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My impression of John's soul machine theory.

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posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 07:10 PM
Disclaimer: I have not adopted this as my official theory or religion. I will admit however that the basic principal of it has helped to sculpt my idea of the afterlife as something more mechanical, less spiritual. Something involving the wonders of ET technology. Just a little bit more wisdom to add to my perception of the grand scheme. Thank you Mr. Lear!

My Impression of John Lear's Giant Soul Machine on the Moon Theory
Why do people find it impossible to accept this theory? You don't have to believe it, per se--but why reject it so strongly? I mean, which theory satisfies you? What's YOUR theory? Does it involve anything tangible? Does your soul become a shimmery sparkling translucent thing that whisks away into the great oblivion? Some sort of heaven? Here, somebody provides a theory with real, material, linear format, and people say PFFFT! How absurd! Well I don't know about you, but a giant soul receptor is the best bloody thing I've ever heard when it comes to theorizing about souls!!! Here is the theory as I understand it. Bear with me as I delve into the logic of it all. By the end, I hope it doesn't sound as absurd as the first sentence does:

Upon death the human body emits a signal that is then received by the antennae of a giant ET machine on the moon. The signal contains all of the vitals of a human life. IE: memories, knowledge, wisdom, sights and sounds... The machine can then catalog it in its memory, adding all the collected wisdom and progress of a human lifetime to its cosmic awareness... Or send the signal back to enrich it with another lifetime. OR, (adding to John's theory) what if the machine provides a place for the signal to thrive, to regain consciousness within its nano-circuits? LIKE THE MATRIX! What if the machine provides heaven to a conscious signal?

There are mysterious things in the human body... Have you ever heard of the pineal gland? A true enigma. It's at the heart of the brain, within the third ventricle, and it does some mysterious things upon death! I urge you to research it. What if this little piece of tissue is transmitting the collective data of our lives, that which it relentlessly recorded since birth--to the machine? Is it really that insane to consider it? Is not your wireless internet router less amazing and divine than you? Are our divine creators incapable of designing us with an innate ability to broadcast data into the sky?

Think of it this way--if there is life after death, how do you explain it? By which physical means does consciousness transcend bodily death? Where does the "soul" go? And by what means does it physically exist? Any physics professor will tell you that everything in existence is physically existing. From light, to thoughts, to sound... Thoughts are composed of electrons! Real, honest to goodness, physical-not magical molecules of electricity. Thoughts ARE electrons capable arranging themselves into billions of configurations. Hence, consciousness.

People need to stop thinking of the soul as a walking, talking, glorious flying entity that inhabits mortal bodies only as a test to determine its worthiness of god's kingdom. I'm starting to think of the soul as a string of code. A collective blueprint, a mere schematic for driving a body. A dynamic, ever-changing compendium, a database that consists of all which it has seen since its creation. The soul and the body go together. A package deal; for without each other, they are useless. I don't believe that our "RAW" shell-less selves come out of our bodies to wander the universe at will. Nor that it is our destiny to retreat at long last to a great heaven. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are strings of code traveling in wireless signals, destined for a machine on the moon. Or something like that. Hah.

Edited to add:
Google the words pineal gland soul. Wikipedia calls it "the seat of the soul".

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posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 07:16 PM
Then break the boundaries. Make your own rocket and fly out of this world and prove him wrong. Only then will you be content in knowing what you desired to be true.

If he's right.. damn.

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 08:10 PM
Hmm wikipedia is never a good source of information purely because of the users ability to alter the content there, also Wikipedia never called it 'the seat of the soul' according to wiki it was a gentleman named René Descartes (March 31, 1596 – February 11, 1650) that named it that, anyhoo i had a wee look into a few articles on the pineal gland and i couldn't find anything that strange about it, i'll keep on looking though.

Could you provide a link with some of the information you read on the pineal gland?


posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 12:01 AM
Hmm, well based on the information we have so far as a society, I would believe that we are simply atoms and molecules that decompose back into the Earth before I would believe we have some invisible "soul" that somehow floats around back and forth between the Earth and the moon.

I'll go with the more reasonable explanation until someone can prove otherwise...

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 05:24 AM
Either war it's quite impossible to prove it at the moment, and probably still will be for years to come!

I guess the only real way to know is to do it the natural way and wait.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 12:16 PM
Let's just assume for the sake of argument that a 'soul' does exist and that 'it' survives physical death. This concept is certainly not new. I think it is fair to say that the concept in general is very pervasive throughout world cultures. Every social group puts a different spin on it. Christianity speaks of God, Jesus, ascension, heaven and hell. More eastern religions tend to speak in terms of reincarnation, a Supreme power, and adepts who are human, but have developed the ability to understand the nature of reality beyond this one. This is all independent of your or my belief. It's what our collective culture has given us to work with in terms of the concept alone.

None of these cultures attributes a soul with molecules and atoms. The idea is that the soul is composed of a 'higher' form of matter. Some say this matter 'vibrates at a higher level.' To our scientific way of thinking statements like that are meaningless. There is no scientific way to validate the claim of a soul, a few experiments with weights and measures notwithstanding. Science believes it has captured the entire spectrum of vibration, from infrared to ultraviolet on to cosmic rays at the highest. In the scientific mindset there is no place for the soul to 'vibrate' any higher.

In terms of a higher "plane" or "dimension" this idea, too, has little value in science. Those who attempt to use the multi-dimensional aspects of String Theory to accommodate this really shouldn't. The extra dimensions of String Theory are extremely tiny. They aren't "dimensions" the way science fiction authors have portrayed them with literary license. However, String Theory does hint at the possibility of a dimensional aspect to the universe with its idea of "membranes." In essence, this may be a definitional dispute. String Theory is really beyond experimentation at this stage, which is one reason it is not fully accepted scientifically. The math works to reconcile Quantum Mechanics and Relativity, but no one has ever seen a string, a trace of a string, or anything close because they are too tiny for us to detect with current equipment.

