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Police caught on tape threatening to destroy and invent evidence

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posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 09:26 AM
the driver already stated he was not baiting. even if he was, it's irrelevant.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 09:49 AM
[A person has standing (the right) to contest the stop of his car and the search of his person or car. That means you can ask what you did wrong, and they have to tell you the "specific" reason.

A person, human being should have the right to challenge some moron cop.

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posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 10:18 AM
Several posters above have made incorrect statements and I want to clarify them for you.

First, no cop has the right to question anyone about anything. No law states that we must answer ANY questions at any time. Sure, the cops can ask, they can whistle Dixie if they want, but you CANNOT be charged with a crime for not speaking to a cop; you have the absolute right to remain silent. Cops have NO RIGHTS legally to expect conversation of ANY type from a citizen. Period. If a cop does not have probable cause without your comments, then he has no case.

Burglary tools: read the law: See where it says " ...eith the INTENT to commit burglary "? If the cops cannot prove INTENT, such as by showing you were syanding in an alley facing a window with tools in your hands, then there is no offense. you can carry a MILLION tools with you; NO LAW anywhere says that you can only carry enough tools to change a tire!! That is ridiculous!! What about mechanins? Must they only carry their tools for a tire also? See how silly things get quoted as LAW? No such law exists.
INTENT is the backbone of every law; no intent, no crime.

Some pig told some dumb kid that they could'nt carry tools except for a tire and now it gets repeated here as if it is true!! See how rumours change to " facts ' despite no evidence? Sure, any cop can flasely charge anyone at any time. They do so quite often, that is why it is especially important to follow the advice of ATTORNEYS and not victims of police lies. If you merely give your ID and then shut up their is NOTHING the cops can do to you that will make it worse for you; when it gets to court the attorney will tell you that you did the right thing by simply giving your identity and then clamming up.

Let the fool cop talk himself silly, let him threaten and bluster and lie; just stay calm and act confident and ignore their lies and bluffs. Be prepared to go to jail and do NOT whine and wimp out and beg..jail is not that bad, especially when a magistrate or judeg see the facts of the case and realizes that all you did was follow the law and not incriminate yourself. Charges have a way of getting dropped or thrown out when it will embarrass the Prosecutors or cops; the DA makes the decisions to prosecute or not and if a case looks bad for the cops, one that a defense attorney will pick apart easily, charges will be dropped.

The WORST thing that anyone can do is to start talking to a cop; you will ALWAYS lose that game, it is stacked against you from the get go; the cops will win every time with arguning and talking. Just shut up, smile as if you know something they do not, and watch them squirm and twist trying to find some charge that won't make them look stupid and vindictive, which of course is what they are; they just do not want the rest of the world to know it!!

The few times I have had confrontations with cops I have WON every time by being a hard ass, someone who will retaliate legally if ANY of my rights are messed with. Let them know it. Just tell them " I never speak without an attorney present", and then shut up. The cops are then left with a problem: you have officially asked for counsel, have expressed your rights to be silent, and now the cop has to violate your rights and harrass you to get any more conversation from you. You can sit there and say NOTHING and it is perfectly legal.

Remember, NO LAW says that you must tell the cops ANYTHING ( except to identify yourslef )..the cops have NO LEGAL rights to expect ANY conversation from you whatsoever. They are supposed to be able to collect enough probable cause for an arrest without your giving it to them. NEVER speak to a cop except to give identity. Just remain silent and you will be the safest you can be legally. Ignore their lies and bluffs.If some lying dog of a pig says " OK, you won't talk to us, you can talk at the jail". FINE. Lets go to jail!! That gives me the chance to sue you, fool!!

You talk to NO ONE except your attorney. Thats it. Any other talk will work against you, for sure. The cops will lie about what you said, they are immoral and sick lying dogs with no consciences so do not talk to them!! They are not WORTHY of your time and attention. Let them talk to your lawyer if they are so chatty, right? Right!!

