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E.M.P. attack

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posted on Sep, 6 2007 @ 12:09 PM
Lets see what we can do with this idea. Lets try to keep it as close to fact as possible.

Nobody like the morning commute. The evening commute is far worse. What I'm about to suggest would be the commute from hell.

You wake in the morning and head to work. the 30 mile one way trip on crowded city streets is a pain but the pay more then makes up for it. it has provided a great life style for you and your wife and 2.9 kids. Upon arriving to work the routine continues. you've made it past first break and are anxious for lunch to roll around. The clock ticks slowly inching ever closer to the noon lunch break. finally after what seemed like an eternity the clock strikes 12. You make a mad dash for the car. you know from experience that if you don't hit the road with in one minute of noon traffic becomes a night mare. you roll out onto the street and give the status symbol some gas, heading to the same fast food joint you always go to three miles down the road. It occurs to you as your inching along in the LA lunch hour traffic that your counter part on the east coast is heading home now instead of to lunch.
"lucky bastard." You say to know one.
You hit a somewhat clear spot and give the fancy sports job some more gas. Just as you get up to speed the car quits. no warning it just quits. Less then a second latter you feel a terrible hot burning on your chest coming from the pocket ware you had put your fancy new cell phone. You try to coast the car off the road while at the same time retrieving the melting cell phone out of your pocket. Unfortunately the car cant quite make it off the road and stops with a good portion of its rear in the road. before you have a chance to wonder what the hell is going on your car is hit. Not hard but hit none the less. The car shoots forward enough to finish getting it off the road. You throw your car in park and jump out ready to give who ever hit you a piece of your mind. you walk back to the offending vehicle and see a gray hared gentle man slumped over the steering wheel. you tap on the window and get no response. you go from furious to worried in record time. You open his door and gently push him back off the steering wheel. what you see takes your breath away. his chest on the left side is ripped to shreds. his bloody fingers still embed in his torn skin. what could make a man try to dig into his own chest you wonder. A glint catches your eye. The man is wearing a medical alert bracelet. you gingerly take the bracelet off his wrist and flip it over. On the back it read pacemaker.

You stand there for a few seconds then it occurs to you there are no cars going by and other then a few voices of irate stranded motorist there is no sound. This day has gone from terrible to nightmare. should you go for help or wait. you decide to wait because you don't want to leave the scene of an accident. you sit in your car with your legs hanging out the door. the old wind up watch your grandfather had given you before he passed on seemed to be the only thing in the world that was working. two hours pass and not a sole stops to help. the few people you do see are walking as if there dead. occasionally you catch a whiff of smoke but you are not sure witch direction its coming from. you catch a movement out of the corner of your eye. you turn your head to see a police officer on a bicycle coming your way, weaving in between the mass of cars. then the officer does something strange. he rides right by you without a glance at your or the quickly ripening man in the other car.
"Hay." you yell
The officer stops and turns to you.
"yes what can I do for you?"
"there's been an accident her, I've waited for two hours for help."
"well is anybody hurt?"
"yes, the guy in the car is dead."
"dead, that hit didn't look that hard. why did he die?"
What an odd question for a police officer to ask you think to your self. but you decide to humor him.
"I have a theories. His Medical Id bracelet says he has a pacemaker. I think something caused it to short out. He ripped his chest to shreds right before he died."
"Ha what a shame. still it makes perfect sense then doesn't it."
"What makes Sense?" you ask starting to get a little annoyed with the officers lack of sympathy.
"The EMP bomb shorted the batteries in his pace maker, it would get really hot really quickly and then quite working."
"The what bomb?" you ask now starting to get frightened.
"Oh you haven't heard? that's why you've been setting here."
"Hear what, What's happened?"
"The United states was blacked out by a EMP bomb"

Sound like a nightmare doesn't it. Now on tho the next nightmare

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