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Bush & Empathy?

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posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 02:28 PM

Is Bush a man like you and me? If you cut him does he not bleed?
Many here think many things of Bush. When I saw this today, I wondered how you NWO fans would feel about this story?

You think this is a staged empathy move on the part of the NWO?

Or simply a man, with alot on his mind, and is really getting affected by his actions as a human.. Alot of people say these elites, are heartless no empathy feeling reptoids. From another planet..

When to me, they have no hearts becasue they dont care for their own first! They are shape shifters because they change their ideas and views on subjects, we see one guy and they get "selected" and change their views and actions into something else, or something unknown to us..

And I dont know them, they are not from my way of life, they are as a metaphore to me, to seem come from another planet.. Not my personal world.. Not literally Nibiru, or planet X.

But outside of my bracket. Im a poor white boy fellows..
Im sure Bush doesnt know how to work a swifer, or how to properly use a mop, or cook himself a lovely meal.. those kinda things mean more to logic than alot of what I hear on here..IMO

Im wondering if you feel its just a metaphore like to me explain how a person can seem like one then, and become someone totally different a few months down the road.. Like most people in office..
Or do you feel they are the litteral shape shifter many people claim them to be?
Such as David Icke, Credo Mutwa, and many more.. heres a link for some source matter if you are just tunning in and have no clue about any of this.


Bush's story as he see it

"I try not to wear my worries on my sleeve" or show anything less than steadfastness in public, especially in a time of war.

In some cases some people of the world sense compassion as a weakness.
Does any of the member here remeber the Time mag. cover that called Bush SR. a WIMP! ?

"I fully understand that the enemy watches me, the Iraqis are watching me, the troops watch me, and the people watch me," he said. Yet, he said, "I do tears."

Don't see me as a NWO lover, or someone who supports Bush.. But this thread is in dire need other perspective, that doesnt paint them as litteral shapeshifters..

I do happen to belive in myself, but I wont press that on you people, belive what you want. I just dont take everything so litteraly.. I hope to bring a new way of looking at things, and to take what you need to make a logical choice. But one thing is for sure, they dont have our needs covered..

And Im wondering if it really weights this much on his human heart???

Becasue for everything Bush and his family has done, he should be in the cornor cyring this eyes out, and telling the world how sorry he really is, and DOES something about it..

ITs one thing to cry and tell someone you are sorry. But actions speak louder than words!

Like Dave Mustang puts it.. You take a mortal man.. Put him in control. Watch him become a God!

Yet, he is only the puppet, the maryinnet!
Your fears should lay on the true problems of this world.. Federal and World banks my friends.. Bush= maryinnet.

So to many people deflect the real issues.. Im here on ATS to get down and dirty, and use some logic to fix some problems!! And not try to blame our problems on the Annunaki.. Its time we take some Responsiblity for once and look at what we have let them DO TO US!!!

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posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 03:59 PM
Bush as a new Father..Daddy Bush jr.

Baby Bush. Was he made to fullfil his life today? Is this any kind of proof that would say, its just another man, hell bent on power, hungery, and twisted by his family.. Prehaps he would have turned out okay, if not for his upbringing, and conditioning to his destiny.

I think pics like this need to be shown on here to show a more human side of this man. Some people claim they have never seen pictures of him when he was young.. Here you go

Age 12
Lil Bush

I figure I would start with the more human side of man, and work that angel, as some would wonder, do they see doctors? Or do they have their own "personal" doctor that take care of them and their famlies?

Do you think they are staged? If so why? And what can you bring to the table here.

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posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 04:07 PM
I think this is a great thread. I've said this a number of times before, but the pictures definately add an extra punch.

Agree or disagree with the guy, he's still human. I'm sure he knows he's made mistakes, but I think he genuinely believes he's doing the right thing. I'm kind of a middle of the road type of guy...I agree with bush on some things, disagree on others, but one thing I always liked about him is that he seems like "your next door neighbor who got to be president." I like the fact that he flubs up speeches now and again. I like the fact that he cracks jokes now and again. If I wanted an emotionless leader, I'd have voted for Deep Blue.

