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posted on Sep, 6 2007 @ 02:58 PM

Subject X Pseudopodcast 1.a "Time and Space"

My present band is called "Nobody Cares". We've recently started recording our practices, and I thought I'd share some with y'all, comlete with wrong notes and sloppy endings. This is called "Time and Space" and was written by the singer.

If there's any interest, I'll post some more from time to time.

length: 06:54
file: btsmpod_2564.mp3
size: 9716k
feed: btsm
status: live (at time of posting)

posted on Sep, 6 2007 @ 03:44 PM
Another good tune, your singers voice sounds familiar, now if I can just remember who she reminds me of?

posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 05:44 AM
reply to post by Sauron

Another thanks, Sauron.

I've been listening to Linda, the singer, for so long she just sounds like her to me.


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