And , if some cop threatens to arrest you for a camera or some other innocuous items you are carrying, DO NOT ARGUE. Just smile and imagine how stupiud that cop will look when you are released and can sue them for false arrest. Burglary tools? Thats funny!! That is just another LIE that the cops use to try and intimidate and harrass the people. If some cop says he is going to do this and that, just smile and let them do it, do not protest, do NOT try and convince the filthy liar that you are innocent; he KNOWS you are innocent!! He doe not CARE if you are innocent, he has only so many lies ha can use before it gets silly and laughable so they use the same ones over and over.

Call their bluff!! Just say " OK, charge me then, you are wsting my time". Let the fools charge you falsely and pay the price when you haul them into Federal court for civil rights violations. you should WANT a cop do do the wrong thing; you win sooner or later. You will be suprosed at how fast a pig will release you when they smell trouble from you. Stay calm, never raise your voice, smile like you know something they don't, and NEVER EVER allow those dogs to scare you or intimidate you. They are bluffing and if they really do charge you with nonsense stuff, it will be thrown out as soon as the DA sees the case or your attorney chats with the DA about how embarrassing it will be to try and convict you for obviously phony charges.

Judges see too many truly guilty people in a day to want to see innocent people bothered by cops with a attitude..CWA, Cops With Attitudes!! Most all of them suffer from this malady, but it is cureable by a nice lawsuit that takes the cops home and savings and car and job; they tend to get respectful and humble when they are reduced to a sobbing, poverty stricken burger flipper because a citizen had the guts to take them to court for violating rights. It is a great feeling to see a cops life ruined!! It really is. To see a formerly pompous, bragging, ignorant, lawbreaking tough guy pig reduced to a crying and blubbering mass of cowardice is a sight that everyone should see in their lives. It is wonderful to behold.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 10:21 AM

Originally posted by Squatch
Now for example... yes, it might make you feel week and it might hurt your ego for actually acting polite and cooperative with an officer but not cooperating even if it is a simple question like "Where are you heading tonight" it is best to answer the officer. By not answering or not cooperating this gives the officer the opportunity to so called "Harass" you and all this does not help you get out of a ticket or a argument with the police.

Actually don't take this advice. An officer may ask very similar questions like, "where are you headed tonight" or "you know why I pulled you over" and although they may seem harmless he is trying to build a case on you. If you are getting a ticket, you are getting a ticket regardless of whether or not you answer the question. If he says "do you know why I pulled you over?" simply ask "why was I pulled over officer?" in a polite way. Answering his question will be you waving your 5th ammendment right to not bear witness against yourself. Sounds crazy but you can wave your rights before you ever step foot in a courtroom so remember that.

Just answer them back simply by saying "I was driving home from work" or "Going to taco bell" so on. You have to make conversation with the cop because you know the cop is a person too just like you and your not the center of the world. They make conversation with you to find out where your mind is so they now how to deal with you. There is allot of psychology involved in police work.

NO! Don't make conversation with the cop. There is alot of psychology involved, and it mostly has to do with getting you to twist up your own story. The cop is looking for a reason for probable cause to search your vehicle. Dont roll the window down more than needed, don't answer questions that don't pertain to the situation at hand, simply find out why you were pulled over and avoid small talk. If you have to you can even say "I would prefer not to answer that question" and its your right to do so. If he asks you to step out of your vehicle, step out then close and lock the door behind you. if you leave the door open they can legally search your car.

They know all the ropes and every little exploit of the law, you need to learn them so you can protect yourself from the seemingly harmless conversations and requests.

It wasn't until I decided when I was about 21 to go to a local police awareness course to find out how the police operate and what they go through everyday with this kind of stuff. Believe me I hated police like mostly everyone does. Police officers are not your enemy even though it might seem that way. Basically treat people the way you want to be treating is the best way to go about things.

