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Kockroach by Tyler Knox

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posted on Sep, 6 2007 @ 09:22 PM

What an odd book, and one that was hard to put down.

Kockroach is a re-telling of Kafka's Metamorphosis. (which, I confess, I've not gotten around to reading, but now that I know it's online, I intend to rectify that).

Rather than a man becoming a cockroach, a cockroach becomes a man. His appetites and driving forces remain those of the ancient arthropod, though he rapidly learns how to imitate a human -- enough to get by in society. When he meets up with Mite, a small-time street hustler, Kockroach becomes someone big, first in the underworld, then in business, and finally in politics.

The novel reads like a good film noir, with overtones of Mickey Spillane. The reference to Richard Nixon (and where he got his V for victory hand signal) is quite amusing.

It's a great read, compelling and revealing of human nature and cockroach nature. Not only is it an excellent study of psychology and behavior, it has enough action to keep the plot turning briskly over.

I recommend this for anyone who likes dark fantasy and crime stories.


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