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Alien signal or voice caught on Nasa tape from Saturn!

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posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 02:42 AM
reply to post by zorgon

Well exactly and I hope there aren't people who are reading this thinking that Cassini was recording voices in space.. Because it wasn't.. At least not in the form of audible speech.. I would think that most people would understand that.. But you never know

There are many instances where recorded space noise sounds odd because of all the different frequencies and tones. So at least from what I've heard it isn't uncommon to hear voices or music in space noise.. That's the entire reason they made the CD's I was talking about (because it sounds so much like music and people singing when it really isn't).

Amplified ELF recordings of the auroras are another form of what people commonly refer to as music when it just sounds that way.. It's all how the data is processed anyway. So at least in a way it's like taking a photo, editing it, and then claiming there is something unexplained in it.. It may not be exactly like that but the way the data is processed is what eventually determines what the data sounds like (which could actually be anything just depending on how they process the data).

That's the only reason they are even audible. although I have heard that some people hearing audible noises during the aurora could be due to rocks in the earth somehow amplifying and transmitting that energy. Which is honestly funny becuase people believe that some paranormal activity is caused by the same thing. My stepfather even claims to have "heard" the aurora once.. So I know it's possible.. Living in Alaska is cool

Not to change the subject but I've also heard of what scientists call black aurora where instead of actually creating photons/light they actually are completely black and block out the stars. I think this was just recently discovered a couple years ago by the trio of satellites the ESA has up in orbit to study the auroras.


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posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 02:07 PM
The fact NASA call it "bizarre" means this sound is of interest. Also, to this present day, NASA cannot explain the sound either.

Very interesting.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 02:14 PM
hey!, im spencer, ok first off one night i was asleep in my bed when i suddenly woke up in the middle of the night (about 1sh, london time) and noticed a beam of light zoom passed instantly. first off i thought it was a plane or something because i was tired but i woke myself up and thought about it:
-was not a plane or anything because it was extremly foggy and cloudy so i wouldnt of been able to see a plane, plus i didnt hear the noise of a plane and my window was open, check the weather that night high wycombe 13th september
-also i doubt it was a shooting star or anything like that because it was cloudy again and i would not of been able to see that because of all the light pollution from the town
-no firework because the village i live in is full of old people who i dont think would be setting off fireworks at 1 in the morning, haha, and it also would of made a sound.

ok that is my unreliable evidence for seeing a ufo, but my next explanation is what i heard on my moblie phone.
ok so i was in a shopping market car park and i was getting fustrated in the car waiting for my dad to come back in, i eventually began to ring his work phone when the signal cut out and SOMETHING picked up on the other end, it is what i belive to be a alien but it would be good if people can tell me an explanation. these are the points that i think it is a voice or a transmission of somekind:
- the sound is in different pitches and volumes and frequencies just like the nasa one
-i only recorded about 4 seconds of the sound but there was more to it, at points the sound went higher to the point where it seemed raged and back down again and up again just like you can hear in the nasa sound

now if anyone ( who is taking this seriously and wont waste my time, and people who are saying its a stuipid thing why are yoou even reading this?? haha) could help me get in contact with anything like nasa or ANYTHING would really make me feel good cause when i am hooked on something i really want to complete it and find the answer!!so pleeseeee repli to me with any numbers for me to call or emails or something that will change the frequency of my sound (which i will send to you personally if you ask

thank you ,

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 12:49 AM

Originally posted by NyxMan
Is this the same transmission they talking about in the end of this article?

No it's not... but thanks for that link

This signal is from Saturn via the Cassini probe

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