Good. I'm in the process of becoming a police officer and I'm glad you went to find out what they have to deal with. I don't disagree you should treat cops with respect. Mainly not only for common courtesy but for yourself and your own situation. If it does end up in court, your attitude won't help. It's not illegal, but the jury will get the idea you are an arrogant kid instead of a young adult defending his/her rights.

I was recently pulled over a couple times and I made conversation with the police. I smiled(it was hard). I cooperated and said Yes Sir and Yes Ma'mm and I was treating differently then when I asked the all mighty question "What did I do wrong Officer". I ended up talking to the police officer like you would talk to your friend. You basically have to get the "School Principle" "Detention sucks" "hatred of being bossed" mentality out of your mind.

Alright well it is still a bad idea. Chances are you waved some of your rights in the process, like your right to not have to bear witness against yourself.

You are being pulled over or stopped at a check point for the safety of the community. You might have a problem with authority like most people do or a misconception of why police do what they do. They do what they do at check points so people don't get killed by idiots that drink and drive.

Yes. Maybe it's not everywhere, but here in the GREAT state of New Jersey
, officers have to meet a minimum ticket requirement per month. That means if the officer only gave out 1 ticket, hes looking for a reason to give them out toward the end of the month. So it goes both ways.

It's safety for the community and safety for yourself. They check on suspicious cars because it's 2:00 AM and most of the city or town is in bed. Basically stop being so egotistical and stop trying to prove that the police are wrong and your not because in cases like this your chances of winning are far fetched. Your not going to change the world by acting the way you are.

Well aside from the fact in these cases the cops ARE wrong, the cop has no right to do what he did. There was no law broken, no probable cause, and sitting in a commuter parking lot for all 20 seconds is not probable cause.

Jurisdiction, yes, jurisdiction. This is a myth that was created on TV and in Hollywood. With this being a Post 9/11 world now. All Police "jurisdictions" work together and cooperate with each other.

No, its not a MYTH. You cannot go arresting people in another jurisdiction like you were eddie murphy in beverly hills cop. There are rules cops have to follow believe it or not. 9/11 isn't an excuse for cops to go investigating and doing whatever they want.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 10:25 AM

Originally posted by Squatch
If you dislike cops so much why are you putting yourself in the spotlight causing your own trouble. Is the camera in the car for the soul purpose of blackmailing the cops? This right here shows that your looking for trouble. You could have just avoided then cop instead of driving past him 4' from his door. So why is it that you have a camera in your car uh? To be the tough guy? To prove your the king of the hill? Please, answer why you have a camera in your car. Do you record everywhere you drive? That must be a time consuming hobby.

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Because he has had previous encounters where the cops abused his powers. Fact is, I am even think of putting security camera's in my car, or at least one. That way, if something does happen, there is some proof. Whether it be with an unhappy cop or a criminal trying to rob me, breaks a window, and I need to report it to the insurance agency. I'm sure having a camera makes the story of an accident very clear.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 10:36 AM

Originally posted by Squatch
Sheeple or no Sheeple it's like Postive and Negative. Lets just face it that's the way it is in the USA... probably other places... you stand up for yourself you get shot down by authority... you become brainwashed into obeying into fearing horrible and sometimes realistic consequences. What can we do? How can we do it? With society and how many people there are in the world things are only going to get worse. Yeah, it would make sense that there would be less corruption in a less populated world.

Power in numbers. Money makes the world go round. Let me leave you with a quote and just think about how utterly important it is into todays world. Realize what it means, and act on it.

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any."
Alice Walker

Think about it.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 10:42 AM
reply to post by badw0lf

Personally, I have no issue with the guy if he wants to pull into the same parking lot night after night and record these situaitons. First of all, he isn't breaking any LAW by doing so, nor is he violating any LAW by refusing to give out personal information. He has to follow a LAWFUL order from a police officer, but not divulging personal business is a PROTECTED RIGHT.

