness darkness personally, whether it is in our minds, or in physical forms.

posted on Sep, 26 2007 @ 11:44 AM
I'm really surprised that there aren't more posts saying that "the shadow people are evil and will steal your soul!" That's generally how they seem to be viewed, but certainly wasn't my experience with them. Here is a post, perhaps my first ever on ATS, dealing with the subject. It's taken from a lengthy shadow people thread that can be found here.

I do not believe them to be demons at all. Thankfully, they never appeared that way to me.
I first remember them while very young. I would ask my parents if they saw the black things that swiftly slid under the furniture. They were certainly not something that was limited to being seen only out of the corner of my eye. I would sit and watch them at night while my parents watched television or as my father would play guitar. When bed-time would come, they would follow. However, by that time they were not lilmited to merely gliding along the wall molding. The ones at night would interact with me. I can remember lying in bad and staring (wide awake) at the various dark shapes that would shoot towards me and then vanish, only to thrust forth again. I would grab for them and pretend that they were pirate ships that I had to smash open with my little fists. Eventually, I would tire and dose off. On one particular occasion, I did find that the outline of a man (without a neck or other general deffinition) Against the wall at the foot of my bed. Strangely, its eyes were not red, as seems to be the norm, but green. I told my parents about it, but they could not see it, even as I could. It did not freighten me and remained for many nights. Other intesting sightings which do not relate to shadowmen took place in that house.
At age ten, we moved to another house. (Be it connected or not, I feel it important to state the the previous owners felt that the new house was haunted.) The shadows along the wall molding which had been commonplace at our old home, were not a part of the new one. The shapes that I played with at night were not present. There were intesting happenings during my stay there, but none that would fall in to the shadowmen catagory. That leads me to believe that they can be limited to a certain location. In addition to the move, I also grew older and learned what was the norm and what was not, in terms of the social acceptance of the supernatural. I believe that children are more susceptible and open to understanding or at least experiencing these types of things, perhaps simply because they do not realize that it is not considered normal to see these things.
As for those who have had unfortunate run-ins with these things, I am sorry that you had to go through that. But please do not let those experiences shade how you view the shadowmen in general. I guess that like all people, some are nice and others are just plain evil.

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