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For Apple Iphone Buyers - $200 price drop

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posted on Sep, 6 2007 @ 01:07 PM

To the big babies who bought the Iphone so they could beat their
rich friends and have the new " It " fad of the moment and are now whining ,,,,,,,,,,,, SHUT UP ! That's what you get for trying to be oh so hip
and in the now .
Im really boiling over this one . Mostly rich , spoiled and material boy's
and girl's are actually mad because apple plunged the iphone price some
$200 after the first 10 weeks . I guess i would be too if i was a shallow
shell of a human and got one of those things , but im not , so im not . Don't
get me wrong , im not picking on the honest , hard working people who just wanted to be part of the the new wave of technology and actually have
somewhat of a need for one , it's just those " Shallow Hal's " who have stepped on my last nerve . Those who are just " keeping up with the jones'es ".
You knew what it was , you knew what it did and you CHOSE to buy it at a idiot's price and you bought it anyway .. So stop bitching . Please !


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