Hey, i'm more than happy to let this guy do this, if it helps bring the abuse and corruption to light and helps to reduce these types of incidences.

Let me ask you, if this happened to any one of us, how would we have responded. Would we have had a camera running?

I'm not a basher, but absolute power corrupts absolutely and I think that in today's C.O.P.S TV world, police officers are so very tempted to get the bad guys, even if that means they have to break the LAW to do so.

Are there good cops out there? I sure hope that there are more out there than those like this jerk.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 10:51 AM

Originally posted by eyewitness86
Several posters above have made incorrect statements and I want to clarify them for you.

First, no cop has the right to question anyone about anything. No law states that we must answer ANY questions at any time.

Florida Statute Section 901.151
This law states that a police officer may temporarily detain any person whom he reasonably believes under the circumstances has committed, is committing or is about to commit a crime. The officer can detain the person only long enough to obtain their identity and question them about the circumstances which led the officer to believe they were committing, had committed, or were about to commit a crime. During this brief detention, the officer cannot remove the person from the scene of the encounter. If the officer does not develop probable cause to arrest the individual then that individual shall be released. Also, if the officer has probable cause to believe that the person is armed then the officer can do a pat down for weapons.

I just love when folks play lawyer and don’t even know the laws that pertain to them. This may very some from state to state, but its pretty much standard in all of the United States.

Originally posted by eyewitness86
Burglary tools: read the law: See where it says " ...eith the INTENT to commit burglary "? If the cops cannot prove INTENT, such as by showing you were syanding in an alley facing a window with tools in your hands, then there is no offense. you can carry a MILLION tools with you; NO LAW anywhere says that you can only carry enough tools to change a tire!! That is ridiculous!! What about mechanins? Must they only carry their tools for a tire also? See how silly things get quoted as LAW? No such law exists.

Intent is proven in a court following the arrest. The officer simply states that they believe you had to tools with the intent of doing so. This happens here all the time, I know it does for a fact, and I have been present when officers have been discussing it. They are the ones who call it a “fishing law”, I certainly did not make that up from somewhere.

Originally posted by eyewitness86
Some pig told some dumb kid that they could'nt carry tools except for a tire and now it gets repeated here as if it is true!!

I have been sitting with an officer watching a movie when he received another call from an officer wanting to know the statute number for that law so he could use it for just this reason.

It is true, just accept it…
It was even used in that video!
If it was not used in that manner, then why was that the first thing the officer brought up when he decided he wanted to arrest the guy in the video?

Originally posted by eyewitness86
The WORST thing that anyone can do is to start talking to a cop; you will ALWAYS lose that game, it is stacked against you from the get go; the cops will win every time with arguning and talking.

This bit is true, but you are required to answer some questions. If you clam up you are going to go downtown for a formal investigation.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 10:52 AM
Judges know that cops lie in court because the same cops lied in court for them when they were prosecutors. It's entertaining to see a cop videotaped playing his cop games on someone. More of this needs to happen to stop the abuse of our civil rights by law enforcement officers who think that as petty city or state employees, they have been appointed as Gods. They need to obey the law themselves. Entrapment in reverse? I love it.

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posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 10:55 AM
@ defcon5

You keep talking about the laws in Florida. This happened in Missouri where the laws can be completely different.

In my city, I know for a fact that if a cop asks anything about you that doesn't have a part in why he/she stopped you, you do NOT have to answer that question because it has nothing at all to do with why you were stopped and quite frankly, it's none of the cop's business.

Here's some other things I know of and some I've used when being stopped. I live in Kentucky by the way:

1.) If a cop asks you to step out of the vehicle you have the right to ask why before stepping out. If you do this the cop has to tell you why they're asking.

2.) You're windows do NOT have to be rolled all the way down if you're asked. A gap of 2 inches is enough. Also, you do NOT have to unlock your doors when being pulled over. You have the right to lock the doors before the cop comes up to the vehicle.