The point is that at least at the bleeding edge of physics there is a faint hint of an inter-dimensional quality to the universe that could potentially accommodate a 'place' that is not of the three dimensions plus time we experience in our corner of the universe and here on earth. Couple that with the rich and pervasive tradition of the idea of souls arisen from human culture and I think you at least have the basis to consider the idea, knowing that not only is it not proven, it cannot be proven under present circumstances of scientific or technological development.

IF the nature of Capital-R Reality is as described above, then it has been that way well prior to the advent of any technological civilization. Matter does not need civilization to exist, though there are some ideas that it needs 'thought' or that 'thought creates reality.'

What we have here, though, is a speculation that a physical three-dimensional 'tower' has been built on our Moon thet serves to ferry souls from one place to another. Its structure and the mechanics of its operation are shrouded in mystery. How would it work? No one can say, except for one thing:

It doesn't make sense.

Why would you need a physical entity in our spacetime to 'ferry' souls, which are not of this spacetime, from one place to another? It would seem totally unnecessary. If a soul does exist in another plane of existence, it wouldn't need a physical electro-mechanical device in THIS plane of existence to help it along.

The Soul Tower is pure abject speculation. It certainly does not fit into current scientific thought on the composition of the Universe. But it also does not fit into the composite religious thought on the nature of the soul. It is an anachronistic piece of equipment that does not fit either the scientific or religious concepts of reality. In other words, the evidence we have would seem to suggest both that a tower is not necessary and that further, it does not exist.

What we have are a few people (a VERY few) who 'believe' such a tower exists and 'believe' it has some sort of Soul Catcher purpose. That's the nature of the evidence thus far. It is not incumbent on anyone else to disprove the tower. No one has to take their own spacecraft to the alleged location of the tower, take pictures, and say, "See? No tower!" No one is required to do that.

The great thinkers the world has produced have often come up with what were initially termed Crazy Ideas, new paradigms that could not easily be accepted initially. Examples include evolution, relativity, and the heliocentric solar system. But they didn't expect people to just believe them. They proved their Crazy Ideas to the point that there was no wiggle room. They proved with experiment, observation, and mathematics that their Crazy Ideas formed a picture of reality that was valid. Newton did that. Einstein superceded Newton. Now String Theory seems to supercede Einstein. In all cases, Reality has been shown to incorporate previous valid ideas into a broader structure.

Even the Church leaders knew Galileo was right. They just didn't want to let it out because they felt the public couldn't handle it. (Sound familiar?). As one physicist put it, "Nature is not the way it is because it is, it is the way it is because it has to be." We have discovered some truths about the nature of the universe. Certainly there is much more to discover.

But the point is, if you've got a Crazy Idea, it is incumbent on you to prove it. Telling other people who disbelieve your Crazy Idea that it is their responsibility to prove the negative is not an example of logical thought. Speculate all you want, but don't expect anyone else to believe your Crazy Idea until YOU can prove it beyond the shadow of a doubt. Unless you can do better than you have so far, the idea of a Soul Tower is still an idea that is Crazy.

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posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 02:01 PM
reply to post by schuyler

Marvelous contribution.....bravo!!

An idea I entertain from time to time is that the soul is the result of the survival instinct of our extremely self-aware minds. That even should our physical bodies die and decompose, that we could cheat the inevitable and continue to exist in some corporeal realm.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 01:11 AM
I don’t know if there is any reality to the idea of a “Soul Catcher” on the moon which aliens use to reincarnate our souls into new incarnations.

I can appreciate for many people, the whole notion seems crazy. I myself agree with others who have posted on the subject that the whole notion seems to go against all of our existing scientific knowledge and a wide spectrum of the belief systems of our major established religions on this planet. But perhaps our science is just very primitive and our religions are still at the level of a kindergarten – directed at the level of our civilizations development a thousand years or more in the past.

Although the whole question of the existence of a soul is above stated as being outside the realm of science, this may be just our present lack of theory and toolsets to investigate this realm. “Vibration at a higher level” seems to be a mere analogy to explain something that we simply don’t have the basis of knowledge to comprehend. This similarly applies to those who speak of another spiritual “plane” or “dimension”.

All I know is that there are many who do seem to feel they have experienced previous incarnations on other planets and they were brought here for a purpose. This is something I have encountered amongst some of my relatives in my mother’s family.

I also have many mysterious memories that seem to relate to a previous incarnation on this planet that ended with a capture and a period of confinement on an alien spaceship. The man in this previous incarnation was not allowed to go back to earth with his existing “identity” but was offered the opportunity to come back in a new identity. I believe his “existence” was ended by his body being put into some sort of sleep state.

I don’t know how the aliens did this, but they supposedly had some means to control the transfer of his soul from his old body into a human fetus carried by my mother. I recall this procedure was performed on board the massive starship of his captivity. I know that some of my “memories” of this man’s life seem to be real ones from his life and that some of my memories of his disappearance do coincide with real accounts surrounding his mysterious disappearance. I of course have no way to verify whether he really was captured and kept captive by aliens and what really did happen to him.

I am not asking anyone to believe this as I really have no proof and I guess it really doesn’t matter to me what others believe. We all heavily rely on our personal experiences to guide us in our quest to understand the mysteries of this world. Maybe out of the millions out there, perhaps someone else has had an experience like this. I myself have to wonder what ever became of the other man who was captured with me.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 01:13 AM
Hey by gosh, if that soul machine is my only chance to ever get to
go to the moon.. ill take it

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