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U.S census used by government agencies

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posted on Jan, 20 2004 @ 11:50 AM
... 'The advisory board specifically asked this question, whether they were providing data to any other government agency, and the answer was "no,'" [Barry Steinhardt] said."

' The Census Bureau's Web site says it protects confidentiality 'through disclosure-information techniques.' ...

"U.S. census information provided by millions of Americans was used in a government study to profile airline passengers as terrorist risks... The NASA experiment used 5 million census records from each of two data sets it created, 'one that stores household records and another that stores person records.'

'Information given by American citizens for reasonable demographics information has been turned around and used to spy on people. This sounds like East Berlin, circa '74," said Mr. Scannell, a privacy advocate."

"NASA is supposed to be engaged in space exploration."

So we find out the real need for the census...they are so many ways to abuse that information i think they should only be doing a head count and not all the other information they ask for such as race ect.

[Edited on 20-1-2004 by McGotti]

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