3.) You can deny that any of your belongings or vehicle gets searched. It's completely up to you. Although this usually ends up in back-up being called out and makes the person look like they're hiding something and if you're really not hiding anything it's a waste of time for everyone.

4.) If the first thing the cop says is: "ID and registration please" you have the right to ask why you've been stopped before handing it over. By law the cop has to tell you first why you were stopped then ask for the ID and registration.

Only one I never did myself is #3 because it's just a waste of time, but you still have the right to deny a search. It's up to the cop to push that further along. That's where a lot of cops finally get some kind of arrest out of the stop.

There was a period of some jerk cops around my area who were doing this a lot and some people made a video about these laws that a lot of people didn't know about and they showed it repeatedly on public access TV. Eventually one cop was caught trying to plant weed on someone and they were fired. After that a couple more got suspended and they later quit. Not all cops are like this, but those few jerks make everyone think they are.

I also wanted to comment on people putting cameras in their cars. Why is there a couple of people in here that have issues with that? They could come in very handy for a number of things. You could get hijacked and use it to find out who did it. Use it to prove that you were wrongly accused of something. All kinds of things. For ones wondering how they work. Some are different. Some record everything to a DVR like device kept in the car hidden away. Some send out a wireless signal where it could be recorded at the other end of the city. A lot of parents get them for children who drive to find out what they're doing or just to make sure they're safe.

As for the 20 year old in the video being a smartass. He asked why he was being stopped. A question he had every right to ask. It's pretty obvious that cop is just a jerk who was dying to arrest someone that night and looking for any reason at all to get that done.

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posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 10:59 AM

Originally posted by nightmare_david
In my city, I know for a fact that if a cop asks anything about you that doesn't have a part in why he/she stopped you, you do NOT have to answer that question because it has nothing at all to do with why you were stopped and quite frankly, it's none of the cop's business.

Terry stop laws are pretty much the same from place to place. You have to look up the specifics for your state, but I bet they almost match word for word. They are also sometimes called “Stop and Frisk Laws”. I just happen to be using the ones for my state because I have the book right here.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 11:00 AM
Yes they can detain you long enough to ask questions defcon. That doesn't mean you have to answer any of them. If he asks the questions and you say "I don't answer questions without my lawyer present" hes going to have a hard time finding that probable cause. He can ask, as the other member said, but that doesnt mean you have to answer, which the law seems to realize.

It says he can hold you long enough to ask these questions. It says nothing about such questions being manditory to answer.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 11:05 AM
where can one get these cameras?

i searched real fast but came up with nothing like talked about in the article.

i would LOVE to have a camera that records to a small dvr unit that is stashed away up under the dash or in the trunk....

hell yeah

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 11:06 AM
Grimreaper is absolutely correct!! You never violate the rules of engagement by assuming an inferior position, never. It is NOT best to bow and scrape and beg and wish for a break..that is NOT what the cops are there for. We are NOT supposed to be intimidated by our servants!! What makes cops so special that most people get scared around them? Cops are NOT special, they are just thugs with badges and if you want your rights preserved you had better do it yourself.

Any advice that varies from what an attorney would give should be ignored, and ALL attorneys advise that you simply give your identity and then SHUT UP!! Ask ANY attorney if they would advise getting into a conversation with a cop or simply asserting your rights and remaining silent; in EVERY case the attorney will say " SHUT UP!!". They see people every day who have BLOWN any chance they had by giving up their rights and trusting a cop.

Cops CANNOT be trusted to tell the truth and obey the rules and the law. They are notoriously bad about violating rights and the law, because it makes their lives much easier; stupid people make the case for the cops by talking!!