I'm probably gonna get flamed for this, but think people are too hard on the guy. Disagree with him. That's fine. But I've seen posts on this board that have alluded to hanging him, assassinating him, etc...Just remember, it's not all Bush, and it's not all Cheney...there's much more at work here than 2 men.

posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 05:11 PM

Originally posted by Jaruseleh
Just remember, it's not all Bush, and it's not all Cheney...there's much more at work here than 2 men.

Thank you Jaruseleh for reading my post! We may not agree on everything and we have had disagrement in the past, so its nice that we can see eye to eye on this one here

You are very right, theres always much more than meets the eye. I just seem to find people trying to deflect the real issues at hand, and trying to put the blame on outlandish ideas, which I do romance now and agin..

But honestly, I just wanted to stand up in front of you all, and tell you how I see it. Without the games, or the mind play.. I would like to make a choice right now, right here. If you could change the world would you?

I would, and this is the only way I can get the word out!! Im doing my part as an American! My part as a human on this Earth to speak from the heart. And its not just Americans problem.. We are all in the same boat.

Thanks agin, and look forward to hearing from more members.. As I did offer pics, and content, and not just some wild claim with nothing to add..
I also speak aginst Fox news for saying they are fair and balanced..

So If I was all about negtive posts all the time, wouldnt that make me just as bad? I hope this doesnt come off as I am some Pro Bush supporter.. I am not, but would like to be fair and logical..

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 06:33 PM
I picked this up from another thread... adding it here with my other pics of bush.

People fill their minds with the grand thoughts of such things when its much deeper than it seems. Bush is being controled by a higher power, thats a no brainer..

But I belive that even that power that is over Bush, is yet another pupet..
Can it go this far? All the way to us being controled by other beings that live in our solar system?

Is the NWO a tool in the conspiracy that goes on in our solar system?

I keep an open mind to all things.. Yet try to paint this in a different light..

Bush is a man, being controled by higher powers, in turn being controled by an even higher power.. Where does it end? Or did it even start at all?

Where our current leaders created for this very reason? Where they put in place for us? Look to your heart for the answer, look to your dreams and ask yourself how you feel..

I have many questions, more so than I have answers, so dont get me wrong.. I think Bush is a monster.. Yet if you can find the true defination of Monster let me know

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 06:44 PM
reply to post by zysin5

thefatlady replies:

I don't know, I have conflicting memories of both Bush and his father. I certainly don't think they're aliens, yet, because of MKULTRA, we used to refer to Bush Sr. et al as reptiles, because of his/their utter callus disregard for the wellbeing of his fellow man.

posted on Oct, 5 2007 @ 09:08 PM
In this whole post I was just trying to say that most people can not deal with the fact that humans can be so evil.. Such as bush and our world leaders..
Some people can not except the fact that other humans could even do what they have done to us..
And many would agrue, that they didnt do anything wrong.. But we know thats not the truth...

So with all this talk of reptiles.. I thought it would be a good counter to make this post, and say.. They are humans.. And its hard to fathom that other humans would do this...
Its something you can either deal with.. Or make up lucid fantasies about such things...

Do I belive in things out of this world.. Sure I do.. But when it comes down to it.. Saying so and so are shapeshifters is not helping out much..
Its great to think about.. But if we are really to do anything.. The last claim we want to make is they are aliens!!! ya know?

Lets just stick with the fact they have murdered, lied and cheated us out of enough.. Is that not enough to go on?
Must we throw in cheap stabs like,, They are either all homosexuals! Or must be reptoids!!

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posted on Oct, 5 2007 @ 09:11 PM
what's interesting, or even frightening, someone posted a picture of Bush...and the picture was actually so sad some tears came to my eyes. I think i'm mostly disturbed about it now. He can look sad and make it look authentic?

posted on Oct, 5 2007 @ 09:15 PM

Originally posted by Chiiru
and the picture was actually so sad some tears came to my eyes. I think i'm mostly disturbed about it now. He can look sad and make it look authentic?

Yep thats what Im trying to get you all to start thinking about..
Did he just make this up.. Or is he a human like you and me.. And does get hurt feelings over such things..

