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The Next Short Story Contest Idea

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posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 09:32 AM
Well, fellow collaborators, edenKaia u2u'd me and has a very sad and personal reason for backing out of the competition this time. Her daughter is ill and has been hospitialized, so in light of her reason, I opt to share some of my portion of any points won with her still. She is a very sweet lady and a devoted Mom, I look forward to being in the winners circle with her one happier day in the future. DgTempe it's you and me kid!

posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 02:09 PM
The contest is on...

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 09:34 AM
reply to post by budski

Ok how do i give you proof i am worth the money

oh you know you want to be my partner. In fact last night you were telling me how great i was and you couldn't do without me!

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 12:53 PM
reply to post by shearder


you do the honours and u2u masqua - there's a new team in the game

posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 01:05 PM
This is starting to look good and we only launched yesterday. There should be some great submissions for this one. Lots of talent so far and we have only just begun!!!

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 03:45 AM
reply to post by budski

Cool - will do in a minute.

posted on Sep, 25 2007 @ 07:01 PM
I would like to joint the team writing contest. It looks like a good way to hone the skills.

[edit on 25-9-2007 by dntwastetime]

posted on Oct, 1 2007 @ 07:33 PM
Hello my friends, I need a collaborative writing partner who wants to work on this project with me. Ill take anyone lol as long as you want to communicate, and work!

posted on Oct, 1 2007 @ 10:53 PM
Masqua, contestants ,zysin5 and I are now teamed up for the contest. DWT

posted on Oct, 1 2007 @ 11:35 PM
I will be teaming up with DWT
I look forward in working with him to contribute to the ATS writting contest.. And best of luck to everyone else joining in on the fun..

Antar and sleeper a team??.. Thats like playing B-ball aginst Jordan and Koby!!! hehehe

[edit on 2-10-2007 by zysin5]

posted on Nov, 2 2007 @ 05:15 PM
Official announcement.....
AccessDenied and JustMike have officially teamed up for the contest.

posted on Nov, 2 2007 @ 05:30 PM
Yep...Looking forward to working with AD -- and also hoping that everyone will have a great time! Excellent idea and well worth getting involved.

posted on Nov, 2 2007 @ 06:43 PM
apologies to all, and especially my writing partner.

I've had some back trouble and haven't been able to give this my attention.

I committed to a debate, and kind of left this behind, because I couldn't sit at the pc for too long.

That said, I should be back up and firing on all cylinders sometime soon.

thanks to shearder for having patience with me.

posted on Nov, 7 2007 @ 04:04 PM
Enrikez and I have decided to join in. I think this is going to be alot of fun and I can't wait to read the all the stories from everyone.

Masqua I've sent you a U2U.


posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 05:20 AM
Received and answered, Elaine... best of luck to the both of you.

The thread for the contest is here, and, with the date being extended, all interested parties have plenty of time to prepare.

Any members wishing to participate in this competition will need writer status. If you don't have it, please U2U me and I will apply the status.

Good luck.

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