And by the way, the poster above who reccomends that we all bow and kiss the cops rear ends and act all humble should remember that cops sense weakness quite well, and they have NO respect for anyone that is afraid of them. If saying " YES SIR and YES MA'AM " will make the cops think you are a good little sheep, just think of how thrilled the cops would be if you got down and worshipped them!! Go ahead, get on your kness in front of them and say " Of great and mighty Officer, it is with total humility that I beg you not to split my skull open for no reason..I beg you to let me go..I promise always to be respectful and bow down whenever I see a badge and gun'..PLEASE do not violate my rights..I'll be good, honest!! " That makes me sick to think that any American would lower themselves to the point of worrying about what some COP thinks about our attitudes.

I WANT every cop that crosses my path to know exactly where he stands: He stands below me and he better have a good case if he charges me with anything, because if the charges are dismissed or thrown out, there WILL be a lawsuit for damages. It only costs a 100 bucks or so for costs to file a Federal lawsuit and it can be done pro se if you cannot find a lawyer to help with it. Believe me, the cops get FRANTIC when the papers hit their door demanding an appearance in federal court for a lawsuit. No matter the outcome, it makes them see the consequences of their actions and guaranteed they will never mess with you again.

Local cops here in my county know me well; they avoid me like the plague. I have already shamed a couple of them in court, had charges thrown out, embarrassed them, and they leave me alone now. One actually puilled me over a few weeks ago for supposedly going 5 miles over the limit and having a taillight out. When they ran my tag and saw who I was, the cop came back and gave my papers back and said ' Just get the light fixed ". They KNOW that anything they do to me will turn into a fight in court, and letters to the editor, and letters in the file of the cop, and they leave me alone. That same cop, before running my name, asked me " Where are you going "? Know what I said? " I am on my way to Federal Court to sue a cop for violating my civil rights, want to come along?" He got red in the face and went away, came back and let me go.

Cops HATE a level playing field and they epsecially HATE it when they cannot bluff and lie and intimidate . When you stand your ground and let them know you hate them as much as they hate us, they get careful real fast to avoid trouble. Cops are classic bullies, they only pick on the weak and timid and stay away from the guys that will flatten them fast and do not care about their ' rep" one bit. I give them NO slack and they never will mess with me unless they have a case that is rock solid and I never intend to give them that chance.

There is one Sheriffs deputy here that falsely charged my daughter when she was in high school, the charges were all dismissed due to lack of probable cause and we humiliated the cop in court. My attorney made mincemeat of him and the Judge was angry that all of our time had been wasted and he told the cop that. My daughter had ' flipped off ' a motorist that had nearly run over her and a couple of girlfriends that were crossing the street. The pig charged HER with ' disorderly conduct ' for the gesture.

Of course, when it came to court the cop did'nt even show up and had to be called and brought in by the judges order..When he got there the DA threw the charge out after my attorney questioned him, the judge agreed. Now, whenever I see that deputy in public, I always raise my middle finger to him, really plain and clear: I flip HIM off and there is NOTHING he can do about it!! Gestures are NOT illegal: flipping off a cop is LEGAL in EVERY state in this nation. It is free expression and NOT against the law. Of course that cop hates it when I do it but I get a kick out of seeing that dog get red in the face and squirm..its fun!! I flip him off at every opportinuty and they know if they bother me whatsoever, they will suffer more than I ever would. And, it feels good to call their lying bluffs and insist on the LAW being followed.

NEVER act cowed or in awe or scared of any cop; treat them like they deserve: They are servants and should be treated as such. They are NOT better than anyone else and they are NOT above anyone else. They are chronic liars and bullies and cheats and they are good for some things, very few, and a danger to a free society when the people lay down and give up. Never give up, and never give in!!

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by grimreaper797

See that is the bit folks really aren’t getting here, and I’ve been through this before in other threads. The “Right or Remain Silent” stuff only applies to a formal investigation, and a formal investigation only happens when you are actually under arrest. You can play tough with them and give smart answers like this guy did , but your only going to ensure that you end up going downtown in the long run. Your best bet is to give short, sweet, polite answers, let them write you the darn ticket and be on your way.

If they are going to take you anyway, then you should stop answering and let them do their thing without resisting.

