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At least 22 British SDI engineers dead by mysterious Suicides

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posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 01:43 PM

Originally posted by martin_heth


Have done a lot of work on the Marconi deaths, was only person to point out that a guy, have not been able to find name or article, bought a golf course in Elstree near London, drove onto it in a car, tied the end of a rope round a branch of a 1990....placed himself back in the drivers' seat, then accelerated the car off in order to garotte himself......there was also the really strange death of a child in that year, in August, in BBC's Elstree Studios.....

You notice how close all of these locations are to each other ? Wonder if the proximity has any relevance ..

Originally posted by pavil
Sounds strange to say the least. Are all the dead scientists just British? I would think there would be a equl or greater number of US scientists working on SDI and they would have be "eliminated" in a similar manner and in similar numbers.

It does seem odd though.

It would seem that something was known or seen at the UK site that should not have been.

Also Bentley Priory, belonging to the ministry of defence is close by, just off the map a little to the west of Marconi . There was an incident there in 1984 requiring 20 police officers over a UFO incident.

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posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 09:57 PM

Originally posted by WolfofWar
What really gets me about the topic isnt that these guys all died from "apparent" suicides, loose lips sink ships, and the government is quick to sew lips up. But what I don't understand is what exactly did SDI really involve that was worth killing 22 engineers over? we know about the MAC cannons and the missile defense and the lasers, so if thats the declassified stuff, what was there about the project worth killing over?

I would bet the group or team held back info that was later discovered or revealed, the government declassified common knowledge about the project but not the off the record information.

Someone or group made a threat to reveal info and they all got put on ice because of it. Declassified intelligence IMO is an oxymoron.

My heart goes out to their loved ones left behind. No one should have their life terminated this way.

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 12:34 PM
Sorry haven't been as active on abovetopsecret as would have liked, too involved in climate action demos......this is a very interesting thread, and it should be kept going.......

I think the reasons for the deaths involve fascists, the fascist ego, the mentality of these people compels them to know what is being kept from them, they crave the feeling of being made to feel special, and I think that Fascist types at the head of the military are guilty of having behaved unbelievably dangerously with aliens.....these men are dead over:
brutal treatment of aliens
torture and murder of aliens
the chupacabra-type alien, well, one was female, pregnant and was shot and killed, in 1961 in a military base near Roswell......this was described in Puertorriqueno espanol to Jorge Martin, during which the witness's eyes began lacrimating.......I understand Spanish, obviously, sometimes you need to state the obvious.....
You can think about Neil Young writing "Four Dead In Ohio" and Dylan singing "William Zanzinger killed poor Hattie Carrol", but the military sure have jumped the gun on the question of what they would have written about stuff like that.......fascists in the military have killed aliens and humans.......the Fascist ego wants to twist Alien Contact into justifying totalitarian/pyramidal/class-stratified social structures, and they're prepared to kill over that......and while these scientists are being killed, egalitarian extra-terrestrial social structures are being plastered with nuclear bombs.....THAT unbelievable detail is what it's's fascists linking up with alien fascists against human egalitarians and alien egalitarians........nuff said for now, Martin Heth. By the way, great to see that map. Learn Spanish and buy all the back issues of Evidencia OVNI, that will fill in a few details for you.
Love and Peace, Martin.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 07:34 AM
reply to post by jpm1602

Why would it have to be MI6? What about the Russians they still have a viable intelligence community or the Syrians They have one of the best HUMINT in the world Iranians maybe French even. Some of those could be suicide some people try to commit suicide in very inappropriate ways if I can get the you tube video but look at the Buddhist Monks in Taiwan who lite themselves on fire a protest suicide, I remember watching a video of a guy who tried to ingest lye to kill himself and it didn't work, I had a friend who drank straight grain alchol and ran around hoping for a alcohol poisoning he didnt die either. How ever it could be that some of these men where trying to sell secrets to the highest bidder and where killed.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 04:59 PM
reply to post by martin_heth

This is amazing. Can you possibly 'scan and post' to ATS ..
the written account about the UFO crash by the vicar or priest?

As an aside. The a sample of the crystal 'Vanadanite' was found in Caldbeck in 1954. However, there is no evidence of 'vanadinite'
within the crystal mines of Caldbeck. This crystal can be found in the
Roswell New Mexico area.

Could the UFO at Caldbeck in 1954 have been the source of the vanadinite
remnants. I think Caldbeck is on the same degree latitude as Roswell and
Roslyn chapel which is not so far away as Caldbeck is on the Scottish border. Spooky connections.

Did Dorothy Kilgallen expose the 'Caldbeck 1954' UFO cover-up in her notorious press release in 1955 regarding a UFO crash in England?

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