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Some theories on this site are making things worse

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posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 04:59 PM
I have been reading these posts everyday now for around 4 months I think, and i have everything from JFK, 9/11, Aliens & UFO's, New World Order and the list goes on. I have certainly enjoyed reading them and I will call back everyday to read as much as I can, but I just cannot get my head around certain ideas and opinions within this forum, which are basically just falling into the hands of the American governent and their ideas of how the world should be today.

Take for instance 9/11, to me its an inside job, but to me all that happened is that we provoked a certain nation behind the scenes because of oil, policies and then back stabbed them, and it was pay back time for the US and the US simply let them in to do whatever they had to do so that the US could go ahead and bomb a country that had not killed one single US person, but because they had oil that America needs.

America then used that to bring into force policies that came in at midnight without being read first such as the 'Patriat Act'. That was the start of taking people liberties away from them and it was done through fear, confusion and patriotism.

So fear then is the biggest weapon the american government has against its people, to do whatever it has to do, and then this forum has been building the UFO thing up for a while now, and even stated a few dates in August when the Aliens and their UFO's will be landing on our world, and how we must fear them n all. There are no Aliens living in the moon, there are no 7000k UFO's around Saturn, we are just creating more and more fear which the American government want so we basically fall into line, even people in these forums who think they are doing good by looking and pointing out UFO's in the sky's are doing wrong, and basically self perpetuating the whole fear and paranoia crap that they wont us to feal.

Just take a step back and think wait a minute why the hell if there where Aliens with 7k long space ship, give a crap what george bush says with outer space treaties n all, like wouldnt you think who the hell is this george bush anyway. We talk on these forums like we have made peace with them and are making pacts with them, what a load of rubbish, in one hand we are building the fear up, and then following Hollywood and building up America to be our saviours and intergalactic translaters and peace keepers. What the hell is all that about, basically we are talking about it, making people fear that soon there is going to be a landing, and then Bush is using that fear to go to the moon to basically take control of it because there either oil there or something else as important, its greed guys and power.

I'll probably be slated for talking honestly and giving my opinions that certaing discussions on this forum are making things worse for everybody else, and building up fear, but I just had it on my mind and had to get it on the site, just to make myself happy, and to tell people that I do not come to this site to believe in a religion of fear, but basically came to this site to try and understand some of the more basics theories on other issues that interest me.


posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 05:08 PM
I remember the film In the line of fire especially the bit where Clint Eastwood is waiting for the assassin to show himself and the balloon pops and he thinks its a gunshot.

I imagine a lot of people (myself included) are looking and waiting for that pop.

Anticipation of death is worse than death itself ( i watch too many films but i cant remember what film that quote was from).

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 05:16 PM
I like that. I've done one alien one that got fifty replies and made me laugh. On another effort I was called a rookie. I see your point about instilling fear into people though. I may have done this before, but here is an hour of stuff for you, and it is worth the watch

OK, le hard sell. These people are at the top of the tree and terrified of instability. Problems arise when they view us a self centred beings, their models do not cope with altruism, aka giving, sharing, trusting, so they don't like it, and want to project on us that we are just selfish. The programmes deal with the mess in setting up the new Russia, Iraq, how lessons were never learnt and looks at deeper intellectual philosophising which these politicians take seriously and at points by demanding one extreme or the other without containment is nothing short of bull. The programme pretty much dismantles it as a limiited and inept model of humanity that cannot even account for emotion. I hope you enjoy it.

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 05:16 PM
So you basically admit to being fearfull of something happening, when what do you think is actually going to happen.

Fear is the new religion of the world, and its created by telling stories and making things up that will never happen and didnt happen in the first place.

The American governement and all its financial backers are using spin, and they even got Tony Blair believing in it, but at least we didnt believe it and threw him out in the end.

Its all media spin, UFO's, secrecy, new bin laden videos n all.

Thats another one, Bin Laden in those mountains, give me a break, hes being looked after by America somewhere, and is in on it all. He and his family are raking it in, and all because of fear, and not just fear from terrorists, but fear of everything, Aliens, terrorists, dates that correspond to terrible things are going to happen.

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 05:59 PM
Sorry multichild did you mean me?

Im not fearful just observant (like Clint).

What i mean is the pop could be anything ranging from the next government move,new police powers etc. Not necessarily terrorism.

I live in the u.k. and we are not exactly self sufficient here.We rely on a lot of other countries and if we did not have gas being pumped from wherever we get our gas from these days we would have to resort to other means (hence all the energy related issues we have).

Last christmas Europe was about to have its gas supply cut off (that includes u.k.) hence all the price wars.

If you are rich then you can afford the hiked up prices and you probably wouldnt notice on your quarterly but i know a lot of people did struggle.

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