Many will sit here and say he has no empathy.. when half the posts made twords them are void of empathy itself.. They say those heartless, no empathy having elites.. all of them!! I can understand why people feel that way.. But it doesnt help to throw that negtive energy back at them..
The elite are the most miserable people in this world.. They are not happy!
Trust me on that.. They are not happy.. So why do they want to live in a happy peaceful world, when their personal lives suck!!

If people treated me that way, I would come off as cold and calus to the people who treated me with no empathy.. So a level of compassion might be what we need here to get to the bottom of this..

But sure, he could have faked those tears.. Or just got some eye drops to make a great heart felt photo..


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posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 07:46 AM

Originally posted by zysin5
I can understand why people feel that way.. But it doesnt help to throw that negtive energy back at them..
The elite are the most miserable people in this world.. They are not happy!
Trust me on that.. They are not happy.. So why do they want to live in a happy peaceful world, when their personal lives suck!!

pertinent. evil and good beings suffer (yes, even aliens!). we live in a fallen place. but really we shouldn't be seeing through "good and evil eyes" anyway. yaknow? so, people suffer. everyone suffers when they realise their soul is lost or misdirected in some way. i'm right with the OP on compassionate grounds. i hate myself when i realise i've forsaken my love and compassion for suspicion and fear. because its love and compassion that makes the "good" side of me live.

i don't buy this darwinian-type idea that intelligence somehow outmodes emotion. like all these stories of cold heartless manipulative aliens and/or world rulers. they all suffer the same messed up nature that we all do, all contradictory and inconsistent because of our inherent limitedness. its times like this i realise that we shouldn't be blaming anyone for the negatives in the world until we each take responsibility for the negatives we have contributed to the world. and then repent of those actions to the best of our heartfelt intention.

So a level of compassion might be what we need here to get to the bottom of this..


i think it is possible to look at the 'system' and the 'people who run the system' as two different things, no matter what level. essentially, most of us are part of the 'system' in some way. most of us work jobs which keep the wheels of the world turning (making and moving goods and services), and this all keeps the 'juice' flowing (the economy). we all live and breathe, talk and interact, and we all have an impact on everything else and not one of us is perfect. consequently there is a lot of bad karma flowing through the population like a perpetual plague. we're all afflicted and no one is immune. it can cloud our perception and decision making. the rulers of the system are in bondage to this plague of conflicting thoughts and emotions just like every single one of us. let it be assured.

the system is a byproduct of this illness, but it now claims to be the cure. the system was set up to make neighbours accountable to each other, by way of mutual security. it was born out of distrust and suspicion, because humans are notoriously tempted by selfish desires. the whole system is set up to make people accountable. from background checks to contracts to licences to law courts to receipts at the supermarket. its all to keep us accountable. humans chose this system because humans know that humans are fallible. no one can blame anyone else really.

the foundation of the system is corrupt and the fault lies with every one of us. repentance is the only way. to admit we are all imperfect and take responsibility for our faults and imperfections. it's a bad excuse to call them aliens and remove yourself from blame. we're all to blame. we're all adams and eves. we all want immortal life without consequences, in our more blind moments.

it's a sad fact that death, decay and corruption are fundamentals of this existence. a time is promised when all will change. literally. i think it's our mission to have faith in this, rather than to expose some conspiracy that you can wash your hands of.

being fascinated with conspiracy, it even hurts my own heart to admit this.

posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 08:07 AM
The president is just a puppet to the real shadow government anyway. Bush may be starting to realize that all the things he thought was good was really very evil, I dont know.

We can feel compassion for the guy, but he brings this to himself. Sure he looks like a ordinary guy in those photos, but I dont dislike the guy - I dislike his ACTIONS. He could look like Santa for all I care. If he decides to do things that make people suffer greatly, he needs to take responsibility for it.

Want me to post some pictures of suffering Iraqi or Afghanistan citizens? I dont need to, do I....

Cheney looks to be the real evil guy, but Bush is no saint either.

Yes, I feel compassion looking at the picture (if its real). I feel compassion for everybody who hurts. I dont think Bush feels compassion for random people, or people from the middle east.

By the way, the path to the image is which is just a picture sharing service. If the OP could provide me with a link to where the photo is taken from, I would appreciate it. This could easily be photoshopped.