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posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 11:13 AM
just to be clear here...

are you saying that if a cop asks where I am headed, I HAVE to answer that question? Is there no way around it, since i would be obstructing a police investigation?

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 11:16 AM
I put the law up there for my state in plain English. It depends on how you, the cop, the judge, and everyone else interprets that law. You must be extra careful when you are driving, because you have signed to give up certain rights when you are behind the wheel of a car as well.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by defcon5

Quoting your external source:

The officer can detain the person only long enough to obtain their identity and question them about the circumstances which led the officer to believe they were committing, had committed, or were about to commit a crime.

O.K. fine. Let's apply that to this situation. The officer asked for and was shown a valid Missouri driver's license. So, we've got the identity part nailed down. Now for this subtle "circumstance" clause which allows the officer to question the individual.

First, the officer identified the individual as a "suspicious vehicle". I'll even give you that. Late at night, had incidents in the parking lot before, yada, yada, yada. Does he have a right to question...yes. But where in your quotes source does it say that the individual MUST comply with the questioning?

Had this individual committed a crime..NO, but the officer was GOING TO INVENT CHARGES TO DO JUST THAT (no turn signal, swerving in the parking lot).

Was this individual committing a crime just sitting in the lot? NO. It was a public lot and open 24 hours.

Was this individual going to commit a crime? This is the only part of your clause that gave the officer the RIGHT to question the individual. However, it does not mean that the individual has to respond (Our consitutional rights trump everytime). Furthermore, by the sheer evidence contained within the tape and transcript, it is CLEARLY EVIDENT that the officer was intent on BREAKING THE LAW if need be.

So, please tell me how any of us are obliged to divulge consitutionally protected information if we had not committed a crime, were not committing a crime or were going to commit a crime.

Perhaps someone with a legal background could enlighten the ATS community on what rights a citizen has when being questioned by a police officer.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 11:23 AM
The jerk cops I've come across ask whatever questions they can think of just to get you more annoyed to the point where you're eventually going to get tired of it and probably say some smartass comment back at them.

That didn't work on me because I could see it coming and knew what to say ahead of time "I don't have to answer that question" or "I'm not trying to be a jerk sir/maam, but that's not really any of your business". I'll be honest. A lot of cops I've said that to knew I had the right not to answer that and didn't question me on it again because they saw that I knew what I was doing and questioning me again would just waste time.

You have to consider something about the video. The 20 year old could clearly see that cop sitting there before he turned into the lot and that the cop clearly had that entrance mostly blocked. Now if I were the 20 year old getting ready to commit a crime in that lot I wouldn't have gone in and parked knowing there's a cop sitting right there. i would have kept going.

You could see the 20 year old just squeeze by the cop to get into the lot. Now if this were a speed trap by the cop he wouldn't be blocking entrances into a public lot that's open 24/7 where he is clearly seen from the road. He'd be parked in a location hidden by oncoming traffic. usually places with a lot of trees. The only reason he'd have to block it like that is to have a reason to stop people going in or coming out. In other words, he was sitting there just waiting on the next person to come into that lot and he was going to arrest them by whatever means he could. Before the driver says anything you can hear the attitude from the cop. The cop sounds more like someone on a power trip than someone having a bad night.

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posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 11:25 AM
If I am speeding and get pulled over for speeding, I will accept the ticket. If I did everything I was suppose to like that kid did, Im going to give them a damn hard time. Let them make it a formal investigation, take me down town. At the end of the day I would be suing that department because the cop illegally opened the car door.

He did not ask for permission, he did not have probable cause, he just swung the door open and said to get out. that is not legal. When you get out of a car you close the door behind you, for the very simple reason the cops do NOT have the right to search your car without probable cause or permission. It is equal to the cops opening the closed door of a house without permission. It is illegal. He can say he has probable cause, but when it comes time to prove it in court, he will have a very hard time, especially when it is recorded on video.

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