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The paintings of the Priory.

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posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 12:21 AM
Lets forget the the existed/dont exist thread for a second.

Lets look at the 3 paintings. Which I consider difficult, since the artists involved painted more than 1 of each of the subjects.

The most well known is Arcadian shepards. By Nicolas Poussin

Circa 1650. This is the one that gets all the press. (theory on why further down). Note they are pointing. With a clear look of "Do you see what I am showing you" sort of look.

This is the artists' original version.

The temptation of St. Anthony by David Teniers.

This one proportedly the one int he Louvre at the correct time.

This one is actually the one rumoured to be the correct painting but has actually never been in the louvre. I find the landscape in the background interesting since it has the feel of the 1st shepards painting. Even more intersting, the main character, like the forementioned Shepards painting is also POINTING as if to show the audience something.

The 3rd painting is The investiture of Pope Celestine the 5th. Anonymous art student.

The pope is pointing but with a more forlorn look on his face.

Berenger Sauniere was sent to the Louvre to view these 3 specific paintings by these specific artists. Some work has shown the mentioned ones to be in the Museum during the late 1800s, or the early 1900s.

My question is this, some of of the paintings seem to look or "feel" similar. What besides Geometry could be used to mask a "secret"? I am looking at Anagrams, like the I too am in Arcadia/Behold the grave of God. Or should we be looking at the landscapes in the background? I really don't the big secret is a form of geometry to help with distance, and relative spacing for realistic painting.

posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 10:31 PM

Originally posted by Tweek
What besides Geometry could be used to mask a "secret"?

It is related to the Great Arcanum:


Shepherds of Arcadia

Meshach: "We have been working with this stone for many years and now it is finally cubic."

Shadrack: "Yes. it is cubic, but it is not yet polished, I can see many gaps in it!"

Abednego: "Mother of mine, what do you think, does it needs more polishing?

Divine Mother: "Yes, my son, it needs to be perfectly polished, you must work harder to refine the sacrament of the Church of ROMAE (AMORE).

"Et in Arcadia ego."

Written on the cubic stone:

Ama me fideliter, ---------Love me faithfully!
fidem meam noto:--------See how I am faithful:
de corde totaliter --------with all my heart
et ex mente tota ---------and with all my soul,
sum presentialiter---------I am with you
absens in remota,---------even when I am far away.
quisquis amat taliter,------Whosoever loves this much
volvitur in rota.-------------turns on the wheel.

Yes, take this also with a lot of sulfur on the cubic stone

ATS thread link:

"All the principle tools of (Free)Masonry serve in order to work with the stone. Every Master Mason must chisel well his Philosophical Stone. This stone is the sex. We must build the temple of the Eternal One upon the Living Stone (and not build on sand)." – The Perfect Matrimony (p.305)

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