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posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 08:21 AM
as for the system claiming to be the cure to humanity's imperfections like a bandaid, nothing could be more obvious to me. that's why people seem to love it. they are sold on the idea that humans can solve their own problems. problem is, these people think the problem is unemployment, or poverty, or war, or greed, or unbalanced power, or big brother - these aren't the problems, these are the symptoms of our imperfection as humans. from the beginning, we were not perfect stewards of the earth or each other. we've all fallen short at some point in some way.

but it's not that we're aren't evolved either. by the grace of the Almighty, we humans are capable of some knarley spiritual reality through love and compassion. like supersupernatural. most people can't imagine... yet we have that corrupt side that prevents us from fully entering, or maturing. and we have that pride side of us that keeps us in our self sufficient delusion like we don't need a god, the God of the universe, to come and save us from our own mess. and even sometimes it convinces us that our negative aspects don't have any repercussions. that's just the serpent saying "surely you shall not die". but surely we all suffer at the work of our own hands.

surely every knee will bend and every head bow when the evidence of our guilt is brought before us all.

edit: to finish my flow,

who can honestly disregard their compassion for Bush without disregarding the compassion for themselves? i know i've done it. the price people pay for supressing their conscience is pretty hefty, no matter how psychotic and heartless. at the least, the cost is insanity and destruction on your fingertips. Bush has a lot of the latter. he wears all the mistakes of the American government while he sat in the chair. that is a large burden, but its the same burden we all carry. mistakes and shortcomings, bad karma, sin, the yang to the yin, whatever you want to call it.

and if my opinion of Bush is wrong, then at least hopefully my attitude has been a step in the right karmic or heavenly direction.

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posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 01:44 PM
What about the gallons of tears cried cried by the people harmed by his actions? If he is truly sorry then he should start doing something about it. The American people could be very forgiving if only he could admit his mistakes and start trying to make things right. That picture of Bush crying only makes me think that he feels sorry for himself.

If you saw a picture of man-eating tiger crying, you'd probably feel sorry for it, but you would'nt want to pet it would you?

Where is Bush's "empathy" for the people who've suffered and will suffer some more? I'm sorry but he's no NWO puppet or reptile, he's just a spoiled, selfish human being.

His personality simply does not fit the job he's in. If he is now unhappy or feeling burdened with his "job". He should step down.

posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 04:54 PM

Originally posted by Copernicus which is just a picture sharing service. If the OP could provide me with a link to where the photo is taken from, I would appreciate it. This could easily be photoshopped.

That picture was taken right off of the yahoo news section.
I had my hunches that this picture could have been faked.. But like just taking some drops of water and putting in on his face..
In my OP I go over these ideas..

Thanks for the input on this thread guys! Im glad you took the time to read it and understand IM not sticking up for these guys!! I dont hate them, but personally dont like their ACTIONS!

And actions speak louder than words.. As if he was truely sorry then he would do something about it.. But then agin he is way over his head!
He might be powerless to help, but I really doubt that!

If you saw a picture of man-eating tiger crying, you'd probably feel sorry for it, but you would'nt want to pet it would you?

Great point! And the reason I put this thread the way I did was just so I could be a bit objective about my own feelings, and prehaps look at it threw different eyes..

As research is very important. Yet research without empathy is like backtracking.. You have to see all sides to something to truely understand this..

Reminds me of what was said to Anikin skywalker about understanding the force, and not just seeing the dogmatic veiwpoint of the Jedi..

sollie- thank you for you're wonderful post!! Thats the kind of stuff I was hoping to hear from other members! You guys are the reason I am here.
Ive learned more than I thought I would ever know!
Thanks agin..

And if there is anything more to add here please feel free!

posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 08:16 PM
Bush is just a normal human being doing things based on his beliefs.

I do not believe he is evil, I do not agree with his beliefs and policies though.

That is all I have to say.

posted on Oct, 7 2007 @ 08:36 PM
One thing that you can say for Bush is he follows his own convictions, and is a strong man. You might not agree with him, but you can't say he is swishy washy in the lease. I do not think Bush failed as much as the Iraqi people failed themselves. I’m sure if Bush was able to look into the future we never would have gone into Iraq, but he had a very noble cause even though it is a failure up to this point. The reason I say this is because many of America have given up on those people except Bush, military leaders and most surprisingly the lowly solider.

