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Barksdale Missile Number Six: The Stolen Nuclear Weapon

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 02:11 AM
reply to post by TXMACHINEGUNDLR

If your talking to me,thanks.

Yes Russia and the U.S are in IMO in a situation as tense as the cold war.The U.S wants to put up missile defense systems in Poland and the Chezch Republic,Russia greatly opposes and has went as far as to threaten to turn nukes towards Europe if we go ahead with it.We have shown 0 signs of slowing down or halting the project.

Not to mention the monetary ties to Iran,and past hard feelings.This could be a dangerous time for not just America but the world.I'm not fear mongering,this is honestly what i believe is happening here.I'm going to go see if i can find if they do in fact break down nukes at this base in Louisiana.I shall be back

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 02:16 AM
Just some some pointers.

1.The punishment of the personnel supposedly involved does not fit.
For lesser violations personnel would face court martial and imprisonment.
Yet here its not the case.

2. Why does a US city have to be the target? Why does a detonation even need to take place? I would keep an eye on Dubai, it's a modern Irem just waiting to happen.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 02:21 AM

If this is true... and there is a missing nuke and it does go off in a major city what can we the American people do to expose this?

We can ware shirts and chant investigate nuke 9/14 behind Geraldo.... oh nevermind, I just depressed myself. sigh....

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 02:40 AM
reply to post by crgintx

"If a false-flag nuclear attack does take place on US soil, the perpetrators will use former Soviet nuclear material so as to blame Islamic extremists."

This is probably true, but wouldn't it be useful to already have a ready-made bomb on hand? A small, light, easily-transported bomb like the W-80 warhead from a cruise missile? All you'd have to do is take out the plutonium pit and replace it with another pit made from old Soviet plutonium.

The U.S. DoD has had quite a lot of access to plutonium and other nuclear materials in the former Soviet Union at various times. We've worked with the Russians to help them secure a lot of their nuclear junk. It wouldn't be too difficult for us to steal some.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 02:43 AM
Maybe we as humans deserve to die. I mean, all we do is create wars and kill other human beings. Thats what we spend the majority of money and research on as well. And we refuse to learn from the constant wars going on that war is meaningless and only leads to more wars and more hate.

It wouldnt surprise me if we dont get to see anything at all about this in the news. All while news on Britney Spears latest show are in the headlines.

Maybe we deserve what is coming?

On the other hand, the majority of normal people dont want wars. Its just the leaders that drag people into these things.

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 03:23 AM
reply to post by

Anyone can find out how to make a nuke from the Web. The problem has always been obtaining the fuel. If the missing device cannot be detonated except by code, then IMO the fuel would be removed and placed into another device that doesn't require a code to set it off.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 03:30 AM

Originally posted by ibgrimme
IMO the fuel would be removed and placed into another device that doesn't require a code to set it off.


All modern U.S. nuclear bombs require very precise detonation of high explosive lenses to implode the plutonium to a supercritical state. There's absolutely no way that such a device could be disassembled and its parts used in any crude device (other than just a dirty bomb).

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 03:46 AM

Originally posted by Evasius
If there is something planned soon, it could explain why Australia's Prime Minister, John Howard, is waiting so long to announce this year's election date. He's expected to announce it any day now, and according to the latest polls his chances are less than ideal for a win.

I'm just speculating, but what if Bush mentioned something to him during last week's APEC summit? What if Howard was told to 'hang on and things'll turn around - give it a few weeks and the numbers will change'? He wouldn't need to know details, just that he should wait. If something major did happen this month, I doubt the people would be so inclined to change leaders within two months time.

Howard has been such a 'Yes Man' and good friend to the president, I'm sure Bush would do whatever it took to keep the prime minister on-side. And I'm also just as sure Howard would do anything for his 'bestest friend.'

Could it be that Howard is stalling to ensure his re-election resulting directly from 'planned catastrophic events' in the US?

Mate, You have hit the nail right on the head! Ive been telling my firends and relatives this since APEC started. With polls so against him, and his history of causing incidences upcoming to all the previous elections, now that he is so unpopular, theres no way that he would stick to his guns without knowing that something was about to happen that he thinks would swing his approval rating around.

I do not beleive that Bush told Kevin Rudd the same info he told Howard, thou it was said that their discussion was somewhat "heated" and that was it, the swore not to repeat what happened in their meeting.

I wonder if the APEC meeting was the trigger for all this to begin unfolding? I dont know, im just trying to work this out like evryone else is.

bad news mate.....bad times ahead!

