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Zbigniew Brzezinski...Founder of Al QAEDA & trilateral Guru?

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posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 02:53 PM
The Rockerfeller foundation employs enormous resources in sponsoring many different types of ideological movement.
They, as many have, have used these movements thoughout history when the need arose, to their benefit.

Such was the sponsoring of this underground web of power and influence that throughout the cold war the Rockerfeller family lived a very peaceful life, many saying that their family was the one alway in the shadows, pulling the strings of the government.

Allen dulles, former head of the CIA, had his office during WWII in suite nº 3603 of the Rockerfeller center in New York, not much futher away in suite 5600, was the personal office of one, DAVID ROCKERFELLER.
In this office Rockerfeller was brought news of the inteligence and missions that he himself had ordered, through the office of Dulles two floors below.

Someone csaid "The Rockerfellers did´nt have any influence on the goverment - THEY WHERE THE GOVERMENT".
David Rockerfeller, founder of the trilateral comitee and its leader since 1973,has left it clear the mission of the comission

Substitute the hierachys of the world with a world wide technical and financial elite"

Zbigniew Brzezinski, a polish interlectual, came to the U.S when he was 25 years old.
He met Rockerfeller while he gave one his talks at the Brookings Institute.
He would stay at Rockerfellers side, as the idealist in his think tank.

Nixon, in 1971 was a thorn in the side of Rockerfeller, especially after implementing the new economy policies, which effectively tied the hands and feet of the businessmen , putting price limits, and increasing Whitehouse power-

"The time has come to break the siege thats crippling the multinational businesses and time to move the world economy" said Rockerfeller, it was time to start a liberation in the economy..just what Zbigniew thought aswell.

What Rockerfeller wanted for his secret society and the what the Pole thought where exactly them same.
Zbigniew had forseen the fall of communism, and thought it time to cut the power of the governments and democracys in favor of the businesses.
He knew that the changes in society would be provoked by technology, and call for a new political reality to which the country would have to adapt.

Rockerfeller had a reunion with presidents of more than 20 countrys in his mansion to put to them the idea of making economic and political ties easier, between the North America, Europe and Japon with a world financial market governing all, but always under control of the U.S.A, unknown to the rest.

The aid given to developing countries would make them "Governable Democracys". Zbigniew predicted that future wars would´nt be between east and west but between first and third world countrys.
The trilateral commision had prepared itself for globilisation 25 years in advance.
They sought a world in which every country could convert itself into a natural market for the worlds most powerful businiesses.

After sponsoring and putting in power Jimmy Carter, the secret agenda was put into action. 5 of the 6 most powerful men in the carter regime were all part of the trilateral..the sixth was Zbigniew.

Zbigniew put into action various plans to "suffocate" the former USSR.
This was essential as the trilateral plan was only possible in a world without the USSR as enemy.

His plan worked. He planned, founded and funded what today we know as "AL QEADA", but in 1979 it was know as "MAKTAB AL JIDAMAT" o "MAK" which translates in arab to "service offices"-
Thousands of young muslims came to the camps in Peswhar run by a young OSAMA BIN LADEN.
The head of the cia and trilateral member, GEORGE BUSH Sr was and is a firm friend of the Bin Laden family, with them inverting millions into the first petrol business of his son.

Zbigniew went infront of the Senate Commision Of Exterior Relations, in Febuary this year and stated -

"A terrorist action on American soil perpertrated by Iran would terminate in the USA taking defensive action against this country"

What was he referring to ?

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