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Ufo(!) over Sthelens, UK

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posted on Mar, 1 2008 @ 04:56 AM
reply to post by Wig

I am a photographer and these things, whatever they are, are perfectly round and they look fuzzy without photographing them.
I posted my sighting earlier on in this post.
St Helens is not very far from me.

What is common with these sightings is that it is always cloudy. It makes me think that it could be a laser or something reflecting off the sky but the 'S' shape movement is very smooth and not like you would expect to see if it was controlled by someone at ground level.

posted on Mar, 1 2008 @ 07:27 AM

Your link doesn't work. In my experience photos or videos of lights in the night sky which show the light to be perfectly round means one thing and one thing only. The camera was zoomed in too much and was out of focus

I'll try and fix the link now.

They were very low above me and moving slow as I photographed them.They came from the west and took about 30 seconds to reach us then just moved off east and were in view for about a further 20 seconds as they went out of sight over the houses behind me.There were about 100 huge red ones that never diminished or dissapeared in a steady straight line whilst at the same time other smaller ones just kept "turning on" They just faded from Bright red through orange to white/metal looking and then turned into what looked like giant bubbles that then just diseapeared ( not popped ).Very strange.These were not optical illusions and the things in the photographs are of these things you here about.People seeing these things are not all seeing chinese lanterns some are these things whatever they are.
What came out on my photos is not what they looked like at the time of taking them.They should look like 6ft illuminated balls in various shades as described above.
Here is a close up compilation of some of them.

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posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 01:19 PM
I saw my first UFO!!!!!!!!

Last week, I think it was Thursday night around 8:00 pm (ish)

I was standing on my friends balcony, having a smoke with another friend and not really paying attention to anything in particular, just listening to music, when he pointed something out in the sky.

I'll describe it as a very bright white star, that was moving quite fast and seemed to be VERY high up in the sky.

At the same time there seemed to be two planes in the sky heading in different directions, but my point being, these two planes were easily identifiable as planes due to their flashing lights and were nowhere near as bright as this 'star' that we saw... the planes also moved in a steady rate.

The strangest thing was the way the 'star' was moving. It headed in one constant direction, but seemed to 'waver' slightly (in a kind of crescent pattern) and slowed down and then resume course and then 'waver' again and then slowed down... We watched it for about less than a minute.

So using the two planes as reference, I've gathered the following information:

This was higher in the sky.
It was brighter than the planes.
It did NOT have any flashing lights.
It moved irregularly, slowing and flying in a sort of crescent waver.

I'm not jumping the gun and saying it was an alien craft, but it wasn't any of the below:

It wasn't a star (stars don't move across the sky)
It wasn't a plane (no lights and too bright), Not a helicopter (no sound, no lights), it wasn't a comet or meteor or anything else I've ever seen.

Just a very bright light that moved in one direction, albeit strangely.

Any ideas? / Witnesses???

I didn't get a photo for one reason, it wouldn't have shown up on my phone in any detail as it was dark and this was just like a white blob.

posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 02:18 PM
The West Lancashire area seems to have
very busy skies the past few months.
Watched many a strange object cross the sky nr Southport!
I wish I had kept the local rag ,The Champion I think it was
where a local had a disc photographed over Formby sands?
I have quite a few personal sightings over the past 5-6 years,
in Lancashire,Nottingham, Holland and Belgium if anyone
is interested?
Fxckin loads infact,which has made me very much the believer.

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posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 02:38 PM
theres seems to have been quite a few in the uk lately, there was a ufo spotted just up the road from me by a freinds dad as he was walking the dogs in the feilds opposit my house,

he reported a low flying GREEN ufo disc shaped leaving a trail of some sort, few other see this also and there was a few wright ups in local papers, i dont think any footage or pics was taken tho as it was over in minites...

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