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 05:33 AM
I wrote a story/novel on almost this very scenario like 7-8 years ago. Crazy. It involved a B-52 "crash" in the early 90s at The Great Salt Lake in Utah. (Made the crash up) The military gave no reason for why the plane had been carrying nuclear weapons. There where four on board, two were recovered, one turned up a few days later but was damaged and unusuable, and the last was "never found." The last one was used by the US government a decade later in a attack on Washington D.C. The attack had annihilated the Legistlative and Judiciary branches of the govenment. The president was on Airforce One returning from Europe when the attack happened, he declared national marshal law while still on the plane and noone had objected. They were more concerned with what had happened then with what was happening and what was going to happen. A group of Russian ex-military extemist were blamed. WWIII started with alliances split between east and west. It ended with a Romanov style end of the US dictatorship. I wrote it like from the point of view of a man from Virginia. How he was sent to eastern Russian and fought against the Chinese and Russians. Then when the truth came out, the US brokered a peace treaty, he was taken prisoner and later made his way back home. Somethings though were never learned, like why it all happened in the first place. I left it open for the reader to contemplate all the different reason behind it all.

Hmmm..ok as for whats happening in the real world...

What better way for Bush to become a dictator than a nuclear attack on Washington D.C.? This would give him free reign to do whatever he wanted. No opposition telling him to do things he doesnt want to do and americans adoring their only political figure left after the horrendous attack by those nasty dirty terrorist swine. What is the common answer that many americans give when asked what should we do about the middle east? They say bomb their countries and kill them all! Nuke them off the map! Can you imagine the support behind a nuclear attack on any nation after a nuclear attack anywhere in the States?

Keep a eye on Bush and his cronies, Dick and Rice. Any nuclear attack on US soil will happen in D.C. and Bush, Dick, and Rice along with other no-name yes-men will not be there for it. I am assuming that this attack is expected on the 14th?

I wonder if Bush will have seven seconds of silence for this one, if this really does happen.

To tired to go on, Ill end it here.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 05:56 AM
I think there was a movie plot based on an old Nuke being lost from a plane, it happened in Israel in the Yom Kippur war or something like that, then someone got their hands on the nuke and used it....anyhow this plot or something similiar has been put out there a few years ago.

Basically there is something going on, call it good or evil I don't know, but many things that have happened since 2000 seem like its planned out precisely, 911 the unbelievable elections before it happened, then re-election were all of the talk in the streets and Washington was that Bush was out and then the shocking outcome, Diebold etc.

If a Pearl Harbor happened, a Reichstag Fire happened, 911 happened I don't think it is out of the realm for a Nuclear incident to happen, whether a dirty bomb or full fledged Nuke somewhere on the planet.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 06:11 AM
What I don’t understand is, if 6 left and only 5 arrived where, when and how did this thing, apparently very big thing – the size of a small aircraft – I think some said, go??!

I think as some posted earlier, if it was known or postulated, that AQ have somehow got hold of a nuke, then this is where the word ‘Terror’ as in terrorism comes in to play. As in: 'you won't see it coming!

Also, even after all the discussion about the airforce sitting on the ground for a day, why oh why would you make that public/international knowledge?

I see also the OP has a ‘book’ out (mentioned twice!)

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 06:30 AM
Well its like this. If a nuke vaporized a city, any city in the world. There would be shock, horror, and fear throughout the world. But eventually people would go..."is there any footage of it?"

Truck bombs blow up the Basement of the WTC back in '93 and it is forgotten within a week or two. A few years later you have the incident in Oklahoma City and even that didnt quite shake most people in the US. Then the planes tearing their way through both WTC towers and thousands dead and have already the average person has forgotten about it. Think about all the people that have been killed in the past 15 years due to terrorist attacks inside the US, about 3-4 thousand. No one seems to care about these numbers except on anniversaries and then noone truely thinks about these numbers. I think a few million dead would seriously scare people for a long, long time and thats what would be needed for a long, bloody war. Fear is the most valuable resource there is when it comes to getting people to do what you want them to do. Iraq is a perfect example of this.

My story was never for publishing, it was just for a college writing course/class. Not trying to brag or anything. Just, it was crazy to see this being so similar to what I had written.

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 06:47 AM
Not only keep an eye on Bush and Cheney but I would think that Rumsfeld and daddy are behind the scences doing there part.

