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The Cross-Hairs are beginning to focus !

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posted on Jan, 19 2004 @ 05:31 PM
Put in this category, becouse I feel this is a multi-faceted event, touching on scandal, terrorism, but definetly a current event.

Well, Pakistan is kinda, well, really becoming mainstream lately.

Not only that, but it STILL ties in neatly with what I am laying out, and becoming more likely.
I read a couple of posts today at ATSNN, and it convinced me to post this.

The terror as you know, may very well be other than it appears, the president as you know, may not be forthcoming about the directives, and much of this is completely hashed out at ATS if you search.

But I feel the point of all of it is really being missed.

UFO's cought on tape !
Terrorist acts and revolts of citizens,
WMD, anthrax, nuclear....

All just a distraction.(in most cases)

But why...why bother ask.

Well, its all about the money, and not the dollar either!

Awhile back I started a couple of threads related to this..
(some of the pics and links may have gone stale by now)

I started with the USD, it's system, and value, as established currently..
The Bankruptcy of the United States

In posting this I started to consider how the US could break free from it's monetary demise...
United States to go with the Euro?

So the I continued to track the USD/Euro currency performance.
The Incredible Falling Dollar

Well, alot of reading and alot of thinking, and it still points me this way. If you have read some of my links above, you will note that this doesnt tell us much about the near future, or what happens before it becomes obvious.

It occured to me that there has to be an immediate direction to this, for the effort to not fail.

There needs to be an influx of USD dollarized into another currency, that has yet to be 'locked-in'.
After much thought it occured to me that this may mean another country, another war.
Code ORANGE,..& the next war,..the next country.

But what about right now,...I had just finished reading some posts at ATSNN and on the front page I found THREE topics that can directly support my suggestion.

EU Seeks Trade Sanctions Against U.S.
This, even after the US caved at steel tariff's. Sounds like plain ol vengance to me.

Nuclear strike Threat Grows
Why does Pakistan continue to assist other countries amid the obvious pressure from the west?...unless they are part of a mult-country/currency effort to overturn the USD. Unless they do not fear the US with partners standing at side.

While examining the missile race it is necessary to bring into account the nuclear powers India and Pakistan. Islamabad's good relationship with Washington is only as good as the current regime. Anti-U.S. and anti-West forces in that country are on the increase. President Pervez Musharaf himself, in a speech delivered just a few days ago, warned his countrymen of the danger of the "Talibanization" of Pakistan.

CIA: Saudi Arabia will go nuclear
Riyadh helped finance Pakistan's nuclear program precisely to ensure that the royal family will have a bomb in case of an emergency, Geostrategy said.

The intelligence community envisions increasing unrest in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. A regime change in Saudi Arabia would prompt a major increase in oil prices, rock the Persian Gulf region and lead to increased tension with neighboring Iran, the report said.

"Radical regime change would unavoidably affect relations with Washington and probably the U.S. role in the region. It also would affect the Arab-Israeli equation in a major way if the change of regime occurred in Egypt or Jordan."

So what would trigger the change-over to the Euro as a Petro-Dollar?...from countries currently using USD (note..Iraq was 2 years into pure Euro trades, prior to the war on terror). Well it would probubly have to be a sudden a sync'd move. Any country, like Venezuela, are too distant to the freinds. Any single country that moves becomes a target for USD dollarization.

No, it will be several countries in a move that is distracting. It will appear logical and harmless in the front, but behind, it may appear part of the plan.

We need some countries on gold, only, and major players in the game of oil. Major supplier's who can stand up and say, no...we accept gold only and no longer want dollars. That would be a sign for the change.
Mahathir: Sell oil for gold, not dollars
"The price of oil is $33, but the US dollar has declined by 40% against the euro so you're effectively getting $20," Mahathir told an economic conference in Saudi Arabia's Red Sea city of Jeddah. "So you're being short-changed."Saudi Arabia, the world's biggest oil exporter, has justified higher world oil prices by saying they are necessary to compensate for the slide in the US currency.

So this is evolving as we speak. This has been building since the last market collapse. The stage is set, and players in place.

Pakistan's leadership is not popular with the people, but is freindly to the USA. Conceivably, if pakistan's population revolted and overturned their current government, that is where the variables come in. Will the US install a puppet government, or risk letting the people chose their new leader, and possibly a new government. NO. The US will be there to prop up the government, (umm...dollarize) whether the country likes it or not. Venezuala is in a similar situation, but has no helpful neighbors to ward off the USD.

A likely insurgence into Pakistan by the USA would possibly be under the guize of a terrorist nuclear attack. Think about it...Pakistan has been helping out any country with building a nuke program, and if anything nuclear happens, Pakistan would be the root to blame, and provide ample reason to enter into war, especially if the current government is on the verge of collapse.

but if that doesnt happen.....

A couple of major oil producing countries trading only in gold(gold Dinars), then gold/euro futures, then direct Euro currency purchases. (and a new currency dollarized!)(and America WILL HAVE TO FOLLOW SUIT, to feed it's cavernous consumption demands.)

The end of the USD as we have known it for many decade. Bonds will collapse, the USD exchange rate would dig new tunnels to China.

Folks,...this is a happnin' thing, right now, watch it evolve, and dont be distracted by the bright lights and fiction, that is put there for this very purpose. My feeling, The last two years has nothing to do with terrorism, and most news provided offers distractions. Put together in a collage, it takes on a new image, when looked at from a distance.

Thanks ATSNN for links to relevent news, used in my post here!

[Edited on 19-1-2004 by smirkley]

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