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A scolding for the world

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posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 04:11 PM
Ok imagine all that I am the father of the world. And you are all children.
Rowdy raucus stupid yelling undisciplined loudmouths that never stay silent.

Now many ATS'ers ignore this. But I find it disgusting that humanity thinks it can keep living this way. WIth the rap, the bars, the americanistic B.S. modern system. The european snootiness, the chinese dominatrix, the english pride of the throne. Your all playing a sick game of house. In your own paradigm you determine your right, and the other guy is wrong. Your mindsets are futile. And your fighting, wars and arguing leaves us all open sadly to trickery from a liar who would take advantage of it all.

My main point. Stop all the conspiring, schemeing, lying cheating stealing wars and greed and grow up. Stop acting like your all three fighting over the milk. when there would be plenty if nazis and haters didnt go putting chemicals in it.

THis message is for all 7 billion people on earth. plus the aliens if they exist that collude with these idiots, or vice versa.

Conduit closiing.

bell sound.

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