You know 90% plus of the military back Bush 100%, and these are the people who are actually doing the work over there and are not just sitting in front of their computers complaining about it all. You can also go talk to 100 amputees and you would still get 90% plus backing the mission there. You can call me ignorant to the NWO, but at this time that is just a mythical beast that many are obsess about.

I do think he is more down earth to the common man so to speak than the Clintons are the majority of politicians are. I can tell you my life under him has been far better than the eight years under Clinton, but I’m sure many will feel the other way around.

posted on Dec, 16 2008 @ 11:28 PM
Well folks here we are.. At the very end of Bush's term.

Now as you all know. I think Bush has ties to Nazi Germany.. However as being the oldschool type Nazi.. NO.. But in a way he has taken up the flag for a new form of Nazi.

But those of you who have read my work, know Im not a fan of Bush.
Yet I like to remain fair. And balanced.. Unlike those who claim.. aka Fox news.

I just thought I would end this thread with one of his last events that will leave us feeling well.. Different.. many of us have different ways to feel about the Shoe throwing deal.

Bush had shoes thrown at him.. If you dont know that.. You are living under a rock..
no offence.

However I must give this one to Bush.. He was quick to react! and he pretty much impressed many of us with his moves!!!
Pretty quick for an old man!!!
this has to be my Favorit one I found.. Wow Fan.. so naturally this one is just to great!

It must be noted.. Bush is a man.. LIke the point of this thread is to bring some sense into this otherwise senseless world.

And many claim Im some left wing liberal nut fear monger..
Am I really? With a thread like this that tries its very best to expose Bush as a man.. A human being with feelings.. And sure he is cold. and not much gets threw that thick skull of his..
And most see him as a failure.. is he really????

Or prehaps the most successful President to this date...
Take a moment to watch this video.
GEORGE DUBYA BUSH: Most Successful President Ever?

The man is no fool.. And is not a retard.. And I am going out on such a far limb to somewhat defend his person.. NOt his Actions.. Hell no!!!

I hope he answers for his crimes!!! But he is a man.. and he is not an alien.. Nor is he being directed by aliens..
Maybe his masters are.. But Bush.. Nope..

Bush doesnt have clones either.. There is 1 Bush.. and this is him..

While many things may not add up.. Its my job to be atleast fair..
It does me no good to be on the attack at all times..

As you all mostly know.. Im not a left wing person.
I was right wing.. Until I have learned both sides are just there to divide and control us..
I am no longer part of any party.. However I did vote for Obama this time around..
Soon we shall get into Obama.. I will be fair with him aswell..
I will attack somethings about Obama.. And I will defend him at the same time..
Seems fair right? I mean far to many ATS members are so one sided they refuse to see any other veiw..
I have learned over my time here... Take in both sides of any story.
Research and learn as much as you can! Then at the end of the day its up to you to decide..

However hating a man, that spreads hate, and murders thosands in other lands only plays into the hands of his rule..

A man throws a shoe at a dictator.. They will be dead..
And this in some way shows that freedom, what ever that may be to some is there.. And now they have that freedom to express their feelings threw actions that are not on the up and up..

But if anything.. The shoe might be the only justice that Bush ever gets..

I guess in the end it might have been worth it..
But honestly I would rather see him in a court of law to pay for his crimes.
And not just him but his daddy and friends aswell..

But you have to realize.. Bush Jr. Was raised to be this way..
He was controled and groomed to be the man you know as Bush..

Thus in ending if you want a little empathy for others..
You must first have empathy for those you dislike...

I go out on a big limb here.. But I hope the more enlightened members will get the point to what IM doing here...

Thanks its been a good long thread.. And now his days are almost over..

Bush your a real bastard.. But I know deep down.. It must hurt you greatly to know you have so much blood on your hands..

I can honestly say.. I hope you seek help after your term is up..
And find a way to help those you have so hurt threw your rule..

Yet here are some pics that will protray this final event.. On a lighter note.

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posted on Dec, 17 2008 @ 12:08 AM
To Help send of Bush in January please help participate in the SHOENOMENA The mass shoe send in to Washington




A mass shoe send in to the white house please help circulate and participate


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