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My first and only UFO sighting experience

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posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 12:29 AM
I stumbled across this site tonight and I am amazed at the volume of awareness and research that is going on here, kudos.
I saw a thread topic about a 'Triangle UFO Sighting' and I saw the video. I'm making a topic about this very subject because I myself have seen one of these triangular shaped unidentified objects near my best friend's house.

March 20th, 2007 at approximately 10:36PM, I was sitting in my car with 2 friends right outside of one of their houses. We were just discussing the events of a party that took place a night before when my friend Jamie caught a glimpse of a glowing light through 2 trees directly to the right of us. She then took a closer look and realized that there were 3 lights corresponding to a triangular shape, and one larger, much brighter light in the middle. She became awe-struck with fear and bewilderment at the sight of the craft and QUICKLY brought my attention to it.
I took one glimpse of the craft as it slowly and COMPLETELY silently floated past the top of 2 trees.
>>The craft was very large. Possibly the size of 2 houses. It was triangular in shape with 3 pulsating, inter-changing lights on the 3 ends of the object. The 3 lights pulsated between the colors blue, orange, and green. The lights seemed to glow almost hypnotizingly bright. The color of the craft itself seemed to be heavily shiny, as light from the 3 pulsating lights illuminated the material of the object; a metallic material that seemed almost unreal.
There was a very large light in the middle of the object that shined the brightest of all the lights. This light was a white-ish yellow and VERY bright.
But what really amazed the 3 of us that night, was that looking directly at the object seemed to almost confuse the naked eye. It was NOT only a basic triangle shape, like I have seen in most UFO Sighting videos. The shape of this craft was so geometrically abstract that it was slightly confusing to the naked eye. My friends and I found this observation to be the most unsettling.
The craft made ABSOLUTELY NO SOUND at anytime.
The movements of the craft were like nothing we had ever seen before. It gluided through the sky effortlessly taking its time. It dipped about 10 feet every second or so. Then rose back to its previous position.

posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 08:22 AM
That's an amazing sighting to have. The movements sound strange. "It dipped about 10 feet every second or so. Then rose back to its previous position" Makes me wonder if it's having to readjust it's course as it goes along for some reason. (Some folk think these objects are controlled by thought. If that's the case then sounds like someone practising. lol.) The shape too. I've heard similar descriptons. One was of a perfect triangle that seemed also rounded? I bet you're glad you were with your friends in a built up area.

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 08:00 PM
Well, I can tell ya one thing. Dont be frightened of the objects. Least try not to be lol. If you get another chance to observe one, make notes, gather as much info about date/time elapsed/position/direction of travel/ etc. If you can do this, contact MUFON. They may be able to correlate speed and any possible radar contacts or other eyewitnesses in the area. As a first hand observer, your first impression is shock, because surely these things cant exist right? lol. then the next emotion is...oh geez...hope I dont get hurt or worse. Then, its like "what am I seeing? maybe its my eyes, or a weird thingy-ma-jig. Those feelings are natural. Dont let it keep you up at night or stop you from enjoying the beauty of the stars at night. Just this January I saw 2 triangles flying at high speed over my house from west to east. They glowed an incandescent reddish-brown in the high speed flight. No lights visible as if they were trying not to be seen as they flew. Then I saw with my wife and mother, an object that changed shape and colors and flew "wrong" as I described it. then a month or two later saw a brilliant white light high in the night sky and at first figured it was a satellite but then it zig zagged and returned to a straight linear flight then zig zagged a couple more times before disappearing over the horizon. It was reported all over the state as well. Its definitely ok to be cautious about them, but they'll be there whether you see them or not. Just know youre not alone on your observations and if you need to talk, you have my thread. Peace.


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