Rumsfeld has been with the inner circle a long time I wouldn't think this man out of the picture, I think we all need to really keep our eyes on them too.

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 07:51 AM
Why does it feel like we're living in a Hollywood style 'reality' ?
This seems like yet another chapter in the 9/11 saga.
Which constist of 3 films as if you couldn't guess by now.

The first film is called "The Two Towers"
The second film is called "The End Of All Things"
The third film is called "2012 : Endgame"

Currently we're in the 2nd film nearing the start of the 3rd act just what that act will be depends on who's writting the script they'er following. We're all just along for the ride, spectators in whatever is going on here.

- W -
* Who wonders who's watching this film we're all in anyway ? *

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 07:55 AM

Originally posted by Woulfe
Why does it feel like we're living in a Hollywood style 'reality' ?
This seems like yet another chapter in the 9/11 saga.
Which constist of 3 films as if you couldn't guess by now.

The first film is called "The Two Towers"
The second film is called "The End Of All Things"
The third film is called "2012 : Endgame"

Currently we're in the 2nd film nearing the start of the 3rd act just what that act will be depends on who's writting the script they'er following. We're all just along for the ride, spectators in whatever is going on here.

- W -
* Who wonders who's watching this film we're all in anyway ? *

Actually Endgame is coming out next month. =)


Current events feels like a movie because anyone can see the strings being pulled. What worries me is that they dont even care if people notices anymore. That means they dont think the ending is preventable.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 08:58 AM

Originally posted by MikeboydUS
Why does a US city have to be the target? Why does a detonation even need to take place? I would keep an eye on Dubai, it's a modern Irem just waiting to happen.

In my opinion, the most likely target would be somewhere in Pakistan. A nuclear power that is currently in the throes of a power struggle between Islamic militants trying to oust/assassinate the current regime, President Musharraf desperately trying to reign in the militants whilst maintaining power as dictator, and with the return of not one, but two former Prime Ministers who were exiled after Musharraf's military coup

Analysis: Pakistani militants strike at heart of power

..What is more alarming is that this time the militants have struck not at army patrols in the tribal regions of northern Pakistan but in the highest security area, inside the heart of the army's headquarters in Rawalpindi. It means that they militants are moving around more or less at will, and attacking with impunity. Pakistan has not seen this kind of situation before.
...General Musharraf's dilemma is that if he takes decisive action, by declaring a state of emergency or even martial law, it will create an even greater backlash. So the situation is slipping out of his control...

Sharif returns to Pakistani soil

...Mr Sharif, who was ousted by President Pervez Musharraf in a bloodless coup in 1999, has spent seven years in exile...Mr Sharif says he is determined to lead a campaign against General Musharraf ahead of elections.

Bhutto vows early Pakistan return

...Ms Bhutto had been in talks to become PM again, with beleaguered Gen Pervez Musharraf stepping down as army chief but seeking a new term as president. Ms Bhutto said she would announce the date of her return on 14 September. Another former PM, Nawaz Sharif, has announced he will return on 10 September to challenge Gen Musharraf.

Not sure if it could be relevant, but a highly-charged political event is unfolding in Pakistan, and with Ms. Bhutto announcing her return home on the same date as the 14 sept stand-down

And also happening as we speak...a massed joint-naval exercise in the Bay of Bengal

Exercise Malabar 07-2 Kicks Off

BAY OF BENGAL (NNS) -- More than 20,000 personnel from five different countries are participating in Exercise Malabar 07-2. This multilateral exercise includes naval forces from India, Australia, Japan, Singapore and the United States.

Exercise Malabar 07-2 is designed to increase ability to operate among the Indian, Australian, Japanese, Singaporean, and U.S. maritime forces to develop common understanding and procedures for maritime operations. Interoperability among maritime forces allows for a more effective capability to respond, as necessary, to maritime threats such as terrorism proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and transnational challenges such as pandemic disease and natural disaster.

All the factors are readdy to be assembled, all that's needed is a story of a rogue Pakistani Army/Militant capture of a nuclear asset, the missing Barksdale bomb set off somewhere in mainland Pakistan (Islamabad perhaps?), and the conventiently-plaved 7th Fleet to spring into action to help either Sharif or Bhutto back into power and restore order...

...any comments on the possibility of the scenario?

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 09:36 AM
Fascinating Read!

Now this is what I found - a somewhat more chilling theory:

Why was a nuclear-armed bomber allowed to fly over the US?

