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Out of curiousity........This pertains to the Jews. Start the anti-semite chant now.

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posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 11:07 PM
This thought just crossed my mind, so I thought I'd ask.

There are many members of this board who are self professed anti-Zionists, myself included.

However, I'm curious.....are there any Jewish ATS'ers who are equally anti-Zionist?

As a note: I ask that you all refrain from zionist bashing, Israel bashing or vice versa on this thread.

There are plenty of threads out there that are perfect for you to use to spew whatever rhetoric you choose.

Please reserve this thread for the question at hand.


Edit: In reference to the title, I made the "start the chant now" reference because it seems one can't say "anti" and "Israel" or "Zionist" in the same sentence without being called an anti-semite at least a few times. I would ask that you try to refrain from that if you wouldn't mind. If you feel the need, take it to another thread which is there to serve exactly that purpose.

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