There is another tactical consideration that makes the supposed mix-up at Minot Air Base even more chilling. The Air Force, as well as the Navy, is increasingly making dual use of its cruise missiles, changing nuclear warheads for conventional ones. Conventional Air Launched Cruise Missiles have been used extensively in recent US military interventions. If such a “mistake” is possible in a flight between two US air bases, presumably it is equally possible in a wartime situation, with the potential of a B-52 launching a nuclear strike against a target that was meant to be hit with a conventional weapon.

The second possibility—that the flight was authorized at a higher level—poses an even more immediate threat.

B-52s from Barksdale have been used repeatedly to strike targets in Iraq, firing cruise missiles at Iraqi targets in 1996 and 1998, and in the “shock and awe” campaign that preceded the 2003 invasion, carrying out some 150 bombing runs that devastated much of the southern half of the country.

Now is this incident was only a "MISTAKE" as claimed by Pentagon, then this "MISTAKE" could easily be repeated again in future in another possible scenario regarding Iran. Or the truth could be far more sinister - that rogue elements withing current U.S. government are actually planning and ordering the first use of nuclear weapons since WWII and bombs being thrown on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And we all know, how certain generals and vice-presidents are eager to strike Iran, better sooner then later...

Mod Edit: Excesive External Quote.

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 09:45 AM
reply to post by Pfeil

You may have some psychic ability and not realize it. This is sometimes expressed in art or writing.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 09:47 AM

Originally posted by mad scientist
Interesting topic and read. However there is too much inuendo and speculation to make ths assumptions believable. For example, where is a reference stating that the weapons were unguarded for 10 hours ?
Also why got to all the effort to steal a weapon which will obviously be missed. The US has thousands of plutonum cores from decomssioned weapons. If as you suggest this is some government operation they could make a weapon out of one of these pits and be far less obvious about it.

As for a smoking gun I very much doubt it. As a previous member said, they can trace the plutonium in the weapon back to the reactor it was created in, even to the month and the year. It would be very hard to hide the fa(c)t that it was an american weapon.

And the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna would be ideally situated to produce evidence as to the origin of the fissiles in a "mystery" nuclear explosion. IAEA doesn't report to the US Government and does examine stockpiles of plutonium from all over the world.

There is one "advantage" to stealing a military nuclear weapon rather than swiping a pit from someone's stockpile (I submit that security around the Russian stockpile was porous for long enough to make it the most likely source for a pit) and building an weapon outside the military supply chain - as someone else noted, all of our military nukes are computer-tracked, probably with RFID that would allow their movement from place to place to be automatically monitored at all times. The terrorists (or whoever diverted the nuke in question) wouldn't have to prove they have a weapon - WE would know about it if they simply provided corroborating details, say photos showing serial numbers of the stolen device.

I say that this is an advantage because it absolves the would-be nuclear blackmailer from having to "prove" ownership of a clandestinely-produced nuclear device by building several and detonating one (the opening sequence in so many spy novels and movies).

The former owners of a stolen nuclear weapon are ideally placed to confirm or deny the truth of a nuclear blackmailer's claims to have taken a nuclear weapon (unless this happened in Russia in the chaos immediately following the fall of European Communism, in which case it's entirely possible that, like Aleksandr Lebed's missing suitcase nukes, there may be controversy within the organization missing the nuke as to whether any of them are actually missing.

I personally do not believe that any of the Minot-Barksdale weapons are missing. If nothing else, a security lid would have been clamped onto the story immediately in order to facilitate the investigation and search for the missing item if an item had, indeed, turned up missing. We've already heard more than we would have if we were facing a Broken Arrow.

Barksdale AFB is a huge facility (I visited it once in the early 1990s to see the Eighth Air Force Museum). In the case of the missiles, they would have been behind at least two levels of security, one of which is a detachment of Air Police ordered to shoot to kill any unauthorized personnel going past a line of red paint (called with some justification the "deadline.")

Six (or five) missiles standing unattended behind the "deadline" where B-52s are kept at Barksdale is not the same thing as leaving them out on a highway rest area at I-20 outside Shreveport. The statement that the warheads and missiles were in Air Force custody at all times would have been a true one.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 09:49 AM
reply to post by Pfeil

Also, if you've seen the movie "Fail Safe", the idea of the US government exploding a nuclear bomb on its own soil for political purposes is not a new one. If the right situation occurs, or power falls into the wrong hands it might be decided that the loss of a couple of million